Friends. . Condition Apply 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Friends. . Condition Apply 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Benoy accuses Shakti..Juhi tells noo Shakti is not…Benoy tells shakti the one…Chirag sees shakti..Juhi also goes away from Shakti and sits…Shakti feels breathless and eats tablets
Shakti tells Murli that already her friends are doubting her..Shakti tells they have to clear the doubt..Murli tells have to do clear their doubt.Benoy tells Chirag to get up..Benoy says Chirag that Shakti is missing and she is the one..Shakti slowly comes and sits..and cries..Chirag asks what happend to Shakti..Shakti tells she want to stay alone..Suddenly Murli comes and tells that he have to shoot one person for his father’s release..Murli asks Benoy,,Benoy tells Shakti’s name…Juhi tells no..and Chirag also says no..Murli tells they have to decide whom they have to shoot..
All parents tells Minister to talk to CM…Murli comes and ties all the friends,,,kumar cover their faces..Minister tells that they have saved Ravi.and after he become consious will tells everything,.Police officer tells that he will arrange a rescue mission..All friends are taken into the middle of jungle…Murli tells all of them to dig grave for one of the friend who will be killed..All friends dig,,,kumar asks Murli who is the one..Murli tells Juhi..Kumar asks why?Murli tells juhi is weak,,Isha and Juhi argues..Kumar comes and tells to do the work quietly..kumar takes juhi along with him..Juhi and kumar goes..kumar gets close to juhi..Kumar asks juhi that she is scared of Isha..Juhi tells she is not..Kumar puts spray to juhi..Juhi tells kumar to move away…Murli acts and talks on phone tells that juhi is alright and is with them..Benoy listens and go and tell Isha,,Juhi comes..Isha goes near juhi and smells..Isha tells juhi sprayed her limited edition perfume..Isha tells that juhi is the secret agent of kidnapper’s..Imple cries..and tells he will kill…Juhi tells Shakti to explain everyone..Benoy tells that he listened from his ears. juhi tells no,,,Benoy shouts yes,,,Juhi shouts saying yes..tells that she will kill all of them..As kumar comes asks juhi what happened,,Juhi takes out knife from kumar’s pocket and tries to attack him..Kumar defends…Murli comes and raises pistol to shoot Juhi,,Shakti comes in between and pushes Juhi,,As Murli shoots,,Shakti hurts and fell unconsious on ground,,Chirag runs and picks Shakti and shouts what happened saying???The epsiode ends..

Precap:Murli points pistol against Benoy and tells If anyone tries to run will be shoot to dead.

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Thnks for the update Niz show

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