Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 15: Tired of Playing Games!

Chapter 15: Tired of Playing Games!

Hola Twisties! I’m back with another chapter.
Special thanks to my Beta reader Chickenlover313 and guys do read her story it’s outstanding and she is a wonderful writer in Fanfiction. Net.

-Tris’ Pov-
It has been two months since we faked our memory losses and it’s getting on my nerve lately since I had to go back to Abnegation. I know that Nita always tries to get Four over to her place, so that she can have him for herself. Luckily, he always declines by saying he has work to do. The truth is that we secretly meet each other, whenever we can.

My trust issues as slowly going away. I trust my gut a lot more than before. It was right all the times I was trying to solve the mysterious deaths that Jeanine had caused. I have solved a few of them with the help of Tobias. We definitely got closer by and have formed a friendship that is way more than the “friend zone”.

We went on a few dates at night as we have to be cautious about our every move. Uncle Max is always helping us, as sometimes I stay at his place when our dates lasts longer than planned. In the early morning when everyone still is sleeping, I sneak back to my place.

Jeanine is getting even more pissed that we still haven’t “regained” our memories and that she can’t kill Caleb, Cara and Susan until then. She even got us to come to Erudite to have some tests done. We were able to fake forgetting these tests, so that the results were false, thanks to Fernando, Cara’s boyfriend.

Last week everything got out of hand.

-Flashback about a week before-
“I love you Tris,” Tobias said before kissing me and I answered back into the kiss, “I love you too,” After our kiss he went onto his knees and asked me, “Tris Prior will you be my girlfriend?”
“Hmm, no.” I say.
“What? Why?” He asked me while he was panicking, so I answered back, “You should know the answer to this question,”
“So does it mean a yes?”
“Yes, you dumbass!”

“Sorry, I should have known that was a yes.” Then we started kissing each other. We couldn’t stay away from each other and the way we attacked each other’s mouth was hungry as well as passionate. He asked me, “Tris, how long do we have to fake it? And when I can stop pretending to love Nita?” Tobias asked. “Until we can stop Nita and Jeanine,” I answer.
“Have you guys lost it?” Zeke asked us while he as well as the rest of the gang where coming towards us. “Yeah. We know that our attackers were Jeanine and Nita, so we acted as we’re on something. We didn’t do it, we just pretended.” Tobias answers.
“Because we want to trap Jeanine in a way she cannot get out of it.”
“You could have told us. We’re doing something against Nita,” Shauna said and we looked at them while our eyes were popping out of their sockets. “Damm that means Uncle Max planned something with you guys?!”
“Yup.” Uriah said smugly, while popping the p of the yup. “So what have you guys planned? We can combine both our plans,” Tobias suggested. “So what were you two both doing?” Marlene asks. So I told them that Tobias asked me to be his girlfriend and that we were solving some murder cases which have been happening in Abnegation. The girls squealed after they got to know about us and the guys man-hugged my poor boyfriend. He was getting squeezed to death so I said while I had some humour, “Guys, can you please stop hugging my poor baby?!”
“Sorry, but your baby was our baby first,” Zeke and Uriah say at the same time, before saying: “Hey, you copied my sentence!”
“No, I didn’t,” They were quarrelling like school girls, before they started to punch each other, Their girlfriends tried to separate, but there was no use until I went to them punched both of them on their foreheads knocking them both out. The others looked at me with awe. “How did you do that?” Lynn asked me. I shrugged my shoulders while I told them that I actually trained for Dauntless every day and night, so that’s why I knew how to knock them out. “Wow, my girl is too dangerous. I don’t know how I will handle her,” Tobias said while continuing with a mischievous voice. “It’s getting too hot in here!”
“Haha, very funny Four, you just wanna be naughty with your gurl, but you can’t!” Eric said with a small smirk.
“Whyyyyyyy?” Four says in a childish tone.

I then took some time before saying, “Okay, let’s focus now. We have to listen to their plan and afterwards we can mix ours with theirs.”

