Friendship is also love – Part 7

Hello hi hi this my next part readers enjoy I tried to write that I could

Recap – Keerthy & Saumya are friends & RJs , Rudy becomes alcoholic due to death of Bhavya, Rudy & Keerthy are childhood friends, Rudy ran out of Rehab centre, Keerthy accept to come to Treat Rudy

Morning 9
OM , Mumbai
The decoration was on full swing but in a different style
Anika & Gauri was little confused because instead of their normal  decorations the new style was simple and classic ,
Gauri – di is it our Mansion ??
Anika – even I have the same doubt chutki
A servant comes there they ask why the decoration was like this   ,
Servant – mam it’s an order from Dadi .
AniRi – what ?? Why ??
Servant – mam I donno AAP kudh puchiyea dadi se ( you itself ask dadi )
Gauri – ok, where is she ??
Servant – she went to temple
Gauri – when
Servant – today morning 7:30
Anika – ok go & carry on your work ,I’ll ask Shivaay , where is Shivay
(Calling ) Shivaay… who was struggling to tie dhoti responded ” ah Anika ”
Shivika room
Anika was stunned to see the scene she rubs her eyes to confirm is it a dream
Anika  – Shivu .. pinch me
Shivaay – what , ninnaku enda Patti Anu ( what happened to you Anu ??)
Anika – what do you said ???
Shivaay – o man(  struggling to tie the dhoti but it slipped ) what happened to you Anu ,why are you gawking me
Anika – what happened to me really shiv , this should be my question what happened to you Shivaay , Are you ok (by checking his temperature )
Shivaay – Anu I’m fine , what happened to me !!
Anika – then why are you wearing this dress that too today any special occasion ??
Shivaay – Anu today is Onam so we have to follow the tradition right , ok  I have kept Kerala saree in the cupboard take it & be ready within half & hour dadi will also be here, before that call Om ,get the saree with you get ready in om & Gauri ‘s room
Anika – ok i will get ready by the way you are looking like a Clown ? ( laughing )
Shivaay – Anu ??
Anika comes out
Anika’s Pov ” what happened to him Onam celebration that too here in OM , so that’s why that decoration , & Shivaay also looking happy , some reason is there behind his happiness I have to ask him”
Rikara room
Om was tieing dhoti Gauri was in the washroom Anika entered after knocking which Om didn’t notice
Anika – chutki …( She suddenly closed her eyes, turned other side & exclaimed ) Om !!
Om – Bhabhi !!( Suddenly turned another side with utter shock ) AAP… Ya..ha..n ??( You ??)
Anika – vo .. Shivaay tuje Bulaya hai ( Shivay called you )
Om – but why ??
Anika – to tie the dhoti it seems , we will get ready here you go to our room
( In the mean time he changes to jeans )
Om – o.. k Bhabhi
( He leaves the room by taking dhoti with them hurriedly just then Anika calls him )
Anika – 1 minute om vo actually I’m sorry but I knocked .
Om- it’s ok bhabhi it’s not your mistake I didn’t notice your knock , I’m sorry ..( he left the room after embarrassment )
Finally the boys tied the dhoti & girls worn saree
just then few official comes there
Voice 1 – we are from Income tax department we have received news that you have hided some valuable things here so allow us to search your place
Shivika, Rikara  – what ???
Anika – but we have paid all the tax more than that we are NRIs
Voice 2 – sorry mam it’s our duty pls allow us to do our work , here is the order notice
Shivaay & Om see the order and sign yes ,
After searching for an 1& 1/2 hour
The officials came out
A person comes & tells some thing secretly to the lady official she signs yes
According to the law we have to arrest you Mr.Oberoi you guys failed to pay attention to your lovely brother and sister, there is only sorrow in this home it’s punishable according to the family law ”
AniRi – ( shocked ) what ??
Shivkara could not understand
Lady – yeah leaving your brother for three years alone in India is punishable
Gauri – there is no law like this , how could you tell it’s punishable
Anika – exactly !! Chutki
A man – madam thunai nadikura panam okaye ningalu koduthagumo illangil njan kodukate ( madam shall I give junior artist salary or you are paying them ??)
Shivkara – what ??
A voice from back ” Kittu madhi enre perakuttikale kaliyakkarut” ( Kittu enough making fun of my grandchildren’s)
She comes & take the wig and spectacles
Dadi- pechana nahi isse arrey hamari Kittu !! ( you could not identify arey it’s our Kittu !!)

