First Love in School (nesam) part 5

Recap: Hurt Rahul

It was very clear in her mind that she will apologize him whatever it takes. She cant always ignore him like this. And now she has to wait a day, Sunday. She was hell tired of it. Rahul was her friend, a very close friend. Its almost a year they talked nicely. After he had proposed her everything drained.

She didnt wanted to hurt him. She refused to accept because she considered him as her best friend but truth is bitter. Rahul was changed. He had turned to a flirt and had a girl always clinging on his arms trying to forget Sam. Their family still shares a very loyal bond. Before this place they were in the same camp in gujarat when they Were in class VIIth nd turned the best friends. She was unknown to the feelings developing in his heart. He proposed her after three years of friendship to which she refused and he turned to a flirt.

After 3 mnths now he was turning like before. He is desperate to get her back but she doesnt want to begin because of him being a playboy.

He had promised her yesterday that he will leave all of them if she agrees.

She was now very tired of thinking all this. She went to the kitchen where Anjali di(maid cum cook) was wiping the counter.

“Di can you make noodles please?” Sam requested.
She agreedad took out the packet.

Sam went to the balcony checking out her phone for any notifications.
She tapped on the blue ‘f’ facebook app and scrolled the newsfeed.

She commented in few science related questions of a page and then checked for whatsapp.

Two messages.
First was from a group. She checked and just ignored.

She rolled for the next that was from Rahul.
God! When did she gave him her number? She thought for a while then realised.

Geez, that group uh…. She checked the participant list and frowned.

“Hey Sam” the message said.

Just then her mind worked nd thought isnt he angry anymore? As yesterday he was very much hurt. The number and all washed..

She replied
“Are not you angry?”

“I am?” he texted.

She smiled a slight one. She was going to get her friend back at any cost. A smile tagged her lips.

Suddenly she felt a strong heavy rod around her shoulder. She shut her phone the very second and looked up.

“err… What?” she got annoyed seieng the face of her so called handsome brother which her mom was very proud of.

“I saw that.” he teasingly said.

She got serious and she bit out instantly “what? What you saw?”

He raised his eyebrow asking ‘dont you know?’
She gave same expression waiting for a satisfying reply.

“Your phone”

She jerked his arm off her shoulder and said in a teasing tone.
“keep trying Raghav Khanna. I aint a bacha anymore”
She stucked out her tongue whilst he smiled.
His baby girl.

Anjali called “Sammy…noodles”

“coming di” Sam replied and sat in the chair enjoying the hot know soup noodles while making sounds.

“Hey share that!” Raghav firmly intoned holding a fork to pick up some.
She jerked his hand as if swatting a fly.

“Its mine. You didnt asked to make for you.” she defensively stated.

“Sammiiii….!! Dont ask for the chocolate then”

Her eyes rounded at his words. Oh no! Her love chocolate. But she need to make sure he have the chocolates. Year back he had made a fool of her the same way.

“One Trick. One Time.” she clearly cut him off.

He took out the chocolate from his pocket and swung it as a bait to her.

“Oh sorry bro… Ready to share.” she apologized at once snatching the chocolate leaving the bowl of noodles.

What the hell? She got a packet of air? He fooled her again.
Now the bowl was with him. f**k man.

“I will kill you Raghav” before she completed her hands hit his back and clenched his hair in a fist swinging his head here and there.
He laughed out controlling the pain to not look weak infront of her. Bet of ego.

She stopped abruptly as she saw Neil standing in the door chuckling seeing them.
As her grip loosened over Raghav’s hair, he shooed her off and moved his hand over his head to settle the disheveled hairs facing Neil.

“Ugh?” he scowled at sammy then turned to Neil little irritated by his sister.

“Hey Neil come inside” he said.
“If you are free then I wanted to ask you to accompany me to the city.” Neil spoke.
Both ignored the presence of Sam who stoodstill and was listening to them quietly.

“Ok. Wait I will get on my shirt.” he said and went in to his room.

Neil sat opposite to Sam and kept staring her swiping his phone from one hand to other.

Sam alerted and remained still looking down.

“Favourite chocolate?”
Her phone beeped with a message. She moved a little with the vibration as her phone was on her lap.

Who can it be? Unknown number

After thinking for a while, she raised her face to look at Neil. He raised an eyebrow in return. She looked down at her phone emberassed.

Again her phone beeped.
“Reply fast. Your brother will come.”

