Friendship is also love – Part 4

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hollo guys I know I’m late sorry, for that so let start


recap- Rudy addicted to drugs, Keerthy & Saumya are RJ s

Let u cafe, Bangalore,

Keerthy was sitting in the cafe waiting for Saumya

Saumya- Keerthy

keerthy turns back she ask the same why late

Saumya- sorry yaar traffic that’s why

they are going to start their conversation just then they hear sound a family was talking

father- listen tomorrow is Onam , you all can invite ur friends (to his children).

Small boy- yeah naan ende frnds velikam thank you accha (yes I am going to invite my friends thank you dad)

Big boy – Muthe angana onnum Venda its ok accha Nangal family Oda time spend seiyum ( Muthe it is not needed it’s ok we will spend it with family )

small boy – Jerry I told don’t call me ” Muthe ” call me Krish ok

big boy- sorry Muthe( laughing)

mother – jerry nee mindadhu  irukada ( Jerry shut up ) .

small boy get irritated & says ” accha kando (dad see ) Jerry is teasing me ”

Father – Jerry stop teasing him .

Big boy – common dad it is just for fun . Common Muthe , Muthe, Muthe

small boy – accha!!!( dad!!!) (disgustingly)

keerthy laughed

saumya asked ” what y r u laughing???”

Keerthy – nothing I just remembered my childhood days I teased like that

saumya – u were like him ???

keerthy – yep

saumya – yaar Andha Bali aadu unta matnadhu ??? ( who is that innocent u got caught in your hands )

keerthy – en childhood friend ( my childhood friend)

saumya – idhe maari Dana ???( same like this ??)

Keerthy- exactly , ana naan Mattum illa avonoda brothers um Dan pavam Avan nanga panna alapraila odiyea poitan ( yes but not only me his brother also we made so much to suffer he just ran off to escape from us ) ( by laughing)

saumya – ( by laughing) Adi paavi Avan Peru enna ( o my god what is his name )

keerthy – Rudhra naan short avana Rudy nu kupuduvan , Romba nalla friend ( Rudhra I’ll call him as Rudy a very good friend)

Saumya – touch la irukiya ( r u in touch).

keerthy – yeah 2 moths before I had a little fight with him so now I’m little angry on him

Saumya – kk y do you called me ????

keerthy – I want make u to meet my friend

saumya – who is that ????

Keerthy just then receive a call she attends it and get disappointed .

Keerthy – sorry somu not today  he said he have a meeting so he will not come today

saumya – it’s ok let us enjoy today don’t be upset

Keerthy smiles & they both spend time together

OM Mumbai

Oberoi family gets discharge Rudy from hospital

they decide to treat him by putting him in a rehabilitation centre

Precap – Keerthy receives a call

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  1. Astmasiddika

    Readers I need a suggestion I have decided to make 2 entries one will be Keerthy’s love intrest , another person is going to become a good friend for Saumya from that she is going to realise friendship is also an love select and give a suggestion.
    1 . Vijay devarkonda.
    2 . Rana daggubati.
    Give me a suggestion on their roles

    1. ItsmePrabha

      I would like to see VD as keerthy’s Love interest..and Rana as somu’s frnd..

  2. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear.. The episode was good plz can you me like for previous episodes.. I want to read from first episode…??. Tc

  3. JeevithaTK

    Sry it’s nt like its link…

  4. Jasminerahul

    keerti soumya scene was nice.waiting for rumya meeting.happy to see you back

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thank you Jasminerahul thanks for your support

  5. ItsmePrabha

    awesome update..that cafe scene where two boy’s fought was so cute…and keerthy knows for the it asap..till then take care..

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thank you Prabha will update soon

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks Nikita for ur support

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