Friends. . Condition Apply 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Friends. . Condition Apply 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Murli shoots Chirag..and tells Nagesh to See anyone is there or not…Imple and Shakti comes out..Imple holds Chirag and sees..Chirag is good.Ravi is shoot dead..Juhi shouts and says that she is not responsible for his death..Benoy vomits..Chirag tells Daada that he is the one who made the plan to escape…Chiraag tells that he is feeling upset for Ravi..Benoy tells that Ravi was elder..and it was good that he killed..Shakti tells what happened is not good tells to think about Ravi’s family..Chiraag tells Shakti is right,,Shakti tells to pray for Ravi..Benoy and ISha ignores and goes…
Police officer tells that government rejected Rajneil’s appeal,,Isha’s mother tells him to do something to free.. Anotherside..Isha tells Benoy she trust him,,,Isha tells his father makes links with her family because benoy will be in beniefit..Benoy tells its nothing like that…Benoy tells Isha that she is more than a friend for him,,,Isha and Benoy gets closer….Isha and Benoy about to kiss..Isha tells that she dont want to die,,Isha tells that they will run..Benoy tells not to worry as they will safe,,,Benoy and ISha gets close and kiss each other,,Shakti sees and stands up walks…Chirag tells to chill…Shakti tells Chirag to shut up as one friend is trying to act and another is enjoying,,Chirag asks what does it mean???Shakti tells to see…Chiraag sees Isha and Benoy getting cosy,,,
Juhi searches for something…Isha comes and asks what happend..Imple asks is she gone mad…Juhi tells that she is searching for sanitizer as her hands are have stained of blood..Shakti tells not to worry as she will bring it from kidnapper’s….Shakti knocks the door..Kumar tells Shakti to come out than only he will give..Shakti goes…Benoy tells Chirag that Kidnapper’s agree everything of Shakti,,Something is wrong..Police officer tells Rajneil that government refuse his appeal…Rajneil asks how come???Police officer tells that Goverment think that Rajneil will convey some message…Rajneil tells he is infact helping the government..Police officer tells to tell the Address of kidnappers…Rajneil refuses…Police officer tells that he had provided full proof security for bringing him here..Rajneil tells that he knew many innocent officers were killed because of this full proof…Rajneil asks him how he sleeps at night????officer tells he will sleep….
Shakti tells his brother why he killed innocent Ravi???Murli tells that World is only like that,,,as her parents were innocent and were killed…And at that Police station what happened..Shakti goes in flashback and thinks How Rajneil came and adopted her…little Shakti cries and tells that she get scared…Rajneil tells not to cry as he is his father..Rajneil tells shakti….Murli tells shakti that she have to fight to save her father…Murli tells that he can sacrifice his life for his father…MUrli tells that shakti cannot step back from mission…Murli forwards his hand asking if she will help…Shakti shakes hand and says yes,,tells but no use of bullet…
Shakti comes and sits….Shakti gives the sanitizer to Juhi,,Juhi cleans ,,,,Benoy tells that their plan was not sucessful beacause someone from them is helping kidnapper’s,,,Imple tells that he will kill,,Benoy points at shakti tells that she is helping kidnapper’s…shakti tells what rubbish…

precap:Murli shoots Shakti..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Waitin fr tomm episode nd wanna knw whtz cookin btw shakthi nd chiraag

  2. wow niz epsiode thnkz for update

  3. i think chirag and shakti will be in a relationship in the long run.

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