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Episode 61

Let’s peep into today’s episode…


The episode starts with Swadheenta getting ready to go to her office.. Sanjay sees him…

Sanjay. : Swadhu..where are u going??

Swadhu : who are u to ask me??

Sanjay : Don’t talk like this anymore. I am ur brother.

Swadhu. : That’s a long back..

Sanjay : I don’t have time to argue with u..tell me where are u going?

Swadhu : I am going to my office

Sanjay : I asked u not to go nah??

Swadhu : Sabash! It’s only one day since I came u started controlling me. This is why I said I will not come with u…

Sanjay : I am telling for ur good only. I am here to take care of u and amma. Why do want to work?

Swadhu : I am independent and I don’t want anybody’s help.I can live by myself.

Sanjay : I am saying it because dad’s enemies are waiting to find a chance to attack us.if u go out,it will be a risk.

Swadhu : now too its all because of ur I’ll mannered behaviour only. I have been good and nothing will happen to me…

By then her mom Sujata comes there.

Sujata : Swadhu!! Trust ur brother..he has turned good..listen to his words…

Swadhu. : Ma!!what is this??u too started supporting him??

Sujata : I feel what he says is right..

Swadheenta goes to her room angrily…

Swadhu. : if I go to office,I will get a chance to meet Siddharth.. But he is not allowing me.What to do now??


Sid,Shruti and Abhi are in the office. They wait for Swadhu to come..

Shruti : Its 9.15 but still Swadhu didn’t come,.I don’t know what happened.

Abhi : (to Sid)Mr.Romeo..did u talk to her??

Sid : No…

Abhi : U did not patch up till now??

Sid : I did not call her..I will talk to her when she comes…

Shruti : Sid..I went to see her yesterday. She is in Sanjay’s house. She is okay now.I told that I will ask u to talk to her. But she asked me not to. That’s why I didn’t say. Sid.. It’s my request.. Please talk with her.. If u don’t talk now,that will become a big gap between both of u..

Sid. : I will Shruti.. I will try to meet her by tomorrow…

Shruti : Hmm.. That’s good..


Sanjay have a talk with his mother.

Sanjay : Amma.. Are u happy here??

Sujata : Haan.. I am good.. Eventhough I broke all ties with u and ur dad,I have always worried for u.. I want u to be a good one.. Now it became true.. Don’t feel bad as Swadhu is hurting u.. She will understand u..

Sanjay : Let’s hope so Ma.. I have never did my duty as a brother to her.. Now I have to take care of her..

Sujata : Hmm.. I think we have to get her married.

Sanjay : I was also thinking the same Ma..

Sujata : Let’s go and talk to her..

Both of them go to her room..

Sujata : Swadhu.. We have come to talk something important..

Swadhu looks puzzled.

Sujata : We are planning to get u married..

Swadhu. : is it his idea?? I know very well about u.. U are doing it to prove that u turned good right?? U are using my life for ur selfishness..

Sujata : (shouts) Will u stop shouting at him?? If u talk anything more,I don’t know what will happen then…

Sanjay calms her down..Sujata leaves the room angrily..

Sanjay : Swadhu..listen to me.. Both of us had taken a decision to get u married.. I don’t know when will u understand me..

Swadhu : I can’t marry the person whom u are saying.. I am in love with someone else..

Sanjay : That’s good.. Tell me who is it??

Swadhu. : Its Sid..

Sanjay : Siddharth??

Swadhu. : Yeah..

Sanjay : But how??

Swadhu : Why?? Should I not love him??

Sanjay : Not like that.. I did not see him meeting u.. U are going through a lot.. But I did not even see u guys talking over phone..

Swadhu. : That’s our personal..

Sanjay. : OK..I will go to their house with mom to talk about ur wedding..

Swadhu : U agreed for our marriage??

Sanjay : Yeah.. Why not??

Swadhu thinks..

Swadhu : I need to talk to him about it before..

Sanjay : OK..I will also come with u..I need to apologize to him.. As I have done so much with him..

He goes out..

Swadhu : He has agreed.. Is it a dream?? Seems like he has changed.. Whatever!! It’s good..Hereafter I have to convince mom.. And Sid too.. But its not a big deal.. After all he is my sweetheart.. I should leave my adamancy and talk to him as Shruti said.. Above all,we are gonna become husband and wife.. I am really excited..

She sends a message to Sid telling that she wants to meet him the next day.. She waited for the reply..But she did not get it..


It’s evening.. Abhi was going home in his bike.. He stops on a signal..

He turns and sees someone in a car who looked like,Ritika’s fiance,Arjun..

Abhi. : (thinks) He is Arjun I think..

He finds a woman wearing a saree beside him.. She was enjoying talking with him.. She looked like a married woman..

Abhi. : (thinks) who is she?? She is so close with him.. Let’s follow him..

The signal turns red and the car moves.. Abhi follows the car..

Arjun parks the car in a hotel.. He takes the woman and goes inside.. Abhi follows them.. He goes to the reception and enquires about them..

Abhi : I am Mr.Arjun Mehra’s friend.. I want to meet him.. Can u please tell him ??

Receptionist : Wait..

She calls his room..

Receptionist : He asks u to wait here..

Arjun. : Thank u.. May I know with whom he is staying here??

Receptionist : With Nisha Mehra.. His wife..

Abhi was she’ll shocked.. He found Arjun coming towards him..

Arjun : Abhijeet.. U here??

Abhi. : u remember my name!! U  have a very good memory Mr.Arjun..

Arjun : Thank u..

Abhi : I have caught u red handed..

Arjun : What are u blabbering??

Abhi : U are already married.. Aren’t u??

Arjun : oh..u are talking about that??

Abhi : Hmm.. Ur true colours are out..

Arjun : OK..So what??

He was answering in a cool manner..

Abhi. : U idiot.. U have a wife no?? Then why are u playing with Ritika’s life??

Arjun. : That is none of ur business.. U can leave now..

Abhi. : How dare u?? I will tell Ritika’s about u..

Arjun : Do whatever u can..

Abhi fumes…

He comes out angrily..

PRECAP. : Siddharth-Swadeenta patch up.. Abhi telling Ritika’s about Arjun and comes to know about her past.. ,

Sorry guys if the episode is boring…I will come with a good one on Friday..

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  1. Sis…sprb epi…sanjay accepted…happy precap but abhi nd ritika talking…soo cnfsd….I thought u wld post sterday….i was waiting….nd no arnav nd shru scenes…waiting 😊😊😊😊

    1. Anokhi21

      Sorry dear…I am lil busy as my exams are coming… I could not post on Monday too as I was busy… I will surely post on Friday…and ya…no Arshru scenes for the next one or two episodes…then we will be back…thank u for ur comment ramya…

      1. Okay sis…no srys…no arshru scene 😭😭😭

  2. Super ..yarr finally sanjay accept swadu’s love..❤ arshu scenes..😕😕😘😍

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq d…ya d…no arti(arnav shruti)scenes for the next 1 or 2 epis…

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