Episode 3

Swara is working in her place. It’s evening and everyone started to leave the office but swara is still working. Swara’s friend riya saw her working and went to her and asked,”swara didn’t go home??”

“No riya. Will finish this and go.”

“But swara see everyone are leaving and u can do it in ur home na??”

“Riya u know na Aashu is there and i can’t work in home. And moreover only some left. So will finish this and go home.”

“I know u won’t listen. Okie then i will wait for u.” saying this riya sat there but swara stopped her and said,”Riya today u r going to meet tarun na. So u go and don’t worry about me. I will handle.”

“R u sure??”

“Yes i am double sure. Now u go.” swara said and riya left from there. Then swara started to do her work. One hour passed and swara is still working. Nikhil who saw swara working is shocked and went to her.

“Swara u r still here?? Didn’t go home??”

“Oh sir actually was working and didn’t notice the time.”

“Oh okie. I think now u have to go as it’s dark now and if u go later it won’t be safer for u.”

“Thank u soo much for ur concern sir. I will leave now.” swara said and packed everything and left from there as she knows Arnav will be searching for her. As swara took her scooty and went nikhil who saw this followed her till she reach her home. After she reached home safely nikhil went back to his home.

Swara entered inside only to get scoldings from Arnav.”Shona y r u late today???”

“Bhai actually i had some work. Tomorrow have to submit it. That’s y bhai.”

“Shona can’t u inform me that u will be late?? How many times have to call u??”

“Sorry bhai i noticed it when i left from office. I thought to talk to u after reaching home as u might be angry.”

“Uff okie now u came. Go and freshen up and come. Don’t do this next time.”

“Sure bhai.” swara said and went to her room. She freshen up quickly and came down and took aashu and started to play for sometime. Arnav saw that and felt happy. Shomi who saw this felt bad as both her children’s life are now a question mark. She prayed to god to keep their family happy.

Scene shifts to maheswari mansion. Sanskar entered inside his home and saw kushi and harshad arguing on something. He went to them and asked,”Y u both are fighting??”

“Bhai/Sanskar we aren’t fighting. We are arguing.” both said at the same time. Sanskar smiled and asked,”Okie what u r arguing??”

“I asked her to accompany me to a movie but she wanted to go with u to the office.”

“Huh this is a simple matter and u both are arguing for this??”

“What?? Bhai is this simple matter? Okie if it’s simple then give us the solution.”

“Uff kushi morning u go to movie with harshad and after movie come to office. Simple.”

“Aww bhai u r great. Such an awesome idea.” kushi said and side hugged sanskar. Harshad who saw this got angry and said,”Oii hello even i was saying the same na???”

“But u r not my bhai na.” kushi said and stuck her tongue out. Then after some teasing everyone went for dinner. After dinner they went to their room to sleep.

Swara finished 3/4th of the work in the office itself. Then she finished remaining work by staying awake for sometime. Then next morning swara got up and rechecked her everything and went down. As usual after praying and feeding the baby she too ate her food and went to the office. As she entered inside the office riya her friend came and said,”Swara sir asked us to assemble in conference room with presentation and documentation.”

“Okie riya.” saying this she took her presentation and documentation and went to conference room with riya. Both sat in their place. After sometime nikhil came and asked everyone to give the presentation one by one. Everyone including swara gave and nikhil selected three presentation as best one. Swara is also one among the three and then he asked three of them to give the documentation. After going through the documentation nikhil told,”Guys i checked each one of ur documentation and in that swara’s one is best. So swara tomorrow u r coming with us to give the presentation and if they select us then you will be leading that group. And guys u can also check her report and see whether my decision is right or wrong.” nikhil said and gave swara’s report to other two. They saw that and accepted that swara’s one is good. Swara felt happy. She wanted to get promoted and wanted to go out from this place as she feels she is giving much difficulty to arnav and shomi. Riya hugged her and congrulated her.

In maheswari office sanskar is working in his cabin at that time he got a call from sujatha. He attended it,”Haan ma”

“Sanskar jankiji called me and told she showed ur’s and ragini’s horoscope. U both 8/10 match. And if ragini marries you then u will reach more heights. What say sanskar shall we fix it??” sujatha teased sanskar.

“Ma whats this?? U know my choice then how can u think i will marry ragini??”

“Sanskar i knew it and i was just teasing u. Jankiji called me to tell that ragini reached india and she will come one day to talk about alliance. Ur dad told me to talk to janakiji but i wanted u to talk to ragini and make her understand. Then i will talk to janakiji okie.”

“Aww ma u r the best mother in this world. Love u ma.”

