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So,we have come to the end of this fanfiction.. Everything has to come to an end.. And so is this ff..

I started this ff on 30th may,2018.. Almost 8 months.. This has been an awesome journey.. I discovered myself in this beautiful journey.. I had something in my mind and what I wrote here is something different.. I mean,better than what I had in mind.. Every day,on my way to college and way back home,I think about my ff.. What are all the things I had to add so that all my lovely readers would read it with interest.. I get stories from every people I meet.. When someone says something different,I think about it and become silent.. My friends would tease me saying that I would add it my story.. Ya.. That’s a bit true though??.. I just started writing for time pass but now I feel like I can’t live without writing..(don’t bash me if my writing is not so good) I agree that I am an amateur writer but I also hope that I too will write something good,meaningful and different some day??.. Writing this ff is a stressbuster for me.. It takes me to another world,away from all the things that happen in my life.. I hope some of my writers too would have felt the same.. I hope I have done something to entertain u..

So,next is.. I thank almighty first.. Then I thank my bro Arshad who gave me an idea that we shall start writing something not so different,but in our own style.. His words made me start this ff.. Then my sisters Fidha,sumi and Jas for their comments.. I thank tufriendsforever(I don’t know her name) because,she is the first one to leave comments on my promo of this ff.. Her words boosted me up.. Then,I thank santhiya,who encouraged me to write.. Then of course,Aryan who has been commenting in every single episode of mine,even in his busy schedules.. Thank u so very much my lil bro,Aryan,ur support means a lot to me..i thank My loveable,writer sister,niyati for her comments.. Special thanks to Ramya,who never fails to amaze me with her comments.. I also thank Prachi, Anulya and whoever has commented so far.. Sorry if I have missed any of ur names.. I thank Hania from the bottom of my heart for having reviewed my story.. I thank Riana who read my story and gave her comments.. And I thank each and everyone of my silent readers and the people who likes my story everyday.. Thank for the dislikes as u guys have made me improve myself..

And of course,i thank my friends, Deepika who asks for spoiler alert in class and Reshu who read all my episodes with patience.. And my dear friends Afreen,Mrs. Kim,Prithz and Yas..And if I had to thank,my list will go on.. Thanks to my mom and dad too.. Every time when they see me typing something for long but they don’t say anything.. My mom sees it and scolds at times,but I give her some reasons and stop her??

Enough of my long speech.. Let’s peep into the episode..


The episode starts with Arnav getting angry on seeing Sanjay.. Arnav is about to move..

Sanjay : Arnav.. Please stop..

But Arnav goes.. Sanjay goes and stands in front of him..

Sanjay : Arnav I apologized to u before 3 years itself.. But why are u so stubborn??

Arnav : Do u think ur sorry will heal whatever I went through??

Sanjay : Of course not.. I was an animal then.. I should not have done any of that.. And I know that it’s very difficult for u to forgive me.. But.. I want to be forgiven.. I can’t apologize to Varsha.. As she has gone leaving us..

Arnav : U are the one who did so Sanjay..

Sanjay : I agree.. But u can at least not avoid me.. Eventhough,I have changed now,whenever I see u going away from me,I do remember of my bad days and whatever I had done to u.. I feel guilty.. I feel like standing in fire.. And please forgive me.. At least scold me.. That will give me some patience.. Please arnav.. I beg u..

Arnav : I can’t do that..

Sanjay : Tell me what I have to do to get ur pardon.. Go to jail??

Arnav turns and sees Sanjay’s face after a long time.. It has been years since Arnav talked to him by seeing his face.. Arnav is stunned and both of their eyes met..

Sanjay : Tell me,do u want me to go to jail??

Arnav sees Sanjay’s wife Disha and his little kid,Tanya..

Sanjay : If u want me to go to jail,then I am ready to go too..

Arnav : U don’t have to go to jail.. Look at ur wife and ur daughter.. Live for them Hereafter.. I forgive u..