An hour later Uriah and Zeke woke up in each other’s arms, their lips were barely touching each other’s, which was kinda hilarious. They then screamed like girls while jumping up and down the whole time.

“Whatever happened in here, will not be discussed again.” Uriah says seriously. He then walks to Marlene and kisses her passionately and before you know it, the same thing happened between Sheke. Lynn fake-gags. I mentally laugh. Tobias pouts at me and I shook my head while talking to him with my eyes: “Later I’ll be all yours,” He replies with his eyes before winking at me, “Then get ready to see my passion and love for you.” Our eyes were talking to each other, but someone breaks our moment with a fake cough. I look at Will and he raises an eyebrow at us both. Our eyes talked again and tell each other simultaneously, “Seriously I want to kill Will for breaking our wordless eye to eye talk.”

A few hours later, we had managed to make a new plan which was better together than separated. The funniest bit was that we’re going to lock Nita in a room full of one of her worst fears. She’s scared of butterflies. What the hell? To be honest, I cannot understand her fear. Butterflies are so beautiful and colorful. “Who the hell is scared of butterflies? What a pansycake,” I accidently say out loudly, while the others just stared at me. “What?” I question. Zeke answers back, “You just called your man’s Nita weird,” then Uri asks me, “Are you getting jealous of her Trissy Poo?”
“Jealous of Nita. BS. Never. Four is mine. And don’t you ever dare to call me Trissy Poo again or else I’ll knock you out again,” Tobias snorts after listening to my open threat towards Uriah, while Zeke glares at me before saying to him, “I told you Uri, that she’ll say something like that,”

“I know, but I actually believed that she had a heart, but I have confirmed that she is heartless like Four.” Tobias and I glare at him. “Excuse me?” Then I continued, “We’re just stressed. Jeanine is annoying us both like hell. I’m sorry Uriah and Zeke but I can’t deal with your guys’ shit,” I say coldly. I walk away, while Tobias follows me.
I turn around.
“What?” I say.

“I’m sorry,” Tobias says, concerned.
“It wasn’t your fault. They’re rig-” he just interrupted me with a kiss. “Tris, listen to me. You are not heartless, they were just joking with you. They really love you a lot.” He says. While the words sink into me, I say, “Tobias, we have a problem and her name is Jeanine Matthews,”
“She is here, just like the other leaders, their family as well as they are waiting for us and Eric!” I blurt out.
“What does she want from us?”

“I don’t know,” I say. While I was thinking about the possibilities, we walk back to the others who look at us like we have seen a ghost. “Eric we need to go now!”
“Because our biggest problem is here.”
“You mean Jeanine?!” He brought out of his lips with a shudder running through his whole body. The three of us run to the meeting room, when we finally made it. We were out of breath. “I’m glad that you three finally joined us.” Jeanine knowingly says. I feel like she knows the biggest secret of my life and no she cannot ever know about it. “It’s a pleasant surprise seeing you here Jeanine,” Tobias gritted out with a fake smile plastered on his face. “So I’m here to tell you all something that I have kept hidden from you all-” Jeanine started to say and I cut her while I snort, “So you gathered us all here to tell us about your miserable life. It’s not like I had something better to do than listen to y-” and this time she cut me by saying, “How dare you say that my life is miserable?! I still have more power than you little girl and I could ruin-” I interrupted her by scoffing at her: “so you are saying that you could ruin me? What a surprise? You are the one killing all the leaders of Abne-” she smirks at me and says, “Do you have any proof against me?”

“Yes we do,” Tobias said before I could. Now she was the one, whose smirk left her and I was brightly smiling at her, which really meant better luck next time. “So I was saying before I got interrupted by-” she glares at me, but got cut off by one of the Dauntless guards, “Miss Jeanine Matthews and Nita Matthews are under arrest for the conspiracy of trying to commit the murders of Miss Beatrice Prior and Mr. Tobias Eaton.”
“No! I didn’t try to ki-”

Disclaimer: I know that I’m evil for the cliffhanger and I’m not sorry for that.

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