“Haan haan don’t keep ice on me. Just search my dil soon. Otherwise ragini will be ur wife keep that in mind.” sujatha said and kept the call.

“Ma” Sanskar shouted but before that sujatha kept the call. Sanskar sighed and saw his mobile and smiled but came back to normal when he saw his room cabin opening and ragini coming inside. Sanskar got angry but controlled and asked,”Ragini u here??”

“Sanskar u know mom told me that she will talk to ur mom and will fix our alliance. I am very happy sanskar. U r also happy na??”

“Ragini listen i don’t want to marry you.”

“What r u saying?? Y u don’t want to marry me?? What wrong u see in me??”

“See ragini there is nothing wrong in u but u r not of my choice. Hope u understand it. I have some dreams of my wife. And u r not that girl.”

“Okie sanskar no worries lets be friends.” ragini said immediately. Sanskar is shocked but is happy and shakes his hand with her and said friends. Then ragini went from there smirking thinking in her mind,”U r mine sanskar. None will separate u from me.” saying this she went from there.

Kushi and harshad went for a movie and enjoyed a lot. After taking lunch both head towards maheswari office. Kushi being very excited to see the office she ran inside while harshad went to park the car. The staff members who saw kushi became happy and went to her and asked her how she is. Kushi too became happy and started to speak to them. The crowd formed around kushi and she is explaining all her naughty and terrific experiences she had in london. Everyone were enjoying. At that time Arnav who came out saw empty seats and got angry and came out and witnessed everyone talking. He got angry and shouted,”What is happening here???” hearing this sound everyone got shocked and turned and saw Arnav standing with red eyes.

“Oh sir actually we were talking with kushi. That’s y.” one employee got some courage and told.

“Is this ur leisure hour?? That everyone are spending leisurely??”

“Sir vo.” one employee tried to speak but Arnav showed his hand and stopped him and said,”Now everyone get back to ur place and start ur work. Otherwise everyone will be dismissed.” arnav shouted and everyone ran to their place. Then Arnav saw kushi and said,”Don’t u have any sense?? Can’t u see u r disturbing everyone’s work. If u r free that doesn’t mean everyone here are free. And there is a time for everything. If u want to spend time with them u should do it either in lunch break or tea break but u r disturbing everyone in working hours. And one more thing i shouldn’t see u here disturbing anybody in office hour. Then i don’t know what i will do.” Arnav scolded her but kushi is just lost in him that she didn’t register anything what he told. At that time arnav’s pa said,”Arnav this is kushi sanskar’s sister.”

“I knew it kishore that’s y i scolded her little otherwise i wouldn’t have left her.” saying this arnav went from there. Kushi is just awestruck at him. In fact she fell in love with him the second she saw him. At that time harshad who came in saw kushi standin still. He is confused and went to her and shake her. She came to sense and he asked her,”What happened??”

“Nothing harshad come we will go.” kushi said and turned to go outside but harshad stopped her and asked,”What u r going out?? Don’t u want to meet sanskar??”

“Ha ha i didn’t come here to meet bhai. I came here to meet the staffs and i met them so we will go now. Tomorrow no no daily we will come here.” saying this she dragged harshad with her and went from there happily. Harshad is just confused with her behavior.

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Hope u liked it. How is arshi meet?? Hope u liked that. And swasan will meet in next episode. Comment ur views guys. And one more thing guys i don’t mind even if i get 5 comments. But the thing which hurts me is when u guys comment in one word like awesome or nice. So pls i want big comments guys.?

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  1. Mars

    I like swara the way she work with dedication????
    Uffff here also this ragini came what the hell is her problem keep dreaming ragini you won’t get anything except????????
    Super excited for swasan first meet?????
    Awesome epiiii loved it diii continue soon tc????

  2. Amazing..
    Ur story is going good..

  3. Sooooooooo I will give the biggest comment (or rather I hope to) coming to the story it was faadu
    Awesome , fab, gazab , my dictionary is over but my words are still there (lol)
    i am eagerly waiting for swasan meet !! I just hate this nagini !! take her out of this ff soon and hope she does not harm our doll and cutie pie ; just let them be ..
    Arshi meeting was superr se uparr wala great ;bubbly khushi lost in angry young man arnav; waiting for my ASR to fall in love with Mrs. KKGSR
    Now bheek mangne ka time aa gaya
    Update soon ; literally this is the first ever story having a combo of my both favorite jodis Arshi n Swasan!!
    I really love them both ; there hv been stories with swasan n arshi combo but urs is the best dear!!
    Please please update soon ; now i can’t beg more
    Ok I will (If u update soon , !!LoL!!) please
    anyways dear take care ..

  4. Vyshu10

    good ep

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