Friends. . Condition Apply 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Friends. . Condition Apply 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts..Ice Mountains area is shown..Three people with covered faces shows photographs and says..Isha..Imple..Juhi…Another side a girl puts water in bucket and places her head Inside…As she places her head out….Is very scared.stubborn..A door bell rings…A boy tells that his job will be in problem.The girl takes the tablets and closes the door…She eats tablets and feel relax,,,.and goes on flashback..A 13-yr old talking to her father…Her mother comes Suddenly and scolds for spoiling the uniform..Her father tells that that he will clean the uniform.Mother says that shakti is spoiling..As the small girl goes inside the house.Rifle voice comes..The girl comes out and sees A man shooting her parents..The girl name is “Shakti”..Shakti tells all is alright…She gets message of a friend Juhi…Shakti asks Juhi did she addressed Chirag about the trip??Juhi tells noo,..Juhi tells Shakti to talk cricket club…In cricket club..all boys are playing cricket..Benoy plays cricket…while Chirag is sitting..A man comes and asks chirag why he left cricket..Chirag tells timing was wrong… goes…Chirag tells Benoy to play well as he will be selected for world cup..Shakti comes to meet benoy.. Chirag tells Benoy to go he will handle…Shakti tells herself to calm down and tells Chirag is moron…Chirag asks now what game is she playing…Shakti tells she is not playing any game…Shakti calls Chirag a loser…Chirag gives Shakti some money and tells he gave for charity…Shakti gives it back saying to buy a deodorant..Shakti goes…Benoy comes.and asks what happened??Chirag tells nothing.
Two covered man are shown in ice cold mountains…They make symbols in road..They tells that they will fight and will never fail….Shakti tells she dont like Benoy…Isha and Benoy are flirting in front seat…A man with covered face keeping a eye on bus…As tyre gets punctured people gets panic…Conductor comes and says not to worry…As it will be good in few minutes…
Army people stops the bus..One army officer enters and reads the names of..Isha..juhi..Imple..Chirag asks what happened…Army officer tells that their live is in danger…Imple tells he will not come..Isha tells the officer that he dont know who is her father…Army officer tells to come down..All of them comes down..Including Shakti..A boy asks the major if any letter is there to show..Major slaps him..All gets shocked…Major tells to send the bus..Bus goes…Army officer asks all to give the phone..Isha refuses…But they snatch..All goes…Shakti tells thankgod her plan is working..

Precap:Chirag asks who are ready to run from here….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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