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A man cannot live alone…As we all are taught in our childhood,there is no doubt that man is a social animal….Even though we have a lovable family,all of us loves to make friends…..Likewise it is very difficult for anyone to live without love….

So love and friendship are the most essential things to lead a happy,meaningful life…

LOVE is laughing with him until the sun goes up….Lying in his arms until it comes up again….Its having someone to tell you that you’re beautiful….Its being scared and excited at the same time …

FRIENDSHIP¬†is knowing that someone will never leave you when “he” is not around….Crying when he leaves even after knowing that you will see him the next day….Its completing each other’s sentences and dinner…

When these two combine,u get HAPPINESS…

So here is a story of friendship and love and nothing else….It is based on ipkknd and dahleez…Here are the characters of the story

  1. Arnav Singh Raizada
  2. Shruti Srinivasan(this is khushi)
  3. Siddharth Subramanian
  4. Swadeenta Ramakrishnan
  5. Sanjay Ramakrishnan
  6. Vignesh Karthik
  7. Karthik Srinivasan
  8. Madhumitha


A busy road of Chennai is shown….A beautiful girl in yellow salwar kameez covering her face with her dupatta and wearing helmet is seen coming in her scooter….He follows a man who is going in front of her in his bike….The girl catches him in a signal…The girl removes her veil and starts shouting at him….But the man looks at her in astonishment…Who are they??

On the other hand,an angry young man is shown entering he college…Another man is commenting something about this man to his friends…But the former goes like he has not heard anything….Why he goes so??

Keep on guessing….Please comment

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  1. Hi guys….I want to clarify something here….Dat s actually dis siddharth is aadarsh of dahleez….I m comfortable with da name siddharth nd so dat i hav used it …If u want m to use as aadharsh i l use it….Let me knw through ur comments…

  2. Anokhi21

    Sorry fa da mistakes…..I typed it n hurry….So coulD not check….

  3. Thaslim farook

    Spr mam…am waiting fr ur full story…

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq dr….I hav posted my 1st epi…Hope tu wil post it soon…

  4. TUFriendsForever

    Seems interesting
    Neenga Tamilah???

  5. Anokhi21

    Ama pa…Nan tamil dhan….Romba nanri….Happy to see u here…

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