Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 22: You are my strength

Chapter 22: You are my strength

Hola Twisties, I hope you all will like this chapter, after all you guys know about the broken bed incident?(I know, I’m a freaking angel).

Without further ado here’s chapter 22 with a lot of fluff (I hope so or else you guys are welcomed to kill me anyways).

-Tobias’ pov-
Sleeping on a couch is uncomfortable, but with Tris everything gets really comfortable. She is contagious and she is mine. She only has the right to do anything with me and it will be always like that. If she wanted to she could have killed me and have someone else as her lover. Sometimes I was scared that she is gonna leave for someone else, who is better than me. My thoughts were scattered around that I didn’t notice anything around me.

After a while I felt a current passing through my body, when I opened my eyes, I realized that Tris had kissed my collarbone. When she looked up at me, I saw an innoncent look on her face. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that!?”
“Shh, Tris you have all right to do that.” I say while holding her in place, so that she lays on top of me. “I ruined everything for you and now we can’t even sleep on the bed.” She said with sadness evident in her voice as well as in her eyes, she was looking everywhere else but me. “Hey Tris, look at me.” I softly said and finally she comprehended. I took all of my courage and kissed her with all my emotions I have for her. At first she didn’t kiss me back, I wanted to pull away from her, but she didn’t let me as she now was kissing me back. She was playing with my hair, while I was running with my fingers up and down her arm, trying to comfort her. Soon she had calmed down a bit. “Without you I was so lost Tris!?” I honestly said. “How?!”
“I started to take some leader missions, which were really dangerous.”
“Why did you do that?!”
“I had a death wish Tris! Without you I didn’t have the strenght to fight back a-” she cut me off by saying, “you should have fought back Tobias.” I looked at her, then I continued with my sentence, “as you are my strenght, but you weren’t here with me at that time!?” She looked at me with a frozen expression until she cracked out, while crying, “you know what Theo’s first word was. The word was daddy,” I looked at her with shock evident on my face and she continued, “he called out for you like you were the one, he needed the most. It felt like he couldn’t live without his daddy. It broke my heart Tobias.”
“Shh Tris, I’m here now for both of you and I want him to know that his daddy is proud to have him in his life. You are a part of me, just like he is.” I said after kissing her lips lovingly. I wanted to show her that I’m always there for her and our son. “But if you don’t love him Tobias, then what?!”
“I would punish myself for not loving my son, because he desserves the love and he never got it as I didn’t know that he existed.” My answer must have convinced her as she requested with a small pout, “can we have another child?!”
“I want another child too as I want experience everything you did with Theo.”
“Should we start now?!” She asked with a wink, I felt bad by saying no as her face fell, but I told her the reason and she was really happy about it. “Then why are we here?!”
“Because we are going to the last destination tonight!?” I answered back. “So what are we going to do now?!”
“Fix the bed and maybe some naughty stuff.”
“Like what?!”
“You’re going to know it soon!” I said with a small and flirty smile and she smiled back at me with a shy one.

After an hour, we had eaten our breakfast, had changed our clothes and we were working on fixing the bed. “I’m sorry Tobias, because of me, we have to fix this.”
“It’s okay Tris. This bed is so ancient, I knew that it would give up someday and that day was yesterday.” I assured her. “How do you know that?!”
“This is the place my parents met for the first time and fell in love with eachother. They were going back home from helping in the Amity farm as it was raining cats and dogs, they had to stay in this very small hut. My father slept on the floor and my mother slept on the bed.”
“So the Eaton’s have a lot of memories here!?” She stated the fact correctly. “Yes and mom gave birth to me in this hut.” I said nervously. “Aww that’s so sweet!?” She happilly exclaimed. “Do you think so?!” I asked with a raised eyebrow, before she replied back with a yes. As soon as we were finished fixing the bed, we called Will and asked him, if he needed something and how he is. Then we called Zeke, talked to him and Shauna for a while, then we asked about Theo, so they gave the phone to him. We talked with our son for an hour or more. Before we hang up on eachother, I told my son that I love him and am proud of him. Theo said, before hanging up the phone, “I love you dad. I love you mom.”
“We love you too.” We said to him and then the line went off. “Tobias, when are we going to the last destination?!”
“In an hour.” Was my reply. She looked at me, I could see the excitement in her eyes and then she kisses me full on my lips. Soon we were making out.

After an hour, we were lying on a bed, hugging eachother, Tris was sleeping, while I was admiring her until a phone rang and sadly I had to stop admiring her beauty as well as she woke up. I picked up the phone added the speaker on the call. “Hello, what is it Uriah?!” I asked him with an annoyed voice. “Four it’s important. I have the worst news for you and Tris.”
“What’s the news Uri?!”
“It is about C…”
End of his pov

Disclaimer: You guys know the answer already, that I’m a freaking angel??

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