Friends. . Condition Apply 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chirag kises Shakti..Shakti moves him away and goes..Imple goes and asks Bali did he saw Shakti and Chirag..Bali tells he is not watchman..Imple puts the woods and shows his musles tells that he is Man..Imple tells Bali to take trainong from him..Bali raises pistol against Imple..Imple tells he was joking..Bali takes out bullet from gun..Bali tells now they will play the game..Bali tell one by one they will put on the on their head will press the trigger..Bali press the trigger..Imple is scared..
One phone ring’s at Major’s house..Major and juhi’s mother is shocked..They gets a unknown phone in desk..Major finds and picks up the phone..Agni tells hi..Agni asks from this phone Vikram can only can pick up the phone..Agni tells Vikram can talk to her daughter.. Juhi talks her mother..Juhi tells that she wants to come out from kidnapper’s..juhi cries and tells to save her..Juhi’s mother tells she will safe as soon as possible.Juhi gives the phone to Vikram but juhi didnt talk and gives the phone to Murli..Vikram cries..MUrli gives the phone to Agni..Agni tells that If Rajneil is not realesed then Juhi will be killed..Shakti picks up walkie talkie..Someone tells Shakti that there is a planning in jail to attack Rajneil..Mission name “Mission Rajneil Freedom”,,The person tells that polics has double cross them they have to kill a friend..Another side Bali tells Imple to press the trigger..Imple cries and tells sorry he cannot play the game.Bali tells that body and muscles are not important One should be preapared mentally..Imple tells he want to be like Bali..
Juhi sees Omar without shirt..Juhi smiles..Omar asks why juhi is smiling..Juhi tells she talked to her mother..Juhi asks where is Omar’s mother..Omar tells in another village..Juhi asks whre is her girlfriend Omar tells he has no girlfriend..Juhi gets close to Omar ..Omar and juhi sees at each other song goes on background “Dil kyun ye mera”..Juhi is about to kiss Omar.Shakti comes and asks what is going on..Juhi tells nothing..Shakti and juhi goes..Juhi tells that she talked to her mother and is very happy..Shkti tells that’s good..Shakti tells that she have some work..juhi goes..Shakto tells Somehow she have to contact to Major Vikram..Shaktii goes and search’s VIkram’s number..Shakti gets a diary..Shakti gets vikram’s number shakti calls and tells Vikram and that Rajneil life is in danger..Vikram tells he is in high security jail..Shakti tells in 6hrs Rajneil should out of jail otherwise Juhi will be killed..Shakti keeps the phone..Tara..Murli and Agni comes..Tara asks what Shakti was doing..Agni pulls shakti..Murli gets Angry and pulls Agni away..Murli asks Shakti what she did??Shakti tells she did to save BABA..Shakti tells that she called Major Vikram because Someone called and said that BABA is in danger and is being attacked..Murli tells that Shakti is crossing her limits..Agni tells Shakti did a good thing but should inform them all not to plan alone..Shakti tells they do new plan without informing her and why should she not take decision As she brought All friends here..Agni tells now its time to take the plan further.. Major recives message from Agni and goes tell he have to save juhi and have to do something..

precap:Major Vikram Singh gives Injection to Rajniel..Rajneil falls and is unconcious..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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