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Hey Everyone !
Aamna Here ?

How R U people ?

I am back with Second Last Shot of this FS ? This Shot is a roller coaster ride to emotions ? You will be laughing and the next moment you will be crying too ? so read on your own risk ?

Okay this part of the story about revelation and yuvi’s punishment was to long , almost 10000 word’s and still there is no end so I had splitted them in 2 part’s ! Moreover I don’t want to make you people wait more as some of the part is left to be written so posted the one which you all have awaited the most ?

Before we start the episode let me tell you a change ? instead of 1 year leap it’s 2 year leap ?

Let’s Start with a Smile ?



A big beautiful luxurious villa is shown with a huge garden covered in snow enhancing it’s beauty ?

Inside the house three elderly women are present in lounge and looked tensed , two were sitting in Lounge whilst other woman was pacing the lounge calling someone.

W: Hayo Rabba ??‍ ki kara mein iss kudi da ? aise bachon jaisi harkatien karta hai koi iss halat mein ??‍

(Oh Bababji ! What should I do of this girl ??‍ How can she behave like a kid in this condition ??‍)

W2: Offo Leela shaant hoja ! Anita call kar rahi haina usse , ajayega abhi..

(Offo Leela ! Calm down , Anita is calling him , He will be here)

A: Ek baar aane toh de usse Usha ? Uski Khair nahi ? saddi kudi nu pareshaan karditta ?

(Let him be here once ? I am not gonna spare him ? See what’s the condition of our daughter ?)

U: Sahi kaha Anita ? Maloom hai usse kya halat hoti hai uski jab woh ek minute ke liye bhi bataye baghair uski nazron se gayab hota hai (teary eyed ?)

(Exactly Anita ? He knows well what her condition is when he goes without informing her ?)

L: Woh toh theek hai ? par Abhi jo yuvi Puttar ka haal hone wala haina ?

( It’s alright ? but I wonder what would be yuvi’s condition now ?)


A lady was standing infront of a picture with teary eye’s in a dark room just the light breaking out through window enlighting it..

Woman was revealed to be twinkle and the picture at which she was looking was of Kunj and said sobbing like a cute baby in childish tone while munching on chocolates angrily ?

T:I hate U Kunj!

I hate U…

Someone kept hand on her shoulder !
She turned back and person was revealed to be Uv !

Uv:Twinkle ! It’s not good for Ur health! Plz don’t cry ? Look teri tarah baby bhi cry baby hi hoga ? Aur tu bechari chocolate ko toh chor de bhooki sherni ?

(Your guess was right Aarti (SidMin23) ? Twinkle is pregnant ! And Cheena here your guess was wrong ? Twinkle hasn’t lost her mental stability ?)

[Read further patiently to get over the mystery ? I know you people are having many questions up your sleeves that where is kunj ? What happened to him ? And why is Uv here ? so read patiently cause aage buhat jhatke hai ? And apne joote and weapons please shaant rakho ?)

Twinkle who was sobbing like a cute baby turned around and picked up a pillow from couch and started hitting Uv with it making yuvi wince in pain ?

Y: Oyeeee twinkle ?? Abhi meri shaadi bhi nahi hui hai aur tu mujhe marna chahti hai ?

T:(angrily) Uv ? tum aur tumhara woh Sadu dost ? and how dare you say me cry baby and my baby will be a cry baby ! Haan ? wait I won’t leave you ?

Twinkle picked up a stick and started beating him while Yuvi was trying to save himself from angry sherni ?


A mate black Audi 3 stopped infront of mansion , a man of about 27 year’s old came out of the car hurriedly picking up his phone and hurried inside mansion praying to Babaji ?

M:Babaji bacha Lena sab se ?

He came inside mansion to face angry faces of the three ladies waiting for him to arrive , before they could say anything he ran upstairs muttering a sorry.

M:Sorry Maa…


Uv: Ouch twinkle stop Yaar ? Please mera itni jaldi marne ka koi plan nahi ?

T: Yuvi Teri toh ? I will kill you ?

Yuvi ran outside to save himself from the angry bird when he saw the man coming upstairs and gave him ‘YOU ARE GONE’ look ? while the person muttered sorry..

Yuvi who saw twinkle coming with a stick gulped in fear and stood behind the man and said..

Uv: Ab tu hi sambhal isse ? Mummy mera Kya haal kardia hai iss ladki ne ?

Yuvi went away from there leaving them alone whole time cursing himself that why he thought to distract twinkle till than he comes…

(Bata dun ? Who is the person ? I know you people have guessed till know ?)


T:(angrily marched toward’s the person and spoke with blazing anger) Tum ? kidhar gaye the haan ? I told you thousand times to not go without telling me ? you Sadu Sarna ? Huh ? I won’t talk to you ?

