Friends. . Condition Apply 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Friends. . Condition Apply 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tara shows a bob jacket to All friends..Shakti tells what is the need of this jacket???Tara tells that he cannot believe Major anymore..and cannot compromise with life of leader..Anotherside Major Vikram brings Rajneil in the jungle and calls Agni..Agni instructs Major to come on the way And If any cleverness he shown then All friends will be killed..Major Vikram says yes..
Tara tells juhi to wear the jacket as she has many issues with her father majour vikram..Tara goes to Benoy and call him “Cricketer”..Tara tells that jacket looks cool on him..Benoy gets scared..Tara moves to to Isha and tells that she is feeling cold And jacket will look good at her,,Isha says no..Tara goes to Imple and tells that he is a body builder..Jacket will not come to him..Tara tells Chirag should wore the jacket..Shakti shouts no..Shakti tells that she is ready to wear..Chirag says no..Shakti tells yes she will wear…Chirag say noo… Chirag takes Shakti in a corner..Chirag tells why Shakti is doing like this..Shakti tells its her moral responsibility because she brought all of them to the trip..Shakti gives her bracelet to Chirag..Tara calls Both of them.Tara tells it is a scene of Romeo and juliet..Tara tells now it is decided who will wear the jacket..Shakti wores the jacket..While Murli gets Angry and sees Tara..Agni tells Omar and Bali to drop all friends at different corner’s..Omar drops Juhi..benoy..Imple in a corner..Murli cries and tells why Shakti all this..Shakti tells it was her responsibility that all friends should be safe..Shakti tells that she is strong and mature..Murli tells And If anything happened to Shakti what Chirag will do..Shakti tells atleast Chirag will be alive..Murli hugs Shakti while Agni and Tara sees..Major Vikram call Agni and tells he has reached seeing red marks on trees..Agni tells half kilometer stone is there to reach there..Agni tells to give the phone to Tara..Tara talks to Rajneil..Rajniel tells tara to free all the friends safely..Tara says she will release but when he reached here safely..
Tara tells that BABA wants all friends wants to be release soon..Tara tells that she is the chief till Baba came here..Tara says Shakti is like her sister but she will press the button anytime..Shakti tells that she dont have any expections from tara..Shakti tells If BABA(Rajneil) reached here safely she will be happy..
Murli tells that nothing bad will happened with Shakti..Murli tells that he and Shakti are bringing BABA back..Murli and Shakti walks..Murli walks while Shakti falls…Murli goes and picks up Shakti and gives her water..shakti tells that If anything happened to her to drop all Friends safe home..Murli tells all will be good..Murli and Shakti walks..Agni asks Major till where he has be reached.Major Vikram tells that he is on the way..A commando is standing talking on phone talking to someone..The commando points the gun at Shakti and tells on phone that there is a hostage along with a terriost..SHakti and Murli sees Rajneil..Shakti sees Rajneil and gets happy while Rajneil also gets happy..Murli calls Agni and tells he can see BABA..The Commando shoots Rajneil..Shakti shouts..

precap::Agni calls and tells Omar to bring all the Friends back

Update Credit to: Ansari

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