Shivkara – ( shocked) Kittu??
Shivaay – Kittu is that you !!
Kittu – aha Billu Etta , enda ettans pedichu poiyo ???( Aha Billu brother , what brothers you are scared right ??)
ShivOm – wait we will show you who is scared ( start to Run )
Kittu – wait  one minute
Shivaay – why Kittu scared ah ??
Kittu – no first I’ll pay them
( She pays the junior artist who have accompanied her )
Kittu  –  shall we start
Kittu started to run Shivaay goes to one side Om from another side chasing   , dadi were smiling at them
AniRi were is confusingly standing since they do not know the girl whom their husbands were chasing.
Finally Shivaay caught her & says” Kittu I’m your brother don’t try to behave smart ”
She makes a pout ,
Om – your naughtiness is increasing day by day ah
Kittu – ofcourse , ( Shivkarattu start to laugh )
After laughing
Kittu hugs Shivaay with tearful eyes
Kittu – sorry Etta, I couldn’t protect my friend , I failed as a friend
Shivaay – madhi Kittu enda ponu mole Ini karayanda ( enough Kittu my dear don’t cry ) ( by wiping her tears )
Kittu – alley Etta njanakkum thatu cheidadu ( no brother I was the one who done the mistake
Shivaay – no shushhh ,( by calming her)  it was our mistake
Om – Shivaay is right Kittu it’s our mistake
Kittu hugs Om  also
Om also calm downs her “shushh”
By parting away
Kittu – so Ettans ( so brothers how are you ??)
Shivkara – sugam ( fine )

Shivaay – so my dear naughty sister how r u ?? How is aunty?? , How is your job
Kittu  – fine & fun
Shivkara chuckles
Dadi – Kittu muthashi iveda undu ( grand mother is also here Kittu )

Kittu – aww enda priyapatta muthashi enganu undu( aww my dear granny how are you ?? ( by hugging her)
Dadi – sugam ( fine)
Kittu notices AniRi , by putting her hands on dadi’s shoulder & asks
Kittu – muthashi I rantuperum enre ettathi aano ( granny these people are my sister – in –  laws ah??)
Dadi – oii , chup kar ( oii shut up ) ( by hitting her playfully )
Kittu moves near AniRi
Kittu – hello ettathis  you both are beautiful, if I was a boy I would have married you both
AniRi – what?
Kittu – aha , ettas you both are lucky

AniRi got irritated
Gauri – Om who is she ?? , Why our home is decorated in a different way , dadi what’s going on here , why Onam celebration that too in OM
( Om keeps his finger on her lips )
Om – chill meri chirayya ( chill my girl )
Anika – Even I have the same doubt Shivaay is she is your ..
Kittu – ex-girlfriend  ( laughing )
Shivaay – Kittu
Kittu – ok ok sorry etta
Shivaay – Ani just calm down this is our Lovely sister , Rudy’s bestie Kittu ( aka)
Shivkara- Keerthy Suresh
Om – Onam celebration in OM because dadi is malyali that’s y

Precap – Keerthy Meeting her Rudy, Kittu to treat Rudy ???

  1. Jasminerahul

    very interesting chapter.really enjoyed.shivika dhoti scene..anika saying that shivay looks like a clown was funny.shivay talked to anika in anika a Malayali?nice to read that all the boys wore dhoti n girls wore Kerala Saree.keerti’s arrival fooling them was funny.keerti’s prank was she talked to aniri was funny.waiting for some onam scenes.can’t wait for the next part
    please update your wattpad ff also

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks so much Jasmine dear , I’m glad you liked this chapter, no Anika is not malyali , I’ll update as soon as possible

    2. Jasminerahul

      does anika understand Malayalam?bcz shivay spoke to her in malayalam

    3. Astmasiddika

      No dear she doesn’t understand Malayalam

  2. It’s feels really cute to imagine the great shivaay singh oberoi wearing dhoti and speaking malayalam.. Loved this update.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

    1. Astmasiddika

      I’m glad you liked the update , thanks for your response Prabha , yeah will update soon

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