Friends. . Condition Apply 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

juhi asks where is Shakti..Chirag tells he dont know..Chirag goes and search Shakti…Major goes and meet Rajneil..Major tells Rajneil that he came to realese Rajneil..Rajneil laughs and tells that How Vikram release him..Major Injects Rajenil..Rajneil falls and unconsious..Major goes away…Murli hugs Shakti and tells not to worry as BABA will be alright As chirag comes Murli raises pistol against Shakti..Rajneil falls and unconsious Commisioner comes and takes him to hospital..Commissioner calls CM’s secretery and tells that someone kidnapped Rajneil..CM’s secretary asks who last met Rajneil???HE tells Major Vikram!!Cm’s secretery tells that he wanted to meet Vikram…Anotherside Major Vikram calls Murli and tells that BABA is with him..Murli gets happy and gives phone to Shakti..Shakti talks to Rajneil but Tara snatches the phone..Tara tells that she is very happy.. Rajneil talks to Tara..Rajneil tells that why they kidnapped innocent people..Rajneil tells that his head was always down because of Tara..Tara tells that she want Rajneil to be released..Rajneil tells he want to talk to Shakti..Tara tells to give the phone to Major Vikram,,,Major talks to Agni..Agni tells to release BABA and he will give all friends..Vikram agrees…Shakti tells finally BABA will arrive..Tara smiles and says yes..Murli tells that all because of Shakti..Shakti gets happy..Shakti tells that they will send back juhi to the group..Murli says yes..Agni tells Bali to say Omar to put juhi with all friends..Bali goes and tells Omar..Omar free Juhi..Juhi goes..Omar smiles seeing juhi..Bali tells that Omar that BABA is releasing..Omar gets happy Bali and omar hugs each other..Omar feels upset Bali tells its okey..
Shakti goes and meet with friends..Chirag asks where was she..Shakti tells she just gone to take fresh air..Shakti asks where is Juhi..Chirag tells they dont know..Juhi comes and sits..Chirag asks juhi what happ
Murli tells all friends that they are getting Rajneil Purohit tomorrow and they are releasing all friends..All friends gets happy and hugs each other..Shakti smiles and sees Murli…Chirag calls Shakti..Chirag tells that he had feelings for Shakti but now it is more..Chirag tells If Benoy was not there they would have couple..Chirag tells he want to spent the future with Shakti..Shakti feels shy and tells that she need time..
Vikram gives Tea to Rajneil and tells that now his fever is low..Vikram tells that he gave injection from which person cannot die..But people thinks it is cardiac arrest!Rajneil tells why he has taken Such risk..Major Vikram tells that for his daughter and he has seen the parents of all kids crying…Rajneil tells he dont understand why his companions are doing like that,,, Imple tells that tommorow he is going and will miss Bali..Imple tells that if he stayed more days will make him(bali) his Guru..Imple goes..Benoy asks ISha is she happy…ISha tells she is very happy..Benoy tells he is not happy..Isha asks why..Benoy tells he wanted to ask something..Isha tells she known,,Isha tells that she want a guarantee that Shakti should not ever should in his life.Benoy tells okey..Benoy sits on knees and tells “I love U”..Isha tells she loves too..Isha and Benoy hugs while Chirag sees..

Precap::Chirag kisses Shakti Song goes on background “Tum hi ho”..

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