Friends. . Condition Apply 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakti stops tells Benoy not to take a step furthher..Benoy tells he will go..Isha runs..Isha sees Bomb..Isha stucks in a maze of landmines One step wrong could lead to a blast. ..Shakti tells to stay there only as the strings there are attach to landminds and may burst anytime..Shakti tells to concentrate and come out..Shakti tells to focus..Murli..Agni and Tara comes.and sees.Tara tells Isha will die..Shakti gives Instructions to put her foot left and right..Isha follows the instructions..Benoy stay far tells Isha to cool down..
Agni tells Benoy to laugh for help to forest guard..Agni tells to shout more..Benoy tells that means Agni was pretending forest guard..Agni says yes..Shakti comes in strings and help Isha..Isha cries and tells it was kidnapper’s plan..They wanted to kill them..Isha tells that Tara is mad..Shakti goes and takes Isha along with her..Agni comes and raises pistol against them..Agni tells that first only he said not to run..Agni tells one body will go to delhi,,Agni was about to shoot but Murli stops him..Murli tells he is giving last chance..
Someone calls Major and tells him to come…Murli tells after this much warnings they ran..Agni beats Murli tells not to come on his way..Agni and Murli fight Tara comes and stop..tara tells they are friends and should not fight like this..Tara tells murli not to listen from heart.Tara tells Agni that he is full of fire…Chirag tells Benoy what he taught and ran.Chirag tells because of Benoy only their friendship breaked..Benoy tells not to open his mouth..Benoy asks how Shakti known to save from landmines..Benoy and chirag fights..Benoy tells that Chirag killed his father..Benoy calls Chirag murder..Juhi gets shocked..Chirag tells Benoy is right..Chirag tels he only killed his father and tried to run but her mom arrested her..Chirag goes..Shakti goes back of her..Major Vikram singh sees Video of Juhi and cries..CM”s secretery tells Major not to do mistakes..Major Vikram singh goes..The Secretery calls and tells CM that If plan is succesful they will take the credit If it failed then they will put on Major..Major listens all things..CM tells otherwise they will go for plan-B..They will kill Rajneil in jail only..Chirag tells Shakti that his father was a drunkyard He daily used to come and beat his mother..Chirag tells that he was only 10 yrs old he killed his father..Chirag tells that her mother sent him to jail..And he was in custody for 3 years..After coming from jail her mother put him in hostel..After coming from hostel her mother didnt talk and disowned her..Chirahg hugs Shakti and cries..Chirag and Shakti kisses each other..

Precap:Someone calls Shakti and tells that Rajneil is being attacked in jail Shakti gets shocked

Update Credit to: Ansari

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