(Yes the person is Kunj only ? but last episode mein jo hua ? confused ? Chalo let’s finally reveal this mystery also and tum sab ki jaan chodun ?)

K:Look ! Twinkle I am sorry ? It was an important meeting and you was sleeping that time and I don’t want to disturb you so went ?

Tears formed in her eye’s shocking kunj , twinkle left from there without listening to kunj while Anita shouted from downstairs making him gulp in fear.

A:Kunj puttar (gritting her teeth) Agar twinkle na maani na toh puttar Teri khair nahi ?

(Kunj my son (gritting her teeth) if twinkle will be angry for long than you are gone ?)

K:Babaji ? yeh Kya hai yaar ? Ek taraf siyappa queen aur dusri taraf yeh teen soldiers twinkle ke ? Hayee Babaji ? Ab toh Leela Maa se bhi daant padegi ? Not fair ?

(Babaji ? What is this ?)

LeeUshAni : (Shouting ) Kunnjjjjjjj ??

A : Jata hai ke akar kaan kheechun teray ??

(Are you going or should I come upstairs ?)

Kunj walked inside his room and saw twinkle standing near the window facing her back towards him.

He slowly walked upto her and encircled his hand’s around her 4 month’s pregnant belly and hugged her carefully not to hurt her or their baby , He rested his head on her shoulder.

K:(wisphering in her ears) I am Sorry Twinkle..

T:(Teary Eyed and broken voice) You very well know Kunj that how much it scares me not see you beside me in the morning after that incident ? I nearly lost you once and I can not afford to loose you once again ?

Kunj turned her and was shocked to see her crying ? he felt bad and guilty for making her cry that to in this state when she needs utmost Love and Care ?

K:(wiping her tear’s) I am Sorry Twinkle ! I didn’t mean to scare you or hurt you ? It was just that whole night you wasn’t able to sleep properly cause of sickness and in morning when I saw you sleeping peacefully I thought not to wake you up , And please stop crying , it’s not good for your and baby’s health.

He kissed her forehead lovingly to calm her and took her toward’s bed and made her sit comfortably on bed making sure she wasn’t in an uncomfortable position and then sat beside her taking her in a side hug and rested his back on head board.

Twinkle rested her head on his chest while her hand encircled around his waist in a tight grip , kunj was caressing her hair’s lovingly when twinkle spoke in a painful voice ?

T: You know kunj ? those were the most painful day’s of my life ? I nearly lost you ? We lost THEM (both twinj had tear’s in their eye’s when twinkle mentioned ‘ THEM ‘) I could not save our babies kunj ? We lost them ? We lost Our Babies Kunj ? I never thought kunj same day will be marked as best and worst day of my life ?

(Shock Laga ? I should run ?‍♀️?‍♀️ )

(Areh no baba update pura le lo ?)

Twinkle was hugging kunj tightly and sobbing badly ? a lone tear escaped kunj’s eye ? He never thought their life will take such worst turn where they will loose their babies ?

Last two year’s was full of miseries and pain for them ? their family was broken and shattered ? No one would have thought that they would be back at happiness once again ?

(Okay ? before you go ahead I would suggest you people to have tissue box in your hand’s or beside you cause the story ahead will make you cry ? I had already cried while writing this scene ?)


OT light’s went off increasing everyone’s heartbeats , them praying to Babaji for their beloved son , brother and husband’s safety.

As doctor walked out of OT with his head hung down , fear gripped them , twinkle clutched her Saree praying Babaji for her kunj’s safety ?

T:(stammering) H..How is kunj doctor?

Ar: How is my brother doctor ?

D: I am Sorry Mrs Sarna ?

Twinkle stumbled and was about to fall when Aarav supported her , everyone was in tears ?

D: We had done his operation successfully , but due to excessive loss of blood his condition is quite critical , I already told you survival of his chances are very low , if kunj didn’t gain consciousness within 24 hours ? then I AM SORRY we will loose him or he might slip into Coma..

Doctor walked out of their leaving everyone shattered ? Twinkle sat on floor completely numb , Aarav sat down along her and took her in a brotherly hug but twinkle was all numb to react ?

Usha and Leela was crying badly ? while Anita’s condition was no less than twinkle , she was numb to react anything , just the flashes of her shooting a bullet and kunj pushing Yuvi And getting shot was coming in front of her eyes making her state vulnerable ?

Aa : Twinkle ? See nothing will happen to kunj samjhi ? I know my brother is very strong and he will fight this situation too samjhi ? See we have to try to wake kunj up.

