forms of lakshmi

Godess lakshmi is one of the sacred godess of Hindu religion. But lakshmi herself has many forms –
Adi Lakshmi, dhan lakshmi, dhany lakshmi, santan lakshmi, gaj lakshmi, vir lakshmi, vidya lakshmi, aishwary lakshmi, saubhagy lakshmi, var lakshmi, rajy lakshmi

It has other forms
Sri lakshmi, Bhu Lakshmi, Nil Lakshmi, Swargalakshmi, Nagalakshmi
All forms seat on a lotus flowers, holding astra like 2 lotus flowers, shankh, chakra, gada, amrit kalash bow, arrow etc.
In treta yug lakshmi took 4 forms as 4 sisters of mithila

In dwapar yug,
Swargalakshmi – draupadi
Bhu lakshmi – satyabhama
Nil lakshmi – Radha
Sri lakshmi – rukmini
Nagalakshmi – revati
I told what I knew, sorry if I am wrong
Acc to me

There are various prospects of draupadi incarnation
Some say, she is lakshmi, some say she is kali, the fierce form of durga, some say she is the composit incarnation of wives of dharm, vayu, indra, ashwini twins as 5 brothers are forms of these gods I see lakshmi in draupadi when she was insulted and kali when she vows for destruction of kaurav

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