Forbidden love (Four and Tris) Chapter 11: No you cannot do that!

Chapter 11: No you cannot do that!

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-Tris’ pov-

I was sleeping so peacefully in Tobias’ arms which were comforting as well as safe. Whenever he is around me I feel even more confident, he gives me strenght and I don’t know I just feel like I can do anything when I’m with him. I don’t know if I can trust myself or not, but I will try for him. He is the light of my guidance and he will be the one who can teach me, how to love myself. All the thoughts were swirling around my mind until I breathed his calming scent in my nostrils and fell asleep with any knowledge about the next day.

When I woke up, I saw that the gang was here and were smilling towards eachother, so I pretended like I was sleeping while listening to their conversation. “Aww they look so cute togeter!” Christina said.
“Yeah you are right.” Surprisingly Lynn agreed to her.
“What’s wrong with you Lynn?” Marlene asked her while she answered back: “Eric and I have a good news for you all, but will tell you about it later!”
I’m so excited!” Christina and Shauna loudly said. They were talking a lot disturbing me as I wanted to sleep more, so while I was pretending to sleep I turned around, which meant that I was nearly touching Tobias’ lips. I just love touching them with mine as they are so soft and warm. He thightened his grip while pulling me closer to him, he opened his eyes, looked at me and winked, so I knew that he knew why I turned to this side I am now. We both closed our eyes again, we were getting even more closer to eachother like magnets, we were nearly touching until someone screamed and it had to be the annoying Nita. Tobias glared at her.
“What’s wrong with you Nita? Why did you just wake us up?” I coldly asked her while she answered back: “everything is wrong with me. I woke you guys up, because you both were going to kiss eachother in your sleep.” The gang looked at us, coughed or were laughing.
“Nita they were already awake, so they pretended as they were sleeping. They wanted to kiss eachother so desprately!” Will said while stating all the facts like a machine.
“Four and Tris we have to go to a special meeting. It’s about your brother Tris.” Eric said while his voice was slowly fading. I knew about what it was so I got up from the bed and ran out, so that I can save my brother from the evil clutches of Jeanine Mathews. Someone ran after me, that person was faster, so he blocked my way and said: “Tris you need to eat something at first and then we can go.”
“No, I can’t eat anything right now Four, Caleb needs me!” I said while he came closer to me, I wanted to open my mouth and say something, but he didn’t let me as he pushed a piece of chocolate into my mouth. Whenever I wanted to say something to him, he would feed me something and right now it was a piece of Dauntless cake, I just enjoyed eating that. Tobias looked at me, smiled at me and said: “you would be a perfect Dauntless in the near future.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“You parents aloud me to date you, but…”
“But what?” I asked him.
“One of us has to change factions.”
“Maybe one day we will be able to date.”
“By the way where’s Eric?”
“He already went and told me that he was able to postpone the timing.”
“So when’s the meeting?”
“In half an hour!”
“Oh I need to get ready.”
“Same here. You can get ready with me in my apartment and we can shower together.” He said in flirty voice as well as he winked at me.
“Naah, I can’t shower with you as it will lead to something else like…”
“Like what?”
“A water fight!” I teased him and he looked at me if I was crazy. So went to his apartment got ready and went to the meeting room, where all other faction leaders were waiting.
“Finally you both came. Where were you?” Jeanine asked us with evilness in her tone while the other leaders looked at us with expecting an answer except for the leaders, who knew where I was, so Tobias replied back: “in the infirmary!”
“What? Why?” She dramatically asked us, so I replied back by saying: “regular check up!”
“Okay so lets start with the meeting which is about Caleb Prior, who has gotten two girls pregnant.” Jeanine said with a smirk, while dad asked her: “are you sure that he got two girls pregnant?”
“Yes, I am 100 % sure about that.” She answered back while her smirk was growing, so I said: “but I don’t, because I know about the girl he really got pregnant!”
“Who?” Jeanine mockingly asked while my smirk grew, so I replied back: “His long time girlfriend Susan Black. They were together since ages, they loved eachother, but couldn’t be together as he chose another faction. They were so in love and I have seen the longing in boths eyes for eachother.” Tobias smiled at the thought and I knew why as he was thinking about us, how it would be, if we were in a relationship.
“Then how did Cara Sinclair (AN: I don’t know their surname) get pregnant?” She asked so Jack Kang from Candor said: “we can ask her, while we give her and Caleb Prior the Truth serum.”
“Good idea!” The other leader and I said except for Jeanine.
“Okay that’s good and then we can kill Caleb Prior, Susan Black and Cara Sinclair.” She said and I angrilly said: No you cannot do that Jeanine, because killing innoncent children in their mothers’ wombs is a sin and I won’t let you do that!”
“You cannot stop me Beatrice Prior!”
“Yes of course we all will stop you doing that Jeanine.” The other leaders said, so she was outranked.
“If you vote for killing them all then raise your hand.” Only Jeanine raised her hand.
“If you are against killing them then raise your hands.” Five Dauntless leaders, one Amity leader (has only one leader), one Candor leader (has only one leader as well) and 4 Abnegation leaders plus I raised our hands.
“I hate you all. Especially you Beatrice Prior!”
“We hate you too Jeanine!” We all said and then like air Jeanine vanished from the room.
“We need to keep an eye on Jeanine, she’s getting crazier and crazier day by day.” Johanna Reyes said and we all agreed. After we all were talking about putting Jeanine under the Truth serum would be helpful as we would know what her main goal is. Soon all the others leaders went, the only ones left were dad, uncle Max, Eric and us (FourTris), we all were here, but only physically and mentally we all were in our own thoughts. No one said anything and it felt really akward, so one after the other we went out to do our own work.

I was walking a little faster than I intended. Someone was walking towards me, I didn’t see who, the only thing I notice is the pain, before I crashed onto the floor, like someone else, who was besides me. The only thing I see is black and then I don’t see anything anymore as unconsciousness has over taken me, but before that I held his hand, it was my Tobias’ hand.

Spoiler of the day
“I fade away while you have forgotten me in your memories!”

Disclaimer: If you want to know what happened, then read the one line spoiler.

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