Aarav was trying to console twinkle and courage everyone but he himself was broken badly inside ?

Everyone was broken , twinkle wasn’t able to digest the fact that how their life took a 360° turn in just few hours ?

How much they were happy few hours before and now everything seems meaningless ? Her life , Her kunj was fighting with death ?

She had just question from her Babaji , her best friend in every pain And happiness !

Wasn’t their 4 Year’s long separation enough that they have to face this all ?

Twinkle wiped her tear’s with a determined face and angrily walked out of the hospital before anyone could ask or say a word but Aarav knew where he was upto so he just followed her..


Twinkle was about to sit in car when Aarav stopped her by holding her wrist and said..

Aa: You aren’t going to meet him alone..

T: (with a tint of anger) No bhai ? He had to answer ? Why did he did this with Kunj ? You know very well bhai how much kunj loves yuvi that he was going to sacrifice his love 4 Year’s back ? He didn’t once think about himself or his love when he thought that I love yuvi but that was all a misunderstanding created by him ? I don’t know how can’t kunj’s selfless nature didn’t even effected him a bit though he was our friend since last 25 Years ?

How could he ? This time I won’t spare him ? He needs to answer me ?

Aa: Okay ! But you aren’t going there alone , we can’t trust that filthy person , He had harmed kunj alot already and he can stoop low to get you again , I am coming with you (Twinkle was going to denie when Aarav spoke sternly) I am coming and that’s final else you aren’t going there ?

Twinkle unwillingly agreed to Aarav , both sat in Car , Aarav was driving car , Twinkle dailed yuvi’s number , He picked his phone after 2 or 3 rings without listening to him twinkle spoke in rude and harsh tone..

T : Where are you ?

There was no response from other side , Twinkle once again spoke blazing with anger..

T : I asked where are you ?

Uv : On Cliff point.. Bu..

Twinkle without listening his other word cut the call angrily , She again dailed someone’s number and asked them to reach cliff point , Aarav drove toward’s Cliff point and reached their within 15 minutes , Twinkle stepped out of the car and saw yuvi standing on the same point as of incident , She angrily marched toward’s him..

Yuvi was confused seeing twinkle there , Twinkle was now stand by infront of Yuvi , She slapped him hard shocking him to core ? Even Aarav was stunned by her gesture ?

Twinkle again and again slapped yuvi , there was no stopping but Aarav stopped her from hitting him further, Twinkle held yuvi’s collar angrily and spoke with blazing anger..

T : Why you did all this Haan ? Kya Mila tujhe yeh sab karke ? Just for the sake of your stupid wish to marry me you tried to kill Kunj ? You created misunderstanding between us ? Why ?

(Why you did all this ? What did you achieved by doing this ?)

For you ! Just for the sake of You and Me , He thought I Love a filthy person like you , He supressd his feeling’s for me , He left Amritsar thinking his presence might become obstacle in your fakely created LOVE WORLD , He bared pain all alone since last 4 year’s thinking I Love you ??

Usne itna kuch Kiya, apna pyaar qurbaan karne chala tha woh jhalla sirf teri khatir , usne sirf teri and meri khushi ki khatir itna dard akele jhelta raha 4 saal tak Par tujhe uski Zara si bhi Achai badal nahi saki na ?

(What didn’t he did for you and me , still that stupid almost sacrifice his love for you , Just for the sake of mine and your’s happiness he bared all the pain alone , Even his goodness could not change a Devil like you )

Jis insaan ko tune itni takleef di usne phir Teri jaan bachayi aur aaj khud ki zindagi ke liye lad raha hai ICU main ? Socha hai agar woh chahta toh tujhe goli lag jaane deta par nahi itna sab kuch tune uske saath Kiya , tune hamari dosti ke naam par kaala dhabba daal Diya ? phir bhi usne tujhe bachaya ?

(The person whom you face so much pain , He still saved you and today he is fighting for his Life and death in ICU , If he wanted he could have let that bullet hit you but that person still saved you , You became a black mark on our friendship but still he fulfilled his duty of friend ?)

Twinkle fell on her knees crying badly , Yuvi was about to hold her when twinkle pushed him harshly and spoke with Venom and Anger..

T : (Angrily) Don’t…Don’t you dare to come near me ?

Uv : T..twinkle..

T : Don’t take my name from your filthy mouth ? You lost that right ?

I swear on my Love , yuvi ? Agar kunj ko kuch Hua na toh mujhse bura koi nahi hoga ? sirf teri wajah se aaj woh iss halat mein hai ? Agar usko kuch bhi hua toh yeh yaad rakhna yuvraj Luthra ! You will be doomed ? Aur yeh And Kunj Sarna ka Vaada hai tujhse..