By telling that Arnav goes from there to a corner.. Shruti gives her son to Sid and goes behind him.. She finds Arnav crying.. She goes and hugs him.. Arnav hugs her back..

Shruti : Don’t cry arnav.. U have done the right thing..don’t worry.. Varsha would be happy to see ur decision.. She would feel happy that u have taken such a matured decision..

She rubs his back and comforts him.. She wipes his tears..

Shruti :  u should not cry from now on..

Arnav nods and smiles.. Shruti kisses him in forehead..

All of them assemble.. And the party begins.. Sid and Swadhu cut cake and feed Arnav,Shruti,Ritu and Abhi.. All of them clap..The guests move for having dinner.. By then Vicky comes with his wife Anjana and his 10 months old baby boy, Vansh..

Swadhu : Vicky bro.. What is this?? Why are u late??

Abhi : (to Vicky) Bro..This Sid and Swadheenta! They forgot u.. They finished the party before u arrive.. Fight with them.

Sid : Abhi.. Shut up Abhi..

Shruti closes his mouth..

Sid : Vicky bro.. Sorry.. Our parents were insisting us to cut the cake before Suhana sleeps.. And all the guest were waiting too.. Sorry bro..

Swadhu : Haan.. Sorry bro..

Vicky : Hey.. That’s not a problem at all.. My son was not feeling well.. We went to the hospital and came here..

Arnav : Hey Vicky.. How is he feeling now??

Vicky : He is OK arnav..

Shruti : It has been long since all of us met together like this nah??

Ritika : Ya di. It has been months..

Sid : Let’s enjoy together today..

When he said so,his daughter Suhana started crying.. All the mothers began feeding their kids with food and Abhi too feeds his daughter..

Abhi : My God.. Ammu( Amyra) please eat.. Don’t do like ur mother..

Ritika : Abhi.. Look at Rishab.. He is exactly like u.. He tastes each and every dish.. He eats so much..

Abhi : U are keeping evil eye on my son..

Ritika smirks..

Abhi : See.. She is the carbon copy of u Ritu.. Please eat baby. If u are adamant like this,nobody will come to marry u.. Remember.. I married ur mom unexpectedly.. Please remember.. U won’t get one more Abhi to marry u..

When he said so,everyone break into a laughter..

Ritika : So what? If not Abhi,we will get Arush( Arnav- Shruti’s son) (Ritika winks)

Shruti opens her mouth wider..

Sid : What is this new plan??

Arnav : Ok Ritu.. I agree for this.. Ur daughter is my daughter in law..( he too winks)Shruti,what about ur decision?

Shruti too nods..

Swadhu : Darlo.. What is this?? U have promised that u will get ur son married to my daughter nah?

Abhi : What is this new twist??

Shruti blinks with puppy eyes..

Ritika : Swadhu didi.. Don’t worry.. Ur daughter is my daughter in law.. I will get her married to my son..

Abhi : Wah!! What an idea!!

Shruti : Sorry Swadhu.. I could not keep up my promise..

Arnav : Hey Shruti.. Why to worry?? We will get our daughter married to Swadhu’s son..

Shruti gives a confused expression. Everyone gives the same expression.

Shruti : But we have a son only nah?

Arnav : I am talking about future sweetheart.. We will get a daughter in future nah?! And they will get a son.. What say Sid?

Sid : Ya ya.. He is right..

Swadhu and Shruti pinch their husband’s..

Vicky : Arnav.. Do u remember?? When we were in first year,u promised me that u will get my daughter married to ur son.. Now u have changed arnav..

Arnav : Hey Vicky.. Don’t worry.. I will get my third child,a daughter to get married to ur son Vansh. . Is it OK Shruti?( he winks at her)

Shruti opens her mouth wide and then punches him..

After sometime,all the wives go to make their children sleep while the husband’s were talking..

They make all the children sleep and when they are returning,Shruti and Swadhu heard someone calling them.. Both of them turn to see Varun there..

Varun : Hi Shruti.. are u??

