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Episode 4 – Mismatched Marriage.

The next day!!!

Raiza, Tanveer, Rehan, and Aahil come to Sanam’s home for the engagement. They decide it to be a small ceremony. Dilshad welcomes Aahil and Rashid does the proceedings.

Raiza: Dilshad, bring Sanam. Aahil couldn’t wait it seems.

All smiles seeing Aahil.

Dilshad goes to bring Sanam. Seeing her Dilshad remembers Zoya and get teary eyes.

Sanam: Beeji, why are you crying?

Dilshad kisses her.

Dilshad: I remembered your Ammi. When you were a child, she had huge dreams about your wedding. Hope we’ll be able to fulfill it.

Sanam: Beeji, don’t cry. Ammi and Abbu will be happy in heaven.

They both look at Asad – Zoya photo frame and smile.

Dilshad: Ok, now come and meet your prince. He is very excited.

Sanam smiles and leaves with Dilshad.

They go down. Aahil is mesmerized by Sanam’s beauty.

Tanveer: Sanam you look gorgeous.

Raiza: Rashid Ji, we should thank you for organizing this ceremony so beautifully in the night itself.

Rashid: It’s ok, these kids decide by themselves and tell us at the last minute.

Tanveer: That’s true. We have lots of work to do for our wedding.

Rehan: Chachi, I’ll take care of everything. Now enjoy this engagement.

Dilshad brings rings.

Tanveer: Let’s begin the ceremony.

Raiza: Dilshad, are these rings belong to Asad and Zoya.

Dilshad: Yes.

Raiza: It’s good. They lived a happy and loving life. These kids also will get their blessings and lead a loving life like them.

Dilshad smiles.

Sanam and Aahil come to the center stage. Dilshad and Tanveer give the rings to them. They both put on each other’s fingers. All claps. Raiza feeds them, sweets. Rehan hugs them both. All shower their blessings. They take group pics and Aahil Sanam has a photoshoot.

After so much discussion, finally, they fix a wedding date and start for other arrangements. The news gets on everywhere and all congratulate Aahil and Sanam. As expected Aahil’s fangirls were a little upset but after seeing their pair, genuinely they felt happy. The whole nation was happy as their captain is getting married.

One day,

Aahil meets Sanam before match day.

Aahil: Sanam, I need to talk with you about something.

Sanam: Wait, I know what you are going to speak.

Aahil: What?

Sanam: The next two matches are very important to you. I might be a distraction for you. So, you want me not to text or call or meet you, right?

Aahil smiles and hugs her.

Aahil: Right my biwi.

Sanam: I’ll miss you.

Aahil: It’s just 10 days. Then I’ll be yours completely.

They both kiss and Sanam leaves.

Aahil gets busy with his game. He practices hard. Neither of the family members disturbs him. Rehan and Sanam take care of everything.

Sanam: Rehan, I’ll take care of the dresses. Just provide me his measurements.

Rehan: Ok Bhabi.

He mistakenly gives Aahil’s very old kurta which doesn’t even fit him.

Sanam gets that and gives it to the designer to design his wedding kurta. She also decides on her wedding lehenga. Rehan is super busy finding a hall as it was a marriage season, no halls were free. The elders were worried about the invitations as the hall is not fixed.

Sanam: Still not the hall is fixed? When will you give invitations then?

She gets tensed.

Tanveer: Sanam, don’t get tense. We’ll take care.

Sanam: Are you sure?

Dilshad: Yes, we’ll take care. You go for your makeup test.

She leaves.

Rehan: I have an idea.

Rashid: We’ll fix it at the Taj Mahal.

Raiza: We need to go to Agra then. It won’t be a good idea.

Dilshad: Yes Rehan, that’s difficult on short notice.

They finally find a place but it is an open venue. The preparations go in full swing.

Meanwhile, Aahil scores centuries in the next two matches and India wins the series. He replied with his play to his haters. Everyone is happy and praises him for his batting and captaincy skills.

After 10 days, Aahil comes to his home and sees the wedding preparations in full swing. He thanks, everyone. All embrace him happily.

The wedding day has come. The venue is near to Sanam’s home. So, Aahil and his family come to Sanam’s home in the morning itself. The evening is the wedding. Both Sanam and Aahil are forbidden from seeing each other. Aahil finds Sanam busy as she is really busy with her dress and makeup. Meanwhile, Rashid is worried about something.

