Friends. . Condition Apply 31st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 31st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Murli tells he have to meet Shakti,,As police officer is having doubt may come anytime,,Juhi’s mother comes and asks Police officer to tell the truth what happened,,Police officer tells that Shakti was shot and came to hospital along with Chirag,,He tells that will rescue all of them soon..Police officer tells that some one is helping kidnapper’s may be Shakti or Chirag!!Juhi’s mother tells that shakti is a good girl..She tells Police officer what he is doing sitting??Police officer tells to get out of the room..She goes..
juhi asks Shakti what happend Shakti tells that he was Missing her Baba,,Juhi asks who is Baba..Shakti tells that his Father died when she was Small… Juhi tells that she is a murder thats why all this things happening with her at her

16 birthday she took car and gone for a drive,,and one man was killed because of her but her celebrity dad saved her by hiding it Juhi tells that she lied to Shakti that her father is dead Juhi tells that her father is alive and the man who was killed still haunts her..Shakti and juhi listens Benoy talking and goes to listen..
Benoy forces Chirag to vote for Shakti as she should be killed,,Chirag tells that he cannot do that..Benoy tells that Chirag didnt rembered what Shakti did with him on New year eve??Chirag tells its past.. Shakti comes and listens all tells what happened at that night,,Shakti goes in flashback where Shakti is waiting for Chirag in New year party but Benoy comes and tries to get close with Shakti,,Benoy lies Shakti at that time saying Chirag and he bet on Shakti,,Benoy creates Misunderstandings between Chirag and shakti,,Benoy misbehaves with Shakti while Shakti slapped her,,,later listening all this Benoy claps and Call it as a fake story,,Benoy tells that Chirag is his buddy and believe him more Chirag tells Benoy to shut up and talk properly about Shakti,,,Chirag tells that Benoy lied and Manipulated all things to him..Benoy tells because of this “Stupid Shakti” chirag is fightining with him..Chirag shouts to shut up..Chirag and Benoy fights..Isha comes and pulls Benoy,,
Murli,,omar and Bali comes in the room..Omar Covers Isha and Shakti..Chirag pulls Omar asks where is he taking to Shakti..Omar tells to mind his own buisness and takes Shakti along with her..Murli asks Shakti did he love Chirag from before only..Murli tells Shakti that their Mission is BABA not Love..Murli asks is Shakti’s house clean Since police will Interrogate Soon..Shakti tells that Everything is clean and good..Omar tells Isha that she was rich and her mother helped alot..Omar tells to say..Isha shouts and cries for help..Shakti sees and tells Murli that he remembered that they a deal not to kill anyone..Murli tells dont worry as they will not kill anyone..
Murli becomes Sad and asks Shakti still Is she paining,,Murli tells Shakti should not have come in between..Isha shouts “Shakti” to help..Omar places Shakti beside Isha..Isha tells Shakti to help her..Shakti tells Soon they have to nominate someone..Shakti tells Isha to cool down,,
Police officer finds some old reciepts at Shakti’s house..Police officer comes to know that Ravi is consious and ready to give statement..Isha and Shakti comes in the rooom..Isha tells Benoy to help her As her dad is minister they wanted to kill her..Chirag tells no to panic as Soon Police will track them..Isha tells benoy they have to nominate soon someone,,,Benoy tells that they will with..Imple tells he have a idea they will do “Inky pinky ponky”..Benoy tells they will play sticks whose Stick is Small they will be nominated..Juhi agrees..Juhi picks a stick,,Isha another..Chirag picks up one..Benoy picks up and At last Imple

Precap:Shakti and Chirag dance on song “Tum ho”..Police officer takes stament of Ravi tells to preapare a Rescue team..Murli raises pistol against Chirag and tells to stop Police otherwise he will shoot him,,Shakti is shocked..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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