Shruti : We are good..

Swadhu : Why did u come here?? U again started to manipulate Sanjay??

Varun : Actually. I came here to apologize to u.. I was very wrong those days.. I should not have done so.. As u said,I longed for love since childhood and that made me go in wrong direction.. Sorry for whatever bad I did with u.. I will not come in ur life again.. Now Sanjay called me here and so I came.. Happy anniversary swadheenta..

He goes.

Shruti : Seems like he has realized his mistakes..

Swadhu : Ya Darlo.. That’s good..

All the wives come and all of them have dinner together..
They decide to play something..

Abhi : So.. Ladies and gentlemen.. Now we have a program here.. All couples should dance on the song played and entertain others..

All other shout oh..

Abhi : First.. I welcome the couple who celebrates their anniversary today. That is Sid and Swadhu..
Sid and Swadhu go to the dance floor..

Jaane kab hothon pe
Dil ne rakh di dil ki baatein
Samjha nahi ye dil
Isko hum to rahe samjhaate

Maine dekha tujhe bhula ke

Har ek tarqeeb laga ke
Har nuskhe ko aazma ke
Par dil se kabhi na utre
Hangover teri yaadon ka
Hangover teri baaton ka plays..

Tamil : Nenjukul peidhidum maamazhai.. Neerukkul moozhgidum thamarai..
Sattendru maarudhu vaanilai.. Penne un Mel pizhai.. Plays..

Sid and Swadhu dance gracefully..
When they finish,everyone claps.. Abhi and Vicky whistle..

Abhi : the next is.. I welcome myself and my wife Ritu.. Though,Ritu can’t give her performance upto my level,I don’t have any other option.. I call her to join me..
Ritika stared at him with burning eyes.. Abhi grins..

Zoobi doobi Zoobi doobi pum paara
Zoobi doobi param pum
Zoobi doobi Zoobi doobi
Naache kyun paagal stupid mann plays..

Gundu gundu gundu ponne.. Koopidudhu rendu kanne plays….

Ritu and Abhi give their stunning performance..
Everyone claps.. Abhi bows his head..

Abhi : Now it’s our senior’s turn.. I call Arnav bhai and Shruti to give their performance..
Arnav and Shruti come..

Tujhe tak tak tak takte rehna
Teri bak bak bak sunte rehna
Kaam-kaaj sab bhool bhula ke
tere peechhe peeche chalte rehna
ee to hai waste of time
Love is a waste of time
Pyaar vyaar waste of time
Ee love is waste of time.. Plays..

Tamil : Egiri kudithen.. Vanam idithadhu..
Pathangal irandum paravayanadhu..
Viralgalin kaambil pookal mulaithadhu..
Puruvangal irangi meesayanadhu..
Ale ale ale ale.. Plays..

Arnav and Shruti dance to the beat.. Everyone praises them..

Abhi : Now.. It’s Vicky bro’s turn..
Vicky and his wife anjana came..

Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi Kya usey tadpana o zaalima, o zaalima plays..

Tamil : Vaarayo Vaarayo kadhal kolla plays..
They too finish their performance..

Abhi : So now,all the performances are over.. Let’s do something interesting..

Shruti : I have an idea..

Sid : What?? Playing hide and seek??

Arnav : Ya Sid. Ur dear friend does not know any other game than hide and seek..

Shruti : Hello.. Why are u talking too much?? Why not play truth or dare??

Ritika : Truth or Dare?? I won’t come..

Swadhu : Ritu.. U should not go anywhere.. U have to play with us..

Swadhu holds Ritika’s hand..

Vicky : Shruti.. Tell us the rules..

Shruti : Its truth or dare.. But no dare here.. Only truth..

Abhi : I won’t come..

Ritika : Hello.. Don’t go anywhere.. Tell only the truth at least today..

Abhi pouts..

Shruti : So.. Shall we start??

Everyone cheer up..

Shruti : I will pass this pillow to u all.. The person who has the pillow when the music stops has to describe everyone here in one or two sentences.. Deal ok?

