My first love shot 6

My first love
Episode 6
Episode starts with Revanths shocked face as he saw that person.
R : (stammering) yu..u..yuvi (as many of u guessed right the person was yuvi)
Y : (coming towards Revanth) yes it’s me Mr Revanth…what did you thought after seeing ur behavior I will doubt u… Well ur wrong I got to know everything about u. Yuvi said in angry voice
R : (tensed) but how u got to know everything and how u reached here. He said when yuvi replied
Y : when u left from room I was suspicious on your behaviour. After knowing that old kunj has came and your wired actions were making me more and more suspicious about u. So I followed you till the gate, when I saw u were living in ur car somewhere. I was about to go behind u in my car but I saw kunj going from there being sad.
Flashback is in yuvi’s voice
Firstly I was shocked to see kunj with his old face. Then I called out his name and went towards him. I went near him but still I was stunned to see him, I came back into senses when kunj called me and said that he is the real kunj but I was confused. So kunj said me everything from his surgery to kidnapping. But still I was not able to believe him. When kunj asked me to follow u as I could get to know the real truth. so I agreed with kunj and started following u. As I saw u. U were going behind kunj into his house I just stood at the window of the house to know what is going on. And when u were confessing everything about u I recorded ur confession in my mobile.
Yuvi said smirking at Revanth and giving winning look to kunj
Flashback end
K : (smiling) thanks uv for supporting me and recording his confession. Now we can be togeth…but he couldn’t able to complete as revanth interrupt him in between and said

R: but don’t forget still twinkle is in my cage,and my goons will not allow you to go to twinkle. Revanth said smiling Evily at both of them. Kunj become tensed listening revanth. But then only uv said something which made kunj relived and revanth stunned.

Y: (smiling towards revanth) don’t worry about it revanth with the help of simple I sent twinkle to the farmhouse which kunj bought for twinkle as a gift. coz twinkle was still in delima with the things happening with her so making her calm I said simple to take her their. And about ur useless, stupid goons I made them arrested by police. Yuvi said making revanth shocked and scared until death.

Then only police entered in house when yuvi said.
Y : (to the police) come officer he is the one Mr Revanth. He only kidnapped kunj and made twinkle to consume harmful yet illegal drugs . If you want Any proof you can listen this recording in which he himself confessed everything .
Officer heard the recording and said.
Po: constable go and arrest Mr Revanth and make him wear the handcuffs.

Revanth was scared and hell tensed. constable started making him wear the handcuffs. After that when they were about to take him. Kunj stopped them yuvi was confused by his actions and asked him
Y: (going towards kunj) what happened kunj, why did you stopped them?. kunj didn’t reply and went to Revanth and gave him a tight slap which made yuvi surprised and Revanth shocked yet angry.

K : (furiously) this slap is for giving drugs to twinkle . (again slapped him). And this for touching my twinkle. (possessive lover and husband hehe ?)

Revanth was about to say something but yuvi asked police to take him from their. And they went from their taking Revanth with them.
Screen freezes at smiling faces of kunj and yuvi
Hello peoples
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I was going to write more but couldn’t write (yaar suspense bhi tho rakhna hai na?) sorry

And what happened guys why didn’t you post any ff yesterday? . I was eagerly waiting for the ffs ?

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  1. Sana785

    Mind-blowing sohi..superb…. Eagerly waiting for nxt part……

    1. Sohi

      Hello Sana thanks for the comment
      Are you new here

  2. Simiyy

    Hey Sohi
    Even i was eagerly waiting for FF to post but they didn’t for some reason.
    Anyway i was also waiting for your FF
    I just loved this shot
    Can’t wait for the next one for longer
    So please post soon
    Loads of Love Simiyy

  3. Sameera

    Wow yaar sohi amazing awesome Marvellous episode loved kuvi plan ???kuvi rocked revanth shocked yaar loved it …..

  4. Heeeyaa????????accha hua Jo woh stupid revanth jail gaya???..Huh…… Amaazzziinggg episodee??????kuvi ka bondd? …,,.Next part mein hoping for some confrontation and romaancee ????btw maine bhi kayi baar TU check kiya tha lekin kisse be bhi post nahi kiya???post next soon ??

  5. Presha

    Awesome sohi…
    Just loved it…
    Waiting for suspense to open..
    Love u

  6. Anshikajainn

    Yrr it was awesome

  7. Haye sohi..u nailed it can u write so amazing episode yrr..this one was spellbound u r 100•/• correct suspence bhi toh hona chahiye..
    Anyways try to post soon..
    Luv u..

  8. SidMin23

    Nice and kuvi rock and he shock waiting for twinj moment in coming up track.

  9. Kruti

    Amazing epi yar…Mind blowing loved it
    Sirry i dint comment on d previous part
    Do continue asap

  10. Awesome amazing sohi
    Thankgod his truth came out
    Now don’t know how twinkle will react
    Amazing post aoon dear
    Love u keep smiling

  11. awsm..epi

  12. awsm..epi

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome

  14. SidMin

    Just Awesome .. Loved it … Finally that Revant is out and my Kunj is in … UV us smart …. Loved it .. Post soon can’t wait 🙂

  15. Baby

    Ohhhhh god sohii… 🙂
    Amazing hehehe possessive kunj loved it soooo mch…..amazing osm wow….jst wow…….
    Uv was smart n kunj toh love him….n revanth huhshhh….finally arrested….thank god…. 🙂
    Loda of love…. 🙂

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