( I swear on my Love yuvi ? If anything happened to Kunj I won’t spare you ? You are the soul reason of his this condition and I swear you would be doomed if anything happened to Kunj and this a promise from Twinkle Kunj Sarna )

Police siren was heard shocking both yuvi and Aarav, Twinkle stood up as the police came near them and spoke in a stern tone stunning Aarav at her statement but yuvi kept quite..

T : Arrest him Inspector Sir (Pointing yuvi) He is the soul reason behind my husband’s condition ? Don’t spare this man.

Police arrested yuvi while all the time he was numb to react , reality hit hard upon him , in his obsession he separated two lovers , hurted his own friend’s just cause of him his friend is fighting for his life , but it was to late to realise for him ?

As police took yuvi along with them twinkle fell on her knees crying her heart out , Aarav sat beside her and took her in a brotherly hug consoling her when his phone rang.

It was Leela’s call , He received the call and what Leela said shook his whole exisitance , Twinkle panicked seeing him numb and pale suddenly , she shook him to make him come back to his senses and said making twinkle shocked to core ??

T : What happened bhai ? Kuch bolo ?

A : T..Twinkle…Kunj..

T : (panicking) W..what happened to Kunj ? Is he alright ?

A : Twinkle calm down ! Leela aunty ka phone..tha.. She said to come soon , Usha Aunty bhi wahan hai..

Twinkle and Aarav stood up and left for hospital , their was restlessness visible on Twinkle’s face , her heart was twitching , knots were forming in her stomach praying for kunj’s safety , all the time she was praying for kunj’s health.

Aarav and Twinkle ran inside the hospital and marched toward’s Kunj’s ward in hurry , where they saw LeeUshAni crying and nurse asking for few thing’s being panicked.

They went near her but before they could ask her something doctor Walked out of ICU with a tensed look and spoke shocking them all , it was as if someone had snatched their breath for a moment.

D : I am Sorry Mrs Sarna , Kunj had slipped into coma.

Twinkle stumbled listening this , everyone was shocked listening this ? Twinkle spoke in a broken tone as if not believing his word’s.

T : N..No..Y.. you are lying ? Meray kunj ko kuch nahi hua right ? It’s just a prank (nodding her head in No crying) No…nothing happened to him..

D : I know Mrs Sarna it’s hard for you to believe but Kunj can be alright within few month’s and even few day’s If given proper medication and care , due to excessive loss of blood he has slipped into coma.

Everyone was shocked and numb to react when Aarav finally took the charge and asked doctors about other formalities and further medication.

A : Can we shift him home and continue his further medication there.

D : Mr Aarav we can shift him home but I would suggest it will be good if Kunj will be under observation in hospital for a week then we can shift him home and start his medication there And homely environment will help him recover soon ?

Twinkle fell on her knees crying whilst LeeUshAni’s condition was no less , it felt as if someone had stabbed their heart’s , for a mother his child’s safety matters alot and today whom trio mother’s had loved equally is fighting for his Life , they never made any difference within Twinjraj but today as a mother they felt as if they failed while nurturing their child (yuvraj).

Aarav sat on his knees and consoled twinkle though he himself was broken inside , for a moment he was cursing himself for sending kunj to India, neither he had forced kunj to go India on his behalf nor kunj would have been in this condition.

He had just question in his mind ” Why was Babaji testing them (twinj) again and again when they had bared so much pain in past ” But who knew fate had stored much more pain in their lives ahead.

After a week kunj was shifted to Sarna Mansion , his simple room had transformed into a hospital ward , Twinkle didn’t left his side , with much difficulty and alot of convincing Aliya , Aarav or LeeUshAni used to send twinkle home for getting a rest and to freshen up , to be with kunj she was completely ignoring her health but why she had to be worried for her health and care when she had her trio mom’s beside her all the time ?

There was not convincing progress in kunj’s health but twinkle being twinkle never left the hope , time was passing like a blink , it was nearly 2 month’s since kunj’s was shot , his room now had strong smells of anticeptics and medicine’s which was nauseating for twinkle now a day’s , she was suffering from nausea and vomiting even at the smell of her favourite thing’s which didn’t went unnoticed by trio mother’s , they urged her to once see a doctor.

By seeing her condition what their experience was telling was a arrival of good news but they knew how much she had been stressed and ignoring toward’s her health these day’s so it might be due to her deteriorating health , they didn’t want to give twinkle any hope which stress her more after results so thought it to be better if she visited doctors ?

Twinkle was reluctant to go and meet doctor but after alot of convincing she finally agreed and went to meet doctor who asked for some blood and other required tests , doctor told her the results will be out within two day’s , so she could collect them within three day’s ?

