Friends. . Condition Apply 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imple picks the stick…All give their sticks to Benoy..Imple cries as his stick is small,,Imple tells that he didnt believe..Omar comes and asks what is the decision..Omar asks is it Chirag or Benoy..Omar snatches Isha..Isha tells that it not her Imple is nominated…Imple cries..Omar tells that only few moments left..
Ravi gives his statement to Major He tells the whole Address and says that The kidnpper’s are very dangerous If their demand is not agreed then they will do anything..Major says okey,,,Imple cries and tells Benoy to do something as he dont want to be killed,,Benoy tells that He cannot do anything..Imple calls Benoy Selfish..Benoy goes away…Chirag sees Imple crying…
Murli calls Isha’s father and tells that her daughter is Alive but would be killed if their demands are not fulfiled…Isha’s father tells he wanted to talk once to his daughter..Murli says at night 7 pm…Majour along with his team is ready to attack the kidnappers..Imple cries Chirag tells him not to loose hope as Major will help them..Chirag tells Dont worry..Chirag tells Everyone that he is nominating himself..Isha and all Friends gets shoked..Shakti gets shocked and falls…Omar comes and takes Isha Benoy comes in between but Omar beats him and pushs,,Murli calls Isha’s father and tells to talk to isha…Isha talks to her father and tells that she will be killed and tells to safe her..Minister(Isha’s father) tells not to worry…Murli tells that he wanted to meet to all of the parent’s in half an hour…Isha goes and tells all the friend’s that Major Vikram Singh is coming along with rescue team to safe them,,All the friends gets happy while shakti is shocked…Juhi shouts calls major Vikram singh “Loser” tells that he is coward..As he left all hi team in forest and gone,,Imple asks how juhi know all this..
Juhi cries and tells that Major is her father..She lied that her father was died..Juhi tells that Major Vikram singh is a big loser and cannot safe them..All friends gets shocked..Imple tells Juhi that may be juhi misunderstood her father..Juhi says noo..Benoy says that where he is trapped Oneside is “Psycho Juhi” and another side “blo*dy stupid Shakti”…Chirag get Angry and beats Benoy…Imple comes and pushes Benoy and Chirag away…Shakti comes and takes Chirag with her..

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Shakti asks Chirag why he was fighting with Benoy,,Chirag tells that Because Benoy insulting Shakti..Shakti thanks Chirah..Shakti tells that she didnt understand him till now..Chirag tells that one before If that didnt happened his future would have good..Chirag tells that he was one of the most lucky boy in the college..Chirag tells last year new year eve day he cannot forgot..Chirag and Shakti hold their hands..Shakti smiles..Chirag goes in flasshback..Benoy and Chirag comes in the party..Chirag tells Benoy that he came in the party for Shakti..while Benoy says that he dont like Shakti,,,Juhi tells Shakti that she know Shakti is waiting for Chirag and today Chirag is going to propose Shakti..Shakti sees Chirag tells that Chirag’s idiot benoy also came with him..DJ plays the music and oraganize a game in which girls have to shuffle and when Music stops they have to dance with that patner…Shakti plays…As music stops She turns and See her partner is Chirag….Shakti dances along with Chirag on song “tum ho..Pass ho mera..Saath meray..tum ho,,” Shakti and Chirag looks at each other and share Romantic moments..Suddenly Benoy comes in middle and pulls Chirag tells that her mother called up and was crying..Chirag tells he will go…Chirag and Shakti looks into each other’s eyes….

Precap::Murli beats Chirag tells that he will kill him..Rescue team searches and go in the house. Murli shoots Chirag..All friends are shocked…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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