Friday Spoiler Punch

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  1. Wow nauc superb….




    1. Ya devga really kAbir is awesome

  2. spoiler spoiled everyone. why people wanted at know anyone before? i wonders and wonders and i thinked i becomes wonderboy. I m sariga madams’s student very many muched obedient and attention. I musted get noble prize for literasur next year. Sariga madams getting that this year no

  3. susi u a eatable? commented on me olso. I liken commented eatable. Another eatable sweet olso commentedd. C is goodest of all sweet. Susi u olso gooder

  4. devga, me olso aweeesum,kabir less,me greater owsum

  5. u ol not capabiling of telling goodest english such as me. So u feelen shy to come in front to me. No worry i not ever insulted any gooder persons.

  6. Hiii romi

  7. Soumya Unnikrishnan

    Kabir and nisha awesome

  8. Noble prize to ajkal ery gery to hi milta hai tere ko b mil jaynga bade romi

  9. nisha and kabir looks so good , pls keep something interesting in story line for kabir and nisha not interested in triangle. how any one can enter in house without approval , why family is not reacting in this matter?

  10. why u taken me name? U musted thieves

    1. sir ji plzzz… never ever post ur words again… plz..

  11. sir ji plzzz… never ever post ur words again… plz..

  12. u ared jealous at me beautiful english. u Taked tuton at sariga mamses,u willed olso be capable at written so many muched morest beautifulest english than me

  13. manik role is good than others nandini is so cute

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