On other hand Aarav had to make a visit to London for a week as his and kunj’s buisness was settled up their and they were in India for over a month while Aliya , ananya and akarsh stayed back with LeeUshAni and Twinkle.

(Hmm ? I am thinking to add some emotional twinj scenes ? but Zara ruko ? next scene ke baad dalungi twinj scene ?)

Today results for the blood and few other tests that doctor conducted were expected to come so twinkle decided to visit doctor and collect results herself , Twinkle was waiting in the hospital corridor for report’s as receptionist asked her to meet doctor and take reports from her only as she wanted to talk something important.

Finally twinkle was called inside doctor’s cabin , she took her seat front of Dr Nandini Mehta who passed her a small smile , Doctor opened her results and passed twinkle a genuine smile announcing twinkle the happiest news of her Life , actually her and kunj’s Life , their Life.

D : Congratulations twinkle you are two months pregnant ?

Tears formed in twinkle eye’s listening the happiest news of her life , unknowingly her hand went toward’s her belly and she caressed it above her Saree digesting the news but what doctor said next made her happiest and sad at the same time , she so wished kunj beside her this moment , she wanted to cherish this moment along her husband but fate had some other plans ?

She remembered those moment’s they spent together , their proof of togetherness was nourishing in her womb but he isn’t here to cherish these moment’s with her ? How their Life had went upside down within a blink of eye.

D : Twinkle you are expecting twins and as you are now 2 month’s pregnant we can have your first sonography scan ? But it will be much better if your husband will be by your side.

A lone tear escaped twinkle’s eye’s listening doctor’s statement making doctor worried if something was wrong with her but when twinkle told doctor what all happened with them making doctor feel sorry for the couple.

T : H..he can’t come..

D : Is everything okay ?

T : Actually he had (and revealed everything about kunj’s accident)

D : I am Sorry but it’s okay come we will have your first scan and you can listen to the heart beats of your child ?

Twinkle layed on the hospital bed as asked by doctor and few minutes later she was able to see two tiny figures moving tear’s weld up in her eye’s , a smile appeared on her eye’s , her happiness knew no bounds when doctor made her hear the soft heartbeats sound of her babies made her happiest.

D : Twinkle you need to be very careful and considerate about your health , don’t stress yourself , I know what you are going through but stress isn’t good for you and babies , already you are to weak , you need to be careful and cheerful..

(Okay I don’t know much about the medical equipment as I am not a medical student but yeah being a science student and having all the friend’s related to medical field learning all this had given me a great knowledge ? Seriously in our group of 4 best friend’s I am only from engineering field ?)

After the check up twinkle left for Sarna Mansion , she wanted to give this news to Kunj first , since last 2 months there wasn’t even a day when she hasn’t talked to him or told him all the stories of the day , she so wanted him to reciprocate and talk to her but it never happened but what made her happy and gave rise to her hopes when doctor informed them that he had started to respond the medication and there was a bit improvement in his health.

Twinkle reached Sarna Mansion and after parking her car in the garage marched inside Sarna Mansion with a happy face , LeeUshAni who saw her coming inside with a small smile in her face was about to stop her.

Twinkle without saying word to LeeUshAni who were about to ask about her visit to doctor ran upstairs to her and Kunj’s room where he was laying on bed lifelessly attached with many machine’s , Twinkle sat beside him and gently held his hand in her hand’s.

Tear’s of happiness flowing from her eye’s , she spoke in a sobbing and broken tone yet smiling.

T : K..kunj ? Please wake up na , dekho kunj agar you won’t wake up na then I..I won’t share the happy news with you ? utho na kunj ? K…Kunj you are going to be a father ? Kunj our baby.. Areh not baby kunj but babies ? dekho Babaji had blessed us with double happiness kunj , hamare ghar ek nahi balke do do chote babies honge kunj (crying) utho na please ? please kunj I don’t want our babies to suffer from same we did in our childhood when we lost our father’s Kunj.

By now twinkle was crying miserably wishing that kunj might respond but there was no reciprocation but she failed to notice the slight movement’s in his body , it wasn’t first time he had slight movement’s but they weren’t able to notice this change.

LeeUshAni who came after Twinkle was happy , shocked and sad listening the good news at same time , they can understand twinkle’s turmoil but we’re unable to do anything , those mother’s who never let a tear come in their eye’s were helpless today seeing their children broken , hurt and shattered.

One was crying for her husband , one is in coma still struggling with his life while other was under arrest in charge of attempt to murder but was his state any better ? Might be worst than other two ?

They hadn’t seen or wished to look for him in anger and hurt but they knew how much their heart craved inside to see their child fine ?

