Friends. . Condition Apply 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakti falls,,Chirag holds Shakti,,Chirag hold’s Murli’s asks what he had done,,Kumar beats Chirag and tells to stay away,,Imple cries and tells all what happened,,Isha pushes Juhi tells that all happened because of her..Murli takes Shakti away,,Police officer goes to hospital to take Ravi’s statment,,Murli shouts tells Kumar to bring knife..At anotherside..Chirag cleans the floor,,and cries..Juhi scries tells all happened because of her..Chirag cries thinking about shakti..Murli takes out bullet using knife from Shakti’s body,,,Shakti shouts..Chirag listens Shakti’s voice..Chirag shout and tells to call Doctor,,Isha and Benoy are worried,,Juhi tells what she have done..After sometime..Isha tells that if shakti dies..Kumar tells that Shakti have to take Hospital..while Bali tells that If they take shakti to hospital they will be trapped..Murli tells that he will decide..Chirag remebers the time spent with Shakti,,where Shakti tells juhi to believe in god,,Chirag tells to that God has never given anything,,Shakti told that God is not a supermarket,,Chirag cries nad tells juhi that he will pray to god,,for shakti Chirag tells that he will fight and he cannat let Shakti go away,,Benoy sees and tells Isha that Chirag is praying for shakti,,Benoy calls Shakti “Two face moron”,,,,,Murli comes and tells all Friends Shakti is about to die,,,to safe her,,Juhi cries and tells to safe shakti..Murli tells there is no doctor..and no hospital,,,,Murli tells who will take the risk to safe Shakti,,Benoy comes hold’s Isha’s hand and tells that he will take risk,,,Murli calls Benoy “Runner” tells that he will never allow Benoy to go,,Murli tells Kumar to see If Shakti dies,,Murli tells that If Shakti died to Throw the body,,

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Chirag comes and tells that he will go…Juhi pleases and tells to Safe shakti,,Murli raises pistol against Benoy and tells Chirag,, If he ran no one will be alive,,,Chirag sees Shakti and thinks,,Murli comes Murli gives Chirag Bluetooth,,tells to wear it…and follow his order’s Chirag says okey..Murli takes Shakti.,,Another side Police officer comes to hospital and sees Ravi,,He tries to ask Ravi but Ravi is unconsious..Doctor tells that he has give Seductives to Ravi and atleast 3hours will take Ravi to be Consious..Chirag comes holding Shakti.Chirag shouts Doctor tells its emergency..Doctor comes,,.Doctor asks what happened??Doctor asks how Shakti hurted..Chirag tells that they were going for walk..and animal attacked Shakti..Doctor says okey…Chirag tells that shakti is his wife and they came for honeymoon..Doctor tells to go and fill hospital form,,Chirag goes,,Chirag is wearing bluetooth,,Murli tells Chirag to write a different name of Shakti in form,,Chirag writes Shakti’s Name as Mukti,,Police officer comes out from Ravi’s cabin and sees Chirag,,But Chirag is turned anotherside..Chirag goes and bumps into Police officer,,Bluetooth falls,,Murli tells that he will go in the hospital,,Police officer asks Chirag Is Everthing alright??Chirag is quiet..

Precap:Doctor sees Form and tell that Chirag was calling Shakti,,but in form mukti is written,,Police comes in Shakti’s ward..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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