Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 77

The episode starts with Ishani smiling so much while hearing Kabir’s confession.

She wasn’t believing that Kabir has finally confessed to her his feelings.
She was smiling out loud and she was being very happy.
Kabir was staring at her while he was smiling.

He was being very happy to see her smile.
He wasn’t believing that a very bad dream like that could make him accept his feelings to Ishani.
He wasn’t believing that after that huge breakdown that he has suffered from it, he could be able to smile that much and be able to confess about his feelings to Ishani.
He has came more closer to Ishani.
Then he has putted his hand on her face in a very very caring and romantic way.
Kabir: I know that I was so stupid and I have taken so many time until I have accepted my feelings and confessed it to you. I know that I didn’t has just got late in confessing my feelings to you Ishani, but I have also been very rude and stupid while talking with you. I know that you own so many questions inside you and I promise you that I will tell you everything and I will never hide anything from you because now you aren’t just my best friend who knows everything about me as you are now the love of my life and the reason of my happiness.
Ishani was smiling so much.

Then she has thrown herself in Kabir’s arms.
She was making him very very close to her.
She was wanting to feel his presence and closeness.

Kabir was also making her more closer to him.
He was wanting to feel her breathes.
He was wanting to calm his own self by being in Ishani’s arms.
Then Ishani has looked at him in a very caring way.

She has putted her both hands on Kabir’s face.
Ishani: Finally, the stone has confessed his feelings! I was waiting for your confession so much Kabir. I will punish you so much for your rude behavior and your late in confessing your feelings to me, but for now I just want to be at your arms and celebrate our both confession moment.
He was looking at her in a speculating way.

Kabir: What you mean by our both confession moment?
She has looked at him in an irritated look.

Ishani: Oh God! You still doesn’t understand?!!! Bhabi please tell your brother something as I can observe that the police officer’s gut feeling isn’t working with me.
Riddhima was smiling from Ishani’s words.

Riddhima: He is understanding Ishu, but I think that he wants to hear it from you.
Kabir was just staring at Ishani in a romantic way.

Ishani( while looking at Kabir’s eyes so deeply): I love you so much Mr. Idiot.
He has smiled at her.

Ishani’s confession was like the treatment of Kabir’s deep wounds.
They have hugged each other a very very long and warm hug.
Riddhima was looking at them while she was being very happy and she was smiling very much.

Riddhima to herself: Thank you so much God for listening to my prayers and making Kabir bro and Ishani together. I’m sure that the other stuff will be easier. I’m sure that Kabir bro will be able to kick that stupid Ahana away from our lives. I’m sure that now everything will be fine.
At the same time, Vansh and Angre were sitting together at the lobby of the hotel.

They were trying to control their anger and think about a way that could make them get rid of Ahana and protect themselves from what she could do to them.
Angre: Boss, we don’t have to ignore Ahana’s vows. She is a very cunning girl who doesn’t vow with anything without fulfilling it. I’m sure that she will just do anything to take her revenge from all of us and get her right back after what we have done with her.
An anger and worry was still being noticeable on Vansh’s face.

Vansh: She will never be able to succeed in anything she thinks about it. I know how to handle a very cheap girl like her Angre so you don’t have to worry at all as Vansh Rai Singhania will never leave that stupid girl to win against him and cause any problem to his beloved ones.
A very dangerous face reaction has appeared on Angre’s face.

Angre: I can observe that you have got a plan, right?
Vansh has smiled at Angre in a confident smile.

Vansh: Of course Angre. You know I’m always ready.
Angre: So what is in your mind?
Vansh: I just want you to contact with one of Ahana’s family members and contact that family member with me and leave the other stuff on me. I know how I could make that stupid Ahana suffer so much.
Angre has looked at Vansh in a surprising way.