Twinkle wiped her tear’s and spoke composing herself with a cute anger making trio mother smile who was standing at door knowing how much strong their daughter is ?

T : Theek hai Sadu Sarna nahi uthna na tumne ? Ek baat theek hojaye maine bhi tumse baat nahi karni ? jitna tease tum mujhe kar rahe ho I will tease you more than that samjhe Mr Sadu Sarna ?

LeeUshAni entered the room grabbing twinkle’s attention , they came near her , before twinkle could speak or tell them what she just told kunj they congratulated her caressing her hair’s and taking her in motherly embrace one by one ?

U : ( caressing her hair’s and kissing her Forehead) Hum ne sab sun liya twinkle puttar ?

(We heard everything twinkle puttar)

L : Meri kudi kinni wadi hogayi hai , waqt kaise guzar jata hai pata hi nahi chalta , kal yeh dono chote chote Hua karte aur humien apne peeche peeche bhagaya karte the , aaj Inka bacha is duniya mein aane wala hai.

( My daughter has grown up so big , it feels time passes with a blink , till yesterday they were small kids who use to tease us and make us run behind them and today their own child is gonna come in this world )

A : (teasing tone) Ahaan Leela bacha nahi bacche ? hamare ghar mein ek bhi nahi balke do chote mehmaan aane wale Hain ?

Twinkle had a slight hue of pink at the end of her cheek’s, after two whole month’s their was a genuine smile on her face , making LeeUshAni happy that finally their was something that could make twinkle smile ?

A : (Teary eyed) I..I am sorry twinkle..

T : woh kyun Maa ?

A : Agar uss din I would not have fired that bullet to stop neither kunj had pushed yuvi to save him nor would you both have been in this condition ?

T : (Dramatically) Haww Maa ? Don’t you know apka kunj puttar yeh sab sunta hai ? agar usse pata chala ke you are blaming yourself for the thing which you never intended.

A : But still twinkle (interrupted)

T : (Dramatically) Maa dekho I am feeling hungry , won’t you give me food ? and to your grandchildren ?

Leela , Usha and Anita giggled at twinkle’s talk while Leela slight pulled her ear and said in a teasing tone.

L : Ab toh sudhar ja jhallu kudi (slightly tapping on Twinkle’s Forehead) Khud Maa bane wali hai par Tera bachpana Abhi tak nahi Gaya..

T : Haww ??

Time was passing with a blink of time , Kunj’s health was improving alot , He had started responding medications and doctor was hopeful for him to be conscious soon , there was slight movement’s he made , which made them all happy , Aarav was back from London , Little Ananaya became a shadow of Twinkle as she always use to do for Kunj , she never let her be sad for moment , her cute antics and talk always distracted everyone and lit up their mood and little Akarsh was no less.

Trio mother was strick and considerate about twinkle’s health , they make sure that she didn’t skipped any meal or doctor appointment , they tried their best to keep her happy but they were very well aware of the fact that they cannot fill the void of Kunj , she needs her life partner along her side this moment but even after being her side he cannot be her support.

They were trying their best to keep her away from any kind of stress or depression but failed to see the broken and crying twinkle at night , Twinkle would cry her heart out holding kunj’s hand talking to him , she hoped that Babaji will listen her prayers soon and her kunj will be fine.

They thought finally happiness was arriving back their home but who knew it was the silence before the storm , their was much more stored in their fate that they had to bear , this wasn’t just the end to their miseries.

It was a month since twinkle came to knew about her pregnancy , today she had to visit the doctor For her regular check Up , Leela insisted to go with her to hospital with her but she denied knowing if doctor said something about her health or her being careless than she would be worried for no reason , even if it wasn’t anything serious it will get her worried , so thought to visit doctor alone.

Twinkle was getting ready to go to doctor for the regular check up , She was feeling dizzy since morning but ignored it to be normal nausea but the unbearable pain in her abdomen she was experiencing scared her for her babies , She thought to tell this to LeeUshAni.

She was coming down stairs when felt her vision blurring , Anita who saw twinkle stumbling was shocked and shouted her name but thankfully Aarav who was coming downstairs behind twinkle and was just few steps away quickly held her before she fell down.

Aa : Twinkle..twinkle.. open your eye’s..

Twinkle was unconcious , Aarav quickly took her in his arms and climbed the stairs and placed her on couch in lounge , Until then Leela and Usha was Lso there , they sprinkled water on twinkle’s face but there was no response.

Aa : I think we should immediately take her to hospital.

An : Haan Aarav is right.

They immediately took twinkle to doctor and she was admitted for treatment , Leela , Usha and Anita were worried for her health , Aliya , Ananya and Akarsh were at home while Aarav was with LeeUshAni , they were waiting for doctor to reveal about twinkle’s health.