Dilshad: Rashid, why are you so worried?

Rashid: Did you see the weather forecast?

Dilshad: Why?

Meanwhile, Raiza and Tanveer come there running.

Dilshad: What happened?

Tanveer: Aunty, the winds are blowing so high.

Rashid: This is why I feared. Today there will be a storm it seems.

Raiza: What? Ours is an open venue. It’ll be a disaster.

Dilshad: No nothing will happen like that. This is our dream. It’ll happen perfectly. Masha Allah, please take care of everything.

All pray!!!

In the Evening, Rehan and Aahil get ready. Aahil sees his dress and shocked.

Aahil: Rehan, what is this? This won’t fit me.

Rehan then realizes that he gave the wrong measurements to Sanam.

Rehan: It’s my mistake. I feel guilty.

Aahil: Relax Rehan. Don’t tell this Sanam. She’ll get upset.

He then sees his brand-new kurta which is of the same color and wears it.

Rehan: Perfect.

Suddenly, strong winds and rain occur.

All worry. Sanam comes thereafter getting ready. Seeing this, she starts to get tensed and cries.

Dilshad and raiza calm her down. Aahil sees her and worry.

Rashid: The rain won’t stop it seems.

Tanveer: We have the wedding in 1 hour.

Rehan gets calls from relatives that they won’t be able to attend.

Sanam gets sad.

They wait for 2-3 hours but the winds and rains don’t stop.

Rehan: It’s better to call off the wedding. I’m getting calls from the media too.

Aahil sees Sanam.

Aahil: Sanam, I know you wanted a perfect wedding with friends and family around you. But according to my, a perfect wedding depends on the measure of love the bridegroom has. We both love each other a lot. Look around us, we have our family who loves us. We’ll marry here.

Sanam: Here?

Aahil: Yes, here. We’ll marry now.

Sanam gets happy and hugs him.

Aahil: Are you all ok with this decision?

Everyone nods.

Aahil: Rehan, arrange a live video so that everyone can see it.

He arranges social media live. All the channels telecast it.

Aahil: Sanam now see, the whole world is seeing us.

Sanam gets happy. She notices his kurta.

Sanam: Wait, this is not your dress.

Aahil tells her about the dress. She gets sad as she didn’t even know his measurements. He convinces her of that too.

Rehan sets a projector screen with a Taj Mahal pic in it.

Tanveer: Rehan, you did a good job.

Then they both say “QUBOOL HAI” three times. All gets happy.

Dilshad remembers Asad and Zoya’s wedding.

They get blessings from everyone.

They have a feast at dinner.

After some time, Dilshad and Raiza leave Sanam in the room.

Rehan and Tanveer bring Aahil. They tease him.

He enters the room and lifts Sanam’s veil.

They both hug and have a passionate consummation!!!

!!!To Be Continued!!!

P.S: Sorry, the pics are fewer. I updated this in less time. So, didn’t put the exact pics in some places.

Episode 5 – Endless drama will be updated on Tuesday

  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Aahil and Sanam’s engagement ceremony was nice. Loved when Sanam herself told Aahil not to get distracted because of her. Aahil scoring century was really nice. Surprising that wind blow and rain stopped the wedding from taking place. It was lovely when Aahil decided to get married to Sanam on the spot itself. Romance scenes were nice.

  2. Awesome chapter. I love it. The way Aahil handled the situation was awesome. Every scenes and dialogue were amazing. Wating for next chapter☺☺☺☺.

    1. Supriya_r

      Thanks!!! It will be updated soon.

  3. AAYU

    Great Update!
    Loved it ❤️
    Especially their little private ceremony.
    Eagerly waiting for the next one!

    1. Supriya_r

      Thank you soo much!!!

  4. Jasminerahul

    Aahil mesmerised by sanam’s beauty n praising her beauty was romantic. Its sad that they decided to not contact each other as aahil shouldn’t get distracted. But good that sanam is understanding.glad that though storm was an obstacle they got married.liked aahil saying that a good wedding is about the measurement of the love the bride n bride groom have.you had put enough pics n the pics were mind blowing.

  5. Jasminerahul

    Live video idea was good

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