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  1. excellen t for meri aashiqui tumse hi

  2. Yeh hai mohabbatein spoiler pls

  3. nice and emotional spoiler of sapne suhane ladakpan ke. thanks a lot. i hope kt and rachna will reunite soon

  4. excellent spoiler of sslk

  5. Qubool hai and kumkum bhagya spoiler. Plzz

  6. Hello guyz new shows on Channel V has started like Friends condition apply and Million dollar Its quiet intresting and Youth oriented shows

  7. Veera spoiler plzzzz…

  8. Sadda Haq spoilers PLZZZ

  9. Saathiya saath nibhana has turned out to be a comedy show at regular intervals, confusing and very boring.
    Firstly, Kokila urges, coaxes, forces everybody to accept Paridhi till only Gopi is against it. Kokila begs Gopi to accept Paridhi and Gopi says that Paridhi cannot be trusted. As usual, Kokila arrogantly and aggressively has her way.
    Once trouble starts, the family sides Paridhi. Kokila does a U turn, saying that Gopi is blindly supporting Paridhi and she, Kokila knows that Paridhi shouldn’t be trusted. What a hypocrite!!!! LOL & ROTFL!!!!
    On top of it, Radha is omnipresent. Like a God, she is present everywhere. When Gopi tells the police and everyone that she chased Vivaan in the rick, nobody wants to believe her especially Kokila. WHY?. Atleast the police should be suspicious but no way they keep saying complain is against Kokila so they cannot suspect anybody. In today’s world, the police has mobile tracking system. But this police believes a scanned Delhi flight ticket sent as SMS is proof enough of a person’s presence; doesn’t counter check where the call came from, no police to follow him, no verification from airport authorities about his travel…In which century are they showing this Modi family….Supposedly richest in Rajkot with contacts at high places and with absolutely NO COMMONSENSE – in the entire family – Most Stupid Leader is Kokila..ROTFL!!!!
    Can the makers please decide where they want to take this serial ? Please let somebody tell Kokila that it was on HER insistence that Paridhi was in Modi house and she’s trying to gain sympathy by crying and instigating Ahem, the same Ahem who forced Jigar to marry Paridhi and tried to convince Gopi. Strange serial…

    1. Very true!!!
      The serial is gonna lose its viewers like this….i myself m getting bored of it now.

    2. And radha knew before hand that she will get pregnant and her scam will work and they just forgiving her for her every act.. If she had to give birth to a child she should have been send to some village where she could regret her actions .. Modis are stupid and so is the writer of this play..


  11. Jodha akabar and diya air baathi him spoilers please

  12. Sadda haq spoilers PLEASE
    Please v really need spoilers right now….v r all so down-in-dumps about d break-up…..right, shq fans??
    Sandhir 4eva!

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