Soon doctor was came out of twinkle’s ward , trio mom’s and Aarav bursted their questions on her but doctors reply shattered them , at one point they were happy for getting their Kunj back and what doctor said shook their whole world.

D : I am Sorry ? Twinkle had a miscarriage due to stress and weakness , I am sorry we could not save her babies , She was very weak emotionally and physically to bear them , I told her to be very careful for her health but we could not blame her as the circumstances were worst for her , I would suggest that she should not take any kind of stress , she needs care and love to overcome this situation.

Doctor left from there leaving both shattered , why was this happening to them ? Why ? They didn’t know how will they tell this to twinkle ?

After an hour nurse came and told them about twinkle getting her consciousness , they didn’t knew how to face her ? What will they say her ? Why fate was so cruel to them ?

Some how gathering courage Leela went ahead to meet her , She went and sat beside twinkle whose eye’s were closed , she caressed her hair’s with teary eyes due to which twinkle opened her eye’s and looked at Leela with smile.

T : Maa what happened ? Are you okay ? Areh dekho kuch nahi hua hai mujhe , Dekho your daughter is completely fine and my babies to phir aap aise kyun roa rahe ho ?

Tears escaped her eye’s listening twinkle , she didn’t knew how to tell her what had happened ? Twinkle panicked seeing Leela crying and asked in a worried tone.

T : (panicked) Maa what happened ? Why are you crying ? We are fine Maa then why are you so tensed ?

L : Nahi puttar kuch theek nahi hai kuch bhi nahi ?

T : (panicked) Aise kyun bol rahe ho Maa ? Kya Hua ? Kunj ? Kunj is okay right? Woh theek haina ?

L : Kunj theek hai puttar par..

T : Par Kya Maa ?

L : T..twinkle puttar listen calmly.. Y..You had a miscarriage ?

T : (shocked and not believing) No Maa !! You are joking right ? It’s a lie right ? (Shouting) No..No this is a Lie ?

L : Nahi twinkle it’s true..

T : (shouting) No !!! It’s not true , I know my babies are fine (keeping her hand on her belly) Nothing can happen to them , No they are fine..

Aarav immediately came inside the room listening to twinkle’s shout and went towards them , He tried to call her but all in vain.

T : Bhai look what Maa is saying ? She is lying right ? It’s not true , nothing has happened to my babies , they are alright.

Aa : (Teary eyed and cupping her face) No…tw..twinkle it’s….It’s true..

T : (jerking his hands of her face) No you are also lying , nothing has happened to them..

L : TWINKLE (shouting) You have to believe this , your babies are no more (cupping twinkle’s face) I know puttar it’s difficult for you to believe but it’s true.. It true puttar..

Twinkle so wished it to be her dream but no it was the harsh reality ? This was all true , she had already lost her kunj and now their babies , Twinkle was completely numb to react , tears were falling down her eye’s ? She wished this nightmare would end but it was worst reality of her life ?

Usha and Anita also came in and consoled her though they were very well awared that the person whom twinkle need most beside her this moment was Kunj but it seems as if Babaji was testing them again and again , there were one obstacle after another.

After sometime Usha and Anita went home after Aarav’s insistence , He stayed back with Leela in case if she needs any help , two day’s went by , Twinkle was completely broken and shattered ? She was just as a lifeless body whose last hope was her Kunj.

Aarav , Leela and Usha were in hospital with twinkle, today twinkle was getting discharged from hospital , Anita was at home with Aliya, Ananya and Akarsh, they were about to leave from hospital when Aarav got call from Aliya which made Aarav happy.

Al : Aa..Aarav..

Aa : What happened Aliya ?

Al : Aarav.. K..Kunj..

Aa : What happened to Kunj ?

Al : Aarav kunj is moving his hand.

Aa : What ? Wait.. Did you called kunj’s doctor ?

Al : Yeah I did and he will be arriving any moment..

Aarav cut Aliya’s call happily before he could say a word he was questioned by twinkle.

T : What happened bhai ? Kunj is okay ?

Aa : Yes twinkle your kunj is okay , Aliya called and told me he was moving his fingures , she had called doctor , Anita aunty is with kunj only.

Finally after so long there was a genuine smile on twinkle’s face , Babaji had finally answered her prayers , they left for Sarna Mansion as soon as all the formalities were completed.


Anita and Aliya were present in twinj’s room while doctor was checking him , Anita was sitting beside Kunj caressing his hair , by this moment Usha , Leela , twinkle and Aarav also arrived , after a while doctor spoke making them happy.

