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Let’s see the 65th episode..


The episode starts with Shruti coming to the parking lot of her office.. She parks her scooty and turns to hear someone shouting behind her…

Shruti : “Abhi idiot.. Why are u shouting like this??”

Abhi :“I thought of scaring u stupid.. But I forgot that we can’t scare devils.. They only scare us”.

“Shruti :Am I a devil?? U are the devil,u idiot”

They are about to enter into the office.. By then,they are shocked by the sudden sound of Sid and Swadhu.. They come behind the door and scare them…

Abhi. : U idiots?? Look Shruti.. They are the real devils..

Swadhu : Hey whom are u calling as devils??

Abhi : u only..who else can it be??

Swadhu : U are the head of the devil family..

Sid : Stop it Swadhu.. Actually we came to surprise u..

Abhi : Why?? What happened??

Sid held both of Shruti’s hands and Swadhu held both of Abhi’s hands.. They kept twirling them shouting “our parents accepted our love”.

Shruti stopped Sid and hugged him..

Shruti : Wowowow…that’s so good to hear..I am so happy for u Sid..Congrats..

On the other side,Swadhu left Abhi’s hands..He falls down as he is feeling dizzy as she twirled him..the other three broke into a laughter..

Abhi : Oh..God.. My head is spinning..

Sid brings a sweet box to him..

Abhi : Take it.. U won’t feel dizzy..

He gets up and sit..

Abhi : Swadhu idiot.. If u are happy, u should not make others struggle like this.. Can’t u say directly what the surprise is?? Already I did not have breakfast.. Now u too made me twirl.. I am really dizzy.. So I will take this sweet box fully..

Sid : Glutton..u don’t have to tell all these reasons to us.. We know that u will take the whole sweet box even if u ate in the morning..

Abhi makes puppy face..

Three of them laugh..

They go inside..Shruti hugs Swadhu..

Shruti : I am so happy for u.. I was really worried when u guys were not talking with each other.. Thank God.. Everything is alright now..

Swadhu : Ya Shruti.. I did not expect all this will happen so soon..

Sid : Even I did not expect that my dad will agree.. He is so sweet Shruti.. He asked me to become financially stable so that I can take care of Swadhu.

Shruti : Hmm..that will happen soon Man.. All the best..

Abhi : So..when are u getting engaged?

Swadhu : Actually.. It has been a few days since dad passed away.. Some of my relatives are telling that some good thing should happen in our house after this mishap.. So we are thinking to keep it in the next month..

Shruti. : I am so excited for ur engagement..

She hugs both of them..

Shruti sees Arnav coming..

Sid : Sid.. See there Arnav is coming..Let’s go and tell him..

Swadhu was busy talking with her colleagues as it was long since she met them..

Shruti : Sid..Give me the sweet box.. I will tell him..

Sid gives her.. Shruti goes and stands in front of him showing the sweet box..

Arnav : Is it ur birthday??

Shruti : No.. Sid and Swadhu are going to get engaged..

Arnav : Oh..congrats Sid.

He takes a sweet..

Sid : Thank u sir..

Arnav : may I go??

Shruti : Wait wait.. How is ur mom?

Arnav : She is fine..

Shruti. : Good to know that.. So..

Arnav : So what??

Shruti : When are WE getting married??

Arnav and Sid : What did u say??

Shruti : I mean when are u getting married..

Arnav : I don’t know..

He rolled his eyes and went..

Sid stares at her..

Shruti : By mistake,I told as “ we “.Don’t look at me as if I am a culprit..

She goes..

Sid : (to himself)No.. Shruti won’t talk to him like this.. She always wants to be away from him.. But today she volunteered to talk to him.. Something is going between them.. I will find it out..

He goes to Shruti again..

Sid : Hmm..seems like u have become best friends with him..

Shruti : With whom??

Sid : Our boss.

Shruti : Friends?? (She smiles slightly and blushes a little which Sid caught) Ya..we are kinda friends..

She went from there to avoid further questions from Sid..

Sid : (to himself) its 40% confirmed.. Hmm.. Soon I will find out.. Shruti Srinivasan.. U can’t hide things from ur best friend..

Swadhu goes home giving resignation letter.. She agreed with Sanjay for not going to work as he agreed for her love with Sid..


It’s morning.. Sid,Shruti and Abhi are in Arnav’s cabin..

Arnav :So guys.. I am leaving for Delhi on a business trip.. U take care of the project.. I will be back in two days..

Sid : OK sir..

Shruti : Take care..

Abhi : Have fun sir..

Arnav stared at Abhi..

Shruti stepped in Abhi’s feet.. He shouted..

Shruti : (to Abhi in husky tone) Duffer.. He is going on business trip and u are asking him to have fun..

Abhi : Oh.. I forgot.. I told it out of my habit..

Shruti : foot..

Abhi : Sorry sir..

They come out of his cabin..

It’s afternoon.. There was some disturbance in the office..they went to see the TV in the reception..

It said that the flight in which Arnav went is crashed.. They were shocked..

PRECAP : Shruti cries to Sid saying that,”I won’t live if anything happens to him”. Sid consoles her..
Abhi sees Ritika and Arjun intemple..

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  1. Wow…superrr episode sisy. ..finally arnav came..nail biting episode…but flight is crashed 😣. .waiting to see what happen to arnav ..plzz post soon ❤😍

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq Dr…will upload on Friday…stay tuned..

  2. Wow sprb sis….cmtng to u really after long tym…sry as i cant cmt last epi due to studies pressure…but wenever i read epi it reduces ma stres…tq soo much fr tat…..after a long tym abhi nd shru funny convo which reminded clg days…..sid found shru….lovely 😍😍😍😍😍..eagerly waiting for nxt epi…pls update soon….

  3. Anokhi21

    Thank u rams…and I was waiting for ur cmnt…glad that u liked it…will post the next epi tmrw

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