Angre: But boss what will help us in contacting with one of her family members? As you already know how all Ahana’s family members have left her and broken all the relations with her after Riddhima has gotten exposed her in a very tough way in front of them.
Vansh: That’s why I need her family member. As of course you have observed how she got very angry and emotional when you have talked about her family. Regardless that she is a very cunning and shameless girl, but her family will always be her weakest point and we will be able to use it to destroy her and make her suffer so much. I also want you to get me a copy from all the proofs that you all have gotten it against her at the past when you have exposed her.
Angre has smiled.

Angre( smiling and joking): You mean the proofs that your Sherlock wife has collected it and has exposed Ahana with it in a very brilliant way.
Vansh has smiled from Angre’s words.

Vansh: You don’t need to tell me about how Riddhima has that brilliant way in getting any truth out. I’m sure that she has done so many spying stuff until she has caught that girl, Am I right or am I right?!
Angre( smiling): You are absolutely right boss as this what typically Riddhima bhabi has done it at the past. Without her help and her unique way in getting the truth out, we wouldn’t be able to know the truth of Ahana and expose her in front of Kabir.
Vansh to himself: You will always impress me with your special abilities sweetheart. You always make me be sure that you are the most suitable and perfect partner for Vansh Rai Singhania.
Angre and Vansh start talking about what they will do next with Ahana.
Angre has given a copy of the proofs to Vansh.
Angre: When I will contact with one of Ahana’s family members, I will keep you make you know that.
Vansh: Perfect. I will make this Ahana suffer a lot and all her vows will flip on her and she will be the one who will be destroyed not us.
Afterwards, Vansh and Angre have decided to go to Kabir and Riddhima.
So they could check on Kabir and calm Riddhima down.
At Riddhima and Vansh’s room, Ishani and Kabir were holding each other’s hands very tightly while they were just staring at each other.
Riddhima: I’m very happy that you have both got to be together now. I’m super happy that you both have finally confessed your feelings to each other. I will always be sure that my dearest Ishu is the only girl who suits to be with my dearest brother. God bless you both. I hope that you both could be happy and be together.
Riddhima has came near Kabir.
Then she has hugged him a very cute little sibling hug.

Riddhima: You don’t know bro how much I’m being very happy while seeing that lovely smile on your face. Please do keep smiling and don’t make anything change that lovely smile that appears on your face.
Kabir: If I have that lovely and caring sister, I don’t have any option other than just smiling. Love you so much my little sister.
Riddhima( smiling): I love you too bhai.
Then Riddhima has came near Ishani.

She has immediately hugged her very long hug.
Riddhima: I would never choose a perfect partner to my brother more perfect like you Ishu. You aren’t just my husband’s sister and now you are my brother’s girlfriend, but you are also my lovely little sister and my dearest best friend who I really love her a lot and will always care about her. It is my luck to have all those statues in just one person.
Ishani was being very happy while hearing Riddhima’s words.
Ishani: You will always be my favorite bhabi ever. Love you so much bhabi.
Riddhima: Love you too my dearest Ishani.
Kabir has looked at them in a jealous and speculation look.

Kabir: Hold on hold on! What is happening here?! I can observe that the bond that is between you both has gotten stronger more and more now and that doesn’t give a good sign as of course you both will join hands against Vansh and I.
Riddhima has looked at Kabir in a cute challenging way.

Riddhima: Don’t worry Kabir bro. None of you will be able to understand how Ishani and I could be able to do all those stuff with you both.
Ishani: Yes bhabi. I’m sure that we will enjoy a lot.
Kabir has grabbed Ishani near him.
Her breathes have gotten very high when he has made her that close to him.

Kabir: Oh! So yeah you could repeat what you were saying once again as I didn’t have heard it perfectly.
Ishani was silent.
She wasn’t able to say anything.
She was being fixed and she was staring so much at Kabir.

He has hugged her so closely to him.
Then he has whispered at her ear.
Kabir: You look so damn cute while you aren’t able to say any word and being that shy.
She has smiled.
She has just hugged him back very tightly.
Afterwards, Angre and Vansh have entered the room.
Riddhima was looking so upset from Vansh.

