Only Friend of Mine (Shivika FF) PART-2

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Eloping From hell

I don’t know sometimes  what I did that mom behaves so cruelty with me…Today mom saw that Dina aunty was giving me my favorite omelette…Then she snatched the plate from Dina aunty…And glared at me and within seconds grabbed my right hand and put it on the stove…It was burning very much….Mom never did this to me but it wasn’t at all shocking for me as mom everyday try new way to hurt me…Then when she satisfied went from there leaving me there….Then what I went to my room oops sorry the kitchen’s store room…There was a matress lying on the floor and a bag no if I say bag then it will be wrong…It’s like a pouch-shaped…So,it’s my bedroom…A little bedroom where I sleep everyday…I sit at the mattress then take out a onioment…Dina aunty bought it for me…I need it almost everyday…I started fitted it on my hand blowing on it…It was burning very much…But I somehow tolerated it… Now if anyone would in my place then  can ask why I love omelette very much and why for that mom give me this big punishment and having omelette in morning is usual na…Every morning all the student’s mother always choose omelette and one glass milk for them…As it both healthy and tasty…But my life isn’t easy like others….I am not a child who get the love of his mother… And having a omelette is very far…I can have only right to eat big rice with one or two onion and a green chillie…That’s it…Mom also don’t eat with me now..She only eats with bhayia and   didi….Even I don’t have the right to eat  the foods the… eat…..And now no one know that mom has two boys…When some new guests come to our house mom make them meet with my didi and bhayia…She behaves like that I don’t exist in this world….Now it’s my life…The painful life….  Sometimes I feel to do suicide…Tried many times…Every night I wait at the road for a car with the determination that when the car or truck will come I will stand before the car and then the car will make my life at the end…But I couldn’t…I tried many times to do it but whenever I wanted don’t know why didn’t get guts to kill myself…How can a boy of 14 years can get guts for suicide?  It’s quite impossible for me…But yeah I can escape from this hell…I placed the onioment under my matress…..Yeah I can elope from here…It’s not tough at all….If I can sleep here with the rats and cockroaches…Then living in the roads or railway platform isn’t hard for me…Sometimes I dreamt that everything around me is very beautiful….A beautiful shower from the high mountain falling on the ground and it made a beautiful river with fresh waters which is giving me a good view of it…Birds are chirping around me and telling me that I am their friend….My friends who have no hate for me…They are not scared of me…I want only one friend on that place…I want to place my head on her arms and she will carass my head like a mother do…The only love I want from her nothing but I know I can never get this love…It’s not for me but I can’t also live in this house….So,today I made my mind to elope from here for forever…For forever….It’s not hard actually…If I eloped from here then for a day nobody will think that I am not at home…Then after two or three days they will get to know about me they can’t even find me that time…But I know didi,bhayia and Dina aunty will search for me but  I know very well that then they will give up….After that nobody will know that there was any boy named Shivaay….But where I will stay? Gypsies(Bahamian)…Yeah I will stay with them…Long ago I saw in tv that this gypsies always kept roaming  around on their boats…They goes to many places and earn money by showing sap ka khal(I don’t know the real name ) ,selling many types of ayurvadi medicines etc…Yeah I can live their life…Also by roaming I can found my dream place…I know the only friend of mine won’t be there but the happiness will be there…So,I come out from house and went to the railway plattform…Then climed on the rooftop of the train…
  But don’t know suddenly what happened to me? I didn’t feel to go…Don’t know why felt to see the school for the last time….Sometimes we humans do something which we ourselves don’t know why we do that? That day the same thing happened with me…I can’t go…I started for my school making my mind that I will see the school for the last time and will never go back there and leave this city for all time…But that time I never knew that my life will change for all time after I go to school…In my dreams I hadn’t think that from that day at school my life will take a new turn…A new turn…

                          My pov…
          Life is all about surprises
        Which sometimes fill with  
              Sometimes with pain
                    Immense pain…….


So,done with this part….Tell me how is it and also tell me how is the last lines….Is it bad or good…I wrote it because in next part this lines will come true in Shivaay’s life…What do you think ? What surprise he will get? Surprise of happiness or pain…What do you think? Tell me through comments and I don’t know how are you feeling after reading it but yeah tears came out from my eyes while imagining all lines…I am not self-praising it but yeah first time while writing something a drop of tears came down from my eyes…Okay bye..Gotta sleep..Take care and stay safe with your loved ones

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    seriously cant see shivaay like this..hope yeh nayi turn usko khushiyaan hi de…and the last lines are beautifully written..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Nafi-Nahi

      Thanks a lot for your comment. Hope so this new turn will fill his life with happiness

  2. Niriha

    Awesome ..emotional part Feeling bad for shivay and the last few lines are beautiful dear can’t wait for next part update soon

    1. Nafi-Nahi

      Thanks. And again big heartily thanks to you praising for the last lines

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and emotional

    1. Nafi-Nahi

      Thanks a lot???

  4. Superb episode ????????

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