Everyone nod.. Anjana,vicky’s wife starts the music.. Shruti begins passing the pillow.. The music stops and the pillow is with Ritika.. She gets up..

Ritika : So.. Guys.. I will start with Shruti di.. She is like my sister.. Both Swadhu di and Shruti di are like my own sisters.. Because of their tactics only I am with Abhi today..(Shruti and Swadhu close their faces with hands like they are shy) Then.. Sid bhai.. He is so sweet with me.. I wish I had a friend like him.. Arnav bhai was a strict boss to me and now.. He is my beloved bhai.. And now.. It’s time to talk about my hubby Abhi..

Abhi : Ritu.. Don’t talk anything bad.. If u have something like that,tell me when we return home.. Please don’t bash at me in front of these idiots..

Shruti : Ritu.. Don’t worry.. U say whatever u wish..

Abhi folds his hand and pleads.. Ritika smiles..

Ritika : Actually.. If there is anyone in this world,whom I could never hate in my life,it is Abhi.. At one point,everybody I loved,left me alone in this cruel world,including my mom and dad.. When I had no reason to live,he is the one who gave me a reason to live with his selfless love.. I tease him whenever I get a chance.. But he has never said anything to me or insulted me.. He is one of a kind.. I am very lucky to have him in my life.. And because of him,I got a beautiful family which I have yearned for since my childhood.. Thank u Abhi for everything .. I love u beyond limits..

Abhi is overwhelmed.. He got up and hugged Ritika..

Abhi : I love u too my dear.. U are my angel..

Everyone claps..

The music again starts and then stops.. It’s Sid’s turn now..

Shruti : Come on dude..

Sid : First.. I will start with my wife,Swadheenta.. I fell for her when I saw her for the first time in college.. We fight at times but we unite soon.. She rules my heart..

Abhi : Wah! What a line!!

Sid : The next is.. Shruti.. Whom I cannot live without.. She is the first friend I got when I was one year old.. She has been with me in my ups and downs.. And it was really hurting when she did not speak with me.. I wish we will never part ways and still remain ghost besties even after we die..

Shruti : Of course dude.

She gives a flying kiss to him..

Sid : then its Abhi.. I don’t have anything to say.. He is simply waste..

Abhi pouts..

Sid : Then Arnav bhai.. First of all he is my boss who encourages me every time and who brings the best out of me.. He is my best friend too.. And Ritu.. She is my cute little sister.. And Vicky bro.. He is the first senior friend I got in college.. And a very best friend..

The music again starts and stops while Abhi holds the pillow..

Abhi : Ok.. U are gonna hear from the American president now.. So.. What I want to say is..

Arnav : Stupid.. We have less time.. Tell without ur idiotic phrases..

He throws the pillow on Abhi..

Abhi : Ok bhai.. I will start with u first.. Arnav bhai was little sweet to me in college.. But I came to know his true colours only when I worked under him.. He has punished me a lot of times and for that he has got punishment by having got married to a devil like shruti..

Arnav laughs. While Shruti shouts at him..

Abhi : The next is of course Swadhu.. She never stands by my side anytime.. Always gets pleasure in opposing me.. She is also not less than shruti.

Swadhu and Shruti : Both of us will kill u stupid..

Abhi : Then its Sid.. He is an idiot actually.. But he calls me so..

Sid : Abhi.. U will regret this later..

Abhi : No problem yaar.. I will handle it..

Abhi : Then its shruti.. As I said earlier,she is a devil..but she has stood by my side at times.. We both plan something every time and it would get backfired because of her..

Shruti : Correction.. It backfires because of u stupid..

Abhi : Look.. She never accepts her mistake.. Then its Vicky bro.. He has been so nice with me. And at times he has supported me.. He is the only soul who believes me.. And I won’t forget the dance performance which we gave on my fresher’s day..

He goes and hugs Vicky.. All other laugh..

Now it’s Arnav’s turn..

