Friendship is also love – Part 6

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Recap – Keerthy & Saumya are friends & RJs , Rudy becomes alcoholic due to death of Bhavya, Rudy & Keerthy are childhood friends, Rudy ran out of Rehab centre,

Friendship is also an Love
Recap – Keerthy & Saumya are friends & RJs , Rudy becomes alcoholic due to death of Bhavya, Rudy & Keerthy are childhood friends, Rudy ran out of Rehab centre,
Morning 9
OM , Mumbai
Rudy’s room
Dadi notices a trophy
Doctor was called
Doc – I warned you already Mr.Oberoi if he again consumes alcohol it is dangerous for him if you want him to be well please keep him away from alcohol else it can take his life.
Everyone gets shock

Shivaay – yes doctor we will keep him away from alcohol , how is he now ??.

Doctor – yes he is fine I have given sedation he will be sleeping this whole day, I have arranged for glucose it is needed for him Take care of him , I’m leaving

Shivaay – thank you doctor, Om

Om – come doctor I’ll drop you

Dadi sits near Rudy , Ani sits with Dadi &  Gauri sits on the left side they start to care his face it was pale

Shivaay – dadi don’t worry he is fine now
Dadi – how can I not get worried Billu , we can’t see him like this , I want my funny grand son back

Shivaay – I promise dadi he will be back , please ab AAP jaiyea aaram kijiyea ( now please you should rest )

Gauri – but Bade bhaiya ( but brother)
Shivaay – common Gauri , he is fine let him take rest , let us not disturb him , Ani take Gauri & Dadi with you & you guys start to have Breakfast me & Om will join you just after drips were given to Rudy ok  (towards Dadi ) , you should take medicine have your Break fast please dadi

Ani , Gauri , dadi nods they  go out , dadi again notices the trophy before  she leaves the room .
Shivkara again start to see for the rehab centre  , they finally got Rehab centre which is situated in Chennai , they have talked with the official there too, they decide to join him in it ,

Orion Mall, Bangalore
Evening 4
Keerthy & Saumya were sitting & chatting in Cafe coffee day
Just then Keerthy receives a call
She attends the call
Keerthy – Hello , yeah
Caller -……
Keerthy – where are you ???
Voice – Here I am !!!
Keerthy – oii so you was trying to fool me
Voice – kind of
Keerthy start to beat & Pinching him
Voice – Kittu stop yaar it’s paining & it’s public
Keerthy – don’t call me that
Saumya – Kittu
Keerthy gives a glare
Saumya – ok sorry Keerthy leave him yaar
Finally she left the guy’s hand
Saumya – calm down Keerthy …(towards the person)  please take your seat
Keerthy – I m ok Somu ( fake Anger)
Voice – so you are her friend Somu??
Saumya – yes I am Saumya Viswanathan Iyer , you ??
Keerthy – prandhan ( mad)  ( in a teasing tone )
Saumya – Prandhan ??? ( By smiling)
Voice – Kittu stop it yaar ok sorry ( by holding ears) I was just playing with you

Keerthy-( laughing ) even I was playing with you idiot ok Mr school secretary  tell me how are you ?? What’s going on in your life ??how is your game company going on ?? Have is your Mom ??

Voice – everything is fine & every one is good
Saumya – Keerthy who is he ??
Keerthy- he is my bestie Rana Daggubati (aka) my Idiot , you know Somu ,  he is holding a game developing company , he & his Mom is holding a school out of the City for the cute childrens, I met him in his office, when I was sent to meet him for audit his company , he was my client professionally but friends by personally
Saumya – O, I see

Rana – Madhi , Madhi madhi, Keerthy nee ooru pen kutty kurichu paranjadu alley ah pen kutty Saumya Dana  ???( Enough enough Keerthy you mentioned about a girl is it Saumya??)
Keerthy – adhey ( yeah ) , & Rana this is my colleague cum bestie , Saumya from Ooty, a teacher but not in job now ,
Rana – so the other RJ you are  searching for a job
Saumya – yeah but not in ordinary school
Rana – you mean CBSE schools ah ??

