forced to be his — chapter 1

gauri: I will never marry you! understand? (she clicks her fingers in front of him) you better understand!

man: but you are mine and no matter how much you resist, you have to marry me.

gauri: I won’t marry you! GET THAT IN YOUR BRAIN!! I WILL NEVER MARRY YOU!!

man: you have to marry me gauri whether you like it or not.

gauri knew she had to escape and she turned and started to run but fell on the ground as she was wearing a lehenga choli. the man took that opportunity and lifted her up in bridal style.

man: now you can’t escape.

she tried to get out of his arms but his grip was too tight. tears escaped her tears as he brought her to the mandap.

he threw her on the floor and sat next to her.

gauri: let me go from here! are you deaf?! I DON’T WANT TO MARRY YOU!

man: but I do. you can’t marry that man!

gauri: and who are you to make my life decisions?

man: your husband.

gauri: what?!

he placed sindoor on her maag and then tied the nuptial necklace around her neck. tears fell from her eyes as she sat in shock.

then he stood up and lifted gauri in bridal style as the priest started to chant some mantras. then he started to walk taking the seven vows.

gauri was angry as this was happening. she was trying to escape from his grip but what to do? she was trapped.

soon their marriage was over and gauri was finally out of his grip. she turned to him and slapped him tight.

gauri: without my permission, you married me! you may accept me as your wife but I will never accept you as my husband and I will never be known as your wife.

the man smirked and said: we’ll see. whether you like it or not, you have to accept me as your husband and to the world, you will be known as my wife!




 So who is this man who forced Gauri to marry him?

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