Arnav : Hmm.. I start with my buddy Vicky first.. We have been buddies since school and nobody could understand me like him.. He has always been with me whenever I need him by my side every time.. Then,it’s Abhi.. He has understood my wife very well..(Shruti gives a deadly glare at Arnav) He is stupid at times.

Abhi : what bhai?? First u praised me and now u are scolding??

Arnav : But Abhi is a nice guy.. And Sid.. He is the reason I got shruti as wife today.. So I can praise him as well as curse him.. (Shruti smirks while sid laughs) I wish he remains the best friend of my wife forever.. Then Swadheenta.. She is my sister.. Who has done so much for me.. And Ritu.. As Sid said she is my little sister too.. Hope Ritu has no problem for being sister for both of us..

Ritika : Its my pleasure bhai..

Sid : Abhi.. U have two brothers in careful.

Abhi pouts..

Swadhu : Bhai.. What about Shruti??

Arnav : Nothing to say.. She is my sunshine..

Swadhu : Aww!! How romantic!!

Shruti blushes..

The music starts.. It’s Swadhu’s turn now..

Swadhu : I will start with Shruti.. My Darlo friend.. A true friend.. And then Abhi.. I don’t want to waste my time by talking about him.. (Abhi stares) Then Ritu.. I don’t have any sister.. Ritika is the one who understands me every time like a sister.. And then Arnav bhai.. He is of course my bhai.. Then Sid.. The love of my life who never fails to amaze me.. And finally.. Vicky bro.. Who has supported me every time.. Thank u bro..

Shruti gets the pillow in the game between her and Vicky..

Shruti : I will start with Ritu.. I wanted a girl like her to marry Abhi.. So that he gets his teeth broken whenever he talks much.. Thank god for giving Ritu to Abhi.. Then about Abhi.. A stupid friend who becomes sincere when we plan something.. He blames me whenever it backfires.. Swadhu.. Is my cutiepie friend.. Sid.. U all know.. The best bestie of me.. So many people say to us that they are jealous of our friendship.. It makes me happy.. Then Karthi Anna.. He is my brother from different mother.. And finally.. My angrybird hubby.. At first I thought he can never be sweet.. But now,I say that nobody can be so sweet as him.. Love u loads Mr.Adorable Singh Raizada..

Arnav gives a flying kiss to her..

It’s finally Vicky’s turn..

Vicky : First is Arnav.. My closest friend since school.. There is no secrets between us.. Then his wife shruti.. Who calls me Anna with her whole heart.. Then Sid.. Who have always been so nice to him.. Abhi.. He is a kid by heart.. But he acts matured when it is needed.. Then Swadhu.. My u guys..

Everyone shout..”We love u too”

Finally Anjana gets up..

Anjana: I feel very happy to see u people like this.. I wish u will remain like this forever and ever.. I wish I had been with u before long so that I too could have been a part of u..

Shruti : What now?! U are part of us now too..

Shruti hugs anjana.. They have a group hug..
They dance..

Hai junoon( new york) plays..

Gala gala gaala gangu plays..

Shruti hears Arush crying.. All the moms followed by dads go to the room where their kids sleep..

Ritu : Oh God.. Where are they??

Shruti : Ritu! Where did they go??

Swadhu : Look at there..

They found all their children sitting on the ground and playing with each other smiling..

Abhi : Seems like they heard our talks about their marriage..

Shruti : Stupid Abhi.. They will remain friends like us forever..

Ritu : I was just kidding di talking about their marriage..

Sid : U are right Shruti..

Arnav : if they want to get married,then we will do it..

Swadhu : Right bhai.. Its all their wish..

Sid : Right..

Vicky : Haan..let them be friends for now..

They too started playing with their kids like kids..



P.S : Sorry if that pillow game part is too long and boring..
Once again thank u lovelies.. For bearing with me..
I will miss u all badly..WILL MEET U GUYS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WITH ONE MORE BETTER FF.. Until then,miss me..


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