Saumya – No not in any school , neither CBSE, ICSC , nor any  State board a school .
Rana – so what kind of school you are looking for
Saumya –  the school where children are allowed to be behave like a children .
Rana – are you having any experience ??
Saumya – yeah 2 years
Rana – your qualifications ??
Saumya – B.Ed
Keerthy – Hello , hello what’s going on here?? This is not your interview session ok
Saumya – ok Kittu
Keerthy- Somu ?
Saumya – ok ok sorry
Keerthy- so you order Rana , what you want, it’s my treat ok
Rana – ok ok then keep ₹1000 as your budget
Saumya – sorry Rana she is having only ₹ 10 she will buy you a coffee in the small shop ( start to laugh)
Rana – yeah yeah even I have a experience in it
Rana & Saumya share a Hi-fi ?
Keerthy gave a deadly glare  & says ” shut up idiots ”  she was about tell something her phone disturbs her she was talking in her phone very seriously and she urgently called dragged Saumya & informed Rana that it’s an emergency she is leaving now , both Rana & Saumya were so confused .
Night 8
OM , Mumbai
Shivaay & Om called the family members & informed that they decided to join Rudy in Rehab centre situated in Chennai , AniRi opposed it but they both were sure that they have to join him in rehab centre

After dinner
Dadi called Shivkara to speak
Dadi – we have tried a lot Billu but he is not in a position to listen to us
Shivaay – That’s why I like to join him in Rehab centre dadi , he will & have to listen there
Dadi – No Billu already we have seen the outcome of joining him in the Rehab  centre so I have decided & called Kittu
Shivkara – (shocked) neengal enda paranjadu muthashi ??( what did you say grand ma ??)
Dadi – ( little louder) njan Kittu velichu Rudy Normal cheiyya ( I called Kittu to make Rudy normal )
Shivaay – it means you talked with Kittu and
Om – and called her to treat Rudy
Dadi – ah
Shivkara – pakshe eppeal?? ( but when )
Dadi – inn vaikunneram ( today evening )
Om – I can’t understand , tell it correctly Muthashi , does she really accept your request ??
Shivaay – and she also kept her anger aside , by accepting your request ??
Dadi – ah Billu , ok make arrangements
Shivaay – for what ??
Dadi – Ada prandha nalle Onam , so ninnal ellam nale tayyarakanam ( oii mad tomorrow is Onam, so you all get ready tomorrow) Kittu is also joining us
for this Onam
Shivkara – enda?? ( What ??)
Dadi – ah she is coming tomorrow, ok I am tired you both go & sleep , Kittu will be here tomorrow morning itself. ( by saying this dadi leaves the room)

Om & Shivay was happy one side as their lovely sister is coming & they are going to see her after a few years but was surprised as how will she come to treat that too after a misunderstanding with Rudy how has she accepted to come to see him..
Any way they decided to ask herself when they Meet her , so Both went to their rooms they see Anika & Gauri already slept they felt little relaxed after seeing their respective wives faces they drifted to sleep

Precap – IT raid in OM , Kittu oops Keerthy meeting Oberoi’s ,Onam celebration & much more

  1. It was awesomepakshe onam ini varan etra samayam und. Ippol vishu alle aduth kazhinjath

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    Yeah you are right dear , but it is just imagination anaita thanks for your response , keep reading dear

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    thanks for updating this.was waiting for it since a long time.surprised about rana’s entry as keerti’s best friend.keerti rana soumya scene was all are excited about keerti coming back to their house. but what misunderstanding she had with rudra?

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks for your response dear,Rana will play an important role in Saumya’s & Rudy’s life reason for Keerthy & Rudy’s misunderstanding will be revealed soon , keep reading dear ?

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    why the dialogues are a mix of Tamil n Malayalam? i mean neither pure Malayalam or pure tamil

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