Riddhima: You have gotten very late Mr. organizer. Actually, you have made me worry about you a lot. I’m being very upset from you Vansh and I will not talk to you once again.
Vansh was staring at Riddhima in a cute way while seeing her behaving like the children.

He has came closer to her.
Then he has grabbed her towards him in a very romantic way.

Vansh: I know that you are upset from me so much, but you know that if it isn’t an urgent thing I would never take all this time being away from you my lifeline. How I would be able to be away from the only girl who gives my life the spirit of living?! I’m so sorry sweetheart for being late on you and make you worry. I promise you to not repeat it once again.
He has kissed her in her hand to calm her down.

Riddhima: Really?! So do you think that I will simply forgive you that easily?!
Vansh: I’m sure that you will forgive me now.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh in a surprised way.

Riddhima: Oh! You have so confidence Vansh that I don’t know from where you have got it?! I don’t think that you will be able to make me forgive you Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania.
Vansh wasn’t concentrating on Riddhima’s words.
He has just became very very close to her.

He didn’t has cared about Ishani, Kabir, and Angre who were looking at them and being with them at the room.
Riddhima has gotten shy.
Riddhima: Vansh, what are you doing?! We aren’t alone at the room.
Vansh( still being very close to Riddhima): I know and I don’t care as I will not leave my wife without pleasing her. So if you didn’t forgive me now, I will immediately kiss you now and I will not care about the ones who are around us.
Riddhima has gotten more shy when Vansh was being that close to her.
Riddhima: Okay okay I forgive you.
Vansh has smiled at her.

Vansh: I told you that I will be able to please my wife.
Both of them have smiled at each other.
Afterwards, Kabir and Ishani have announced their confession to Vansh and Angre.
Vansh and Angre were being very happy and relaxed to know that news.
They have went near Kabir.

Then they have hugged him.
Angre: I’m so happy for you my best friend. I’m so happy that finally God has given you the girl that deserves you. May you always be happy.
Vansh: Finally, another new relation has got added between us Kabir. I know that you will take care about my sister and you will be very responsible towards her. I’m very happy that you have won against your doubts and confusion and you have understood your feelings.
Vansh has also came near Ishani and he has just hugged her very tightly.
He was wanting to express to her how he is very happy seeing her that happy.
Kabir: I would never be able to win against my breakdown, confusion, and sadness without you all guys. You are all my supporters who always stand by my side. Today was a very tough day on me. I got to face a very old breakdown and I was very shattered, but by all of yours presence I got to be able to pass it. And now I’m going to start a new beginning with the girl that my heart has chosen her.
He has stared at Ishani for a second.
Kabir: But before that, I have to make her know everything about me. I have to make Ishani know my past so nothing could be able to come between us.
Kabir has faced Ishani.
So he could be able to look at her eyes while talking.
Kabir: I will tell you everything has happened at the past. You have to know everything related to my past with that cheap girl. I have to make you know who is that Ahana and what she has done with me.
Ishani was listening carefully to Kabir.
She was wanting so much to know who is Ahana for Kabir now and what has happened at the past.
Kabir: Yes I wouldn’t be able to blind my eyes on the fact that this girl was my first love and we were in a relationship from 7 years ago. I could admit that I was loving her so much and I was believing that she was also loving me, but then I have gotten to know that she is making an affair with one of my close friends just because that guy was more richer than me.

Ishani has gotten shocked while hearing that from Kabir.
Ishani: What?!!! She has cheated you and made an affair with another guy just because that guy was richer than you?!!!
Kabir: Yes Ishani. She is so shameless I know.
Riddhima: She is a very selfish girl who wants everything to be hers. I hate her so much and she has really deserved what I have done with her.
Precap: Ahana was being shocked seeing Kabir and Ishani together.
Then she has felt the presence of someone from her back.
This person has gotten to be Riddhima.
Riddhima: Finally, we got to meet once again cheap girl.





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