D : Don’t worry kunj is fine now ? He will be conscious in few hours or a day , He is quite weak and needs rest , make sure to keep him away from any kind of stress , He should take his medicines on time , make sure there is no carelessness regarding his health.

After sometime doctor left from their including LeeUshAni , Aarav and Aliya leaving twinkle in her room , twinkle sat beside Kunj and held his hand in hers and spoke with teary eye’s ?

T : I am happy kunj that today I got you back finally but I lost Our Babies Kunj ? I could not save them , I could not save symbol of our love ? I failed to kunj ? your twinkle failed without you ?

Twinkle was crying holding his hand when she felt her hand tightly secured in his , she looked at him but found him still unconcious , He was holding her hand in unconcious state.


T : You know kunj how much scared I was when 4 month’s back I came to know I am pregnant , I was scared thinking what if i failed again , I lost them kunj.

K : (wiping her tear’s) No twinkle you are best , it’s just that Babaji had decided to test us again and again.

T : (hugging kunj) I can’t ever forget that day kunj you came to know about miscarriage I felt as if I lost my kunj once again whom I got after long 4 year’s.

Okay here I End this Shot ?

Too long right ? Next one is much more longer ? that’s the reason I splitted these into two shots ?

So now next will be the last shot filled by an epilogue if you all want ? YES it all depends upon your response ?

Yuvi’s punoshment and Kunj’s reaction regarding twinkle’s miscarriage will be showed in next part  ? 

Honestly I could have completed this story in this Shot if I would not have been to detailed with emotions and everyone’s feelings but I really didn’t wanted to miss on anything so it took a bit longer than any other shot ?

Hope you all liked this Shot as it took lot of time for me to put all emotions into word’s ? It was difficult yet a beautiful experience to do so ? 

okay here I take your leave ? Next shot will be of TWINJ FS ? And rest of the stories will be regularly updated after 30 May as I already told you I am working on story for THREE SHOT COMPETITION ? Don’t forget to Vote for that story when posted ?

I am eagerly waiting to read your reviews about this episode ?

Well I am happy to share the news that now my account qualifies for the instant approval of articles so now you all don’t have to wait to long for telly update to post my articles after submission ? As soon as I will submit the article will be posted ? 

Okay now here I bid adeau ? See you soon with a new plot I have been writing in Instagram and now you can read here also ?

Bye Everyone ❤

Love you ? Aanu ❤­

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    so painful ?????????????why this happening with twinj ??kitne gande writers hai hamesha dukh dete hai twinj ko ??????
    Okay jokes apart it was fantastic …
    Emotions penned very very very well ..
    What punishment yuvi will get can’t wait for it ..
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    Leeushaani condition too was very bad …
    Can’t wait for next one ..
    post soon plzz ?????
    Love you ???
    All the best for 3 shot competition ???

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you Sammie ?

  2. Secret_Admirer

    OMG ??
    It was to emotional ??
    Poor twinkle !! She had suffered so much ??
    Gosh I could feel each and every moment and emotion !! You described it so beautifully ??
    Loved this so much ??
    Everything was perfect ??
    Eagerly waiting for kunj reaction and yuvi’s punishment !!!
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  3. Superb ?
    It was emotional and funny at same time ☺
    TWINJ lost their first babies ? Poor them ?
    They had been through much in all the journey ?
    Yuvi ruined everything ? He deserve severe punishment ? such a pathetic person he was ? he separated twinj , created misunderstanding between twinj and almost killed kunj ?
    Twinkle’s outburst was fantastic ? yuvi deserves good punches on his face along slaps ?
    But that’s not fair *pout* you end it before Kunj’s reaction.
    Post soon I am eager to read kunj’s reaction ?

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    Amazing episode and very emotional too feeling nad for twinkle and happy for that kunj is fine and twinkle is again pergnant plz post soon

  7. SSK

    Felt really bad for Twinkle, she has to go through so much. Firstly she had to bear separation from Kunj for 4 long years and then Kunj in coma and then her miscarriage. 🙁 You have described each and every emotions so well, I got tears in my eyes while reading it. Great job and regarding the episode it was penned down really well. Now want to see Kunj’s reaction too. Please post real soon. 🙂

    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you ssk ?

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    Kunj in coma & twinkle’s miscarriage altogether in last two years.
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    bas aaj ke episode ne merko itne shock mein chod diya hai ki i cant cmnt itna sab kuch digest krne mein mera srsly haha headache hogya aisaa lag rha hai stressed mein thi inn dono se jyada stry mein itnaa doob gayi thi ki dhyaan hi nahi diya kya chal rha hai aas pas
    loved it n very very emotional
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    1. Aamna_2690

      Thank you damu ?

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    Thank you ❤

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