Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 16: Foul play

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Chapter 16: Foul play

Hola Twistinians, I’m so sorry for being late as I had a busy week.
So lets enjoy a normal chapter as Chapter 17 will shock you all to your wits?

There will be one sentence of the Divergent series.

This chapter is gonna be a bit cheesy and I’m sorry for that.

-Tobias’ pov-
What the heck Nita is Jeanine’s daughter. I was glaring at that woman, while she was getting draged away, but something didn’t feel right like something worse is gonna happen soon. The other leaders look happy as Jeanine won’t be interfering our lives anymore. I looked at Tris, smiled weakly at her, she already knew that something was wrong, smiled back at me and then she mouthed a “later” to me. I nodded at her and was again lost in my thoughts.

After a long pause Jack Kang said: “So the the interrogation of the trio will be held tomorrow at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.”
“We could also interrogate Jeanine Mathews, if you all want to?!” Andrew suggested and Max answered back: “not tomorrow as we have ask her some questions,” he looked at Eric and me after we nodded at him, he continued: “before we take her to Candor to decide her fate there!?”
“That’s a splendid idea Max, but make sure that you and the other Dauntless leaders spread some peace, before deciding something barbaric.” Johanna Reyes said while we all rolled our eyes, because she called us barbaric, which isn’t true at all. She called us “barbaric”, because we know how to have fun and her peace loving hippies don’t. I was on the verge of saying something, but Tris beat me to the point. “My dear Johanna, I know that your faction doesn’t like Dauntless at all, but calling them babaric is a tad to much, be-” Tris got interrupted by Johanna asking her politely: “what do you want to say Beatrice?!”

Soon after that question there was a small pause. “I wanted to say that, because the people of Dauntless know how to live their lives to the fullest. When there’s no risk, there’s no fun.” Tris said, while everyone was looking at her until Jack said: “I completely agree with Tris.” Tris smiled at him before saying: “can I and Four talk to you Jack?! As it’s kinda important.” I looked at her like she has grown a second head and that’s when she winked at me infront of everyone. The leaders of Abnegation and the people of Amity gasped, while the leaders of Candor as well as us Dauntless had a smug look.

After an hour the meeting finished, Tris, Jack and I went to my office, where we three discussed some issues. Jack agreed with our conditions and that he is gonna help us with it. He told us not to worry as he feels like the plan is going the work as it is a foolproof plan. I can say that Tris is a genius and I would have never come up with such a plan.

The plan was made and finally it was time for Jack to ho back to Cador. I do like him, but spending time with my girlfriend is what I yearn for. We bid our farewell to Jack and then he was gone.

I locked the door as soon as Jack was out of sight. Tris looked at me with intensity, I went towards her and said: “babe, you are a genius!” She looked at me and smirked. “How did you think about the plan?!” I asked her and she replied: “when you were busy glaring at Jeanine Mathews,” then I interrupted her with: “oh.” Soon after that she continued: “I still cannot believe that Nita is her daughter.” I nodded my head before I exclaimed: “lets just talk about us.” She came towards me, while I walked backwards until I had hit the wall, she blocked my way and hotly whispered into my ear something that I couldn’t hear as her breath was tickling my ear. She started to kiss me on my neck and I groaned out her name. I must say that my girl is to wild for Abnegation. I stopped breathing. “Tris, please baby stop, I’m not ready for that yet.” I said while recovering. “Okay if you don’t want me to kiss you then I better should go home.” She said while her voice was quivering. “I’m sorry Tris, but please stay with me,” I requested while my own voice was trembling. “That’s what I was intending to do,”

“So we shall go!?” I said while picking her up, so that she was laying her head on my chest, I know that she is listening to my heart beat, which is beating rapidly by now.

When I was near my second apartment, I told Tris to take the key out of one of my pockets. She took the key out, gave it to me and then she rested one of her hands on my chest. I opened the door, went inside, kicked the door and it shut itself immediately. I carrried her to the bed, I lay her down and started to take her shoes off.

“Tobias what are you doing?!” She asked me and I replied back: “you know what I’m doing mi amor.” She glared at me, but I knew that she isn’t angry at me and she’s only pretending like she is. “Tobias why do you always make it hard for me and you know that I cannot get angry at you at all.” She said thoughtfully.

“Because I love you Tris and I just to make you the happiest woman. I know it’s kinda cheesy and all, but you are my world now. I just want to be yours for the rest of my life! You are the first person, who took my breath away! Even of I die tomorrow, I will know that I have lived my life and when I close my eyes I will see your beautiful eyes as well as your hypnotizing eyes.” I saw that she was trying to wipe her tears away, so I went closer to her and wiped them away before asking her: “why are you crying mi amor?!”
“Because you are so sweet and caring Tobias, but to be honest I do not desserve someone like you, you are just wow, while I’m just the plain old Tris-” I interrupted her by crashing my lips to hers, while I said during the kiss: “I’m the one, who doesn’t desserve you Tris, because you are more than just wow.”

As we both were out of breath, we sadly had to stop our mini make out session. “Sometimes I think that you are dream and when I will wake up, I’m going to die alone in some corner!?” She wanted to say something else, but I stopped her by saying: “You die, I die!”
End of his pov

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own the Divergent series.

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