Friendship is also love – Part 3

Thanks for your lovely response guys so let start


OM Mumbai

Rudy’s room

Anika- Shivaaaay ….

Shivay – what happen why anika is shouting like this

Rudy’s room

ShivOmRi rush to Rudy’s room

Shivay- what happen anika why r u shouting like this  Rudy !…what happen to him ?

Anika – I donno Shivay I came to his room but he is not waking up I m trying to waking up for a long Time

OmRi – Rudy wake up

Shivay check him and say let us take him to the hospital

Om & Shivay lift him

Om – Khanna start the vehicle.

shivom in one car with Rudy & Aniri in another car (according to my FF both ani and ri know to drive a car )

City Hospital

shivay & Om admit Rudy in the hospital

Aniri reach there

Anika – what did doctor say Shivay

Shivay – He didn’t say anything ani I am just hoping nothing will happen to him

doctor come there

Om – what happen to him doctor

Doctor – Mr.Oberoi his blood is full of drug I think he has taken in excess .

Every one get shocked

Shivay – is he is alright it can be cleared right

doctor – we can but it will take 4 hrs since it is drug addiction case we need police clearance then only we can start the treatment

Shivay – I will make sure doctor pls start ur treatment

doctor – do it fast else we can loose the patient

Aniri start to cry

shivay – No nothing will happen to him stop crying ani, Gauri

shivay talks to the commissioner after 4 hrs

Dadi also reach there who have went to Guruvayur after Bhavya’ s death.

doctor comes there

Anika – what happen doctor is he fine

doctor- yes Mrs . Oberoi he is fine but make sure he is away from drugs else it may be danger for him.

Dadi – ok doctor

Precap – strong decision


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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocked about rudra’s health condition due to drugs.thankfully he is fine.please give longer updates

    1. Astmasiddika

      Ok jasmine I’ll try to update little longer keep reading dear

  2. Onlinepharmacy

    Lovely smile my sweet dadi ji

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is sad update

  4. ItsmePrabha

    OH GOD! drug addict..Sad update ..Will be waiting for the next..

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