She got annoyed and frowned thinking of it. Someone is keeping an eye on her? Only Neil is here. It is him for sure.
She rushed to the balcony to ponder over it.

Neil followed her quietly and kept both his hand around her waist gently.
“Save it with my name” he whispered in her ears.

She was shellshocked. What a day it was? First rahul than Neil?
She turned around to face him.

Neil knew Raghav will take a lot of time in dressing and Sammy had made it more advantageous for Neil by ruffling her brother’s hair so badly which he will now keep gelling.

“How you got my no.?” she asked with creases over her forehead.

“that doesnt matter….Now tell me fast.which chocolate?” he said the last line in hurry.

“Bubbly” she hardly uttered the word.

He smiled a slight one and took steps back to the hall.
Raghav came after a while dressed all like going for date and both went in Neil’s bike cause Neil dont like to sit in the back so it was nearly impossible for him to agree going in Raghav’s pulsar.

Sam watched them as the hunk rider drove off.

Piyali woke up from her afternoon sleep. She came out all well dressed completely vanishing her age. She looked completely like an elder sister of Sam and No one would deny that if she boasts about it.

“Sammy.. Do some study child. You are distracted since yesterday.” her mom gently stroke the hair strands as she was busy watching tv.

“I will mom. Dont worry.” she assured.

Piyali smiled and went to kitchen to prepare coffe.

“By the way Where is your brother?” she asked little loud from the kitchen.

“Uh…he went with…umm..his friend to city” she replied.
She doesnt wanted to call him bro or brother like something. They dont share something like that right? And calling with Neil will make her mom angry. According to her it was against manners and correct etiquette was her family’s genetic problem. They hardly bear her calling her brother with name when she is angry aur frustrated

“Which friend?” again she asked.
“Prerna aunty’s son.” Sam replied annoyingly.

“oh Neil” her mom sighed.

After an hour both the brats came.
“Where did you went?” piyali asked Raghav authoritatively.

“Neil had some work mom. File work” he replied.

Neil’s eyes were searching for Sam. She was not in the hall.

“Neil.. Have a sit son.” Piyali lovingly said.

Sam didnt came out of her room. Tired of sitting for ten minutes Neil stood up.
“I will leave Raghav….bye aunty.”
Without waiting for a reply he rushed out.


The morning as usual bus arrived and students started taking their seats.
Rahul ignored Sam and took a seat at the last. Boys use to sit in the last benches. They thought it was ‘COOL’ and it does look cool anyway. And girls sit in the middle and small kids in the front.
While Priyanka entered, a kid bumped and spoiled her shiny black shoes that perhaps, spoiled her mood just as does the shoe.
She annoyingly stomped her foot and without uttering anything took a seat in the back among the boys.

This was the most annoying thing of her. Why to always cling on boys? She had literally no girl-friends. Always roaming with a boy in the campus, in the school corridors and yeah wearing short skimmy dresses she will be dating with a playboy though handsome. And many among them were in serious love with them. They badly cursed her when she left them just the next day. Nobody cares anyway!

“this kids” she muttered under her breath staring at her shoes sounding like a mother irked by naughty habits of their children.

They reached the school. This time, Sam stepped out of the bus quickly with divya and waited for Rahul.
Instead, she saw Neil,. Both face-to-face.
She felt rooted and timid as if his eyes were doing black magic on her.
Rahul came out and looked at her but seeing Neil in the middle of both, he ignored and walked away.

She noticed and shout “Raaahul!”
Seeing this, Neil’s hand curled to a fist with body straight and stiffening. His jaw clenched tight in a manner to control the raising temper.
If he stood there for a second more, he would be out of his control and can hurt anyone so he just walked away in a hurry.
Sam observed the changes as well and literally was stucked in between both of them.

She turned to call out his name but stopped abruptly and faced Rahul.
Taking steps forward she went to him.

“Hey!” she softly tried to conversate.
Rahul walked along without replying.

“Rahul?” she softly said his name.
He bowed down to look at her and gave a satisfied gesture, a slight smile tagging over his lips.
“Thank god. You are not angry.” she sighed happily.

Well, since he had started she came back to her raga…
“You know, I was very scared like I really hurted you a lot and I really really didn’t meant it.. It was just that he came first. And I was thinking all night like how will I apologize and will you stop talking to me… Then..” she bit out in a breath and didnt stopped till he chuckled and kept his finger on her lips to silence her.

“Sshhh… Its okay. I am fine” he explained.
Realising the closeness, she took a step back and just gave a one way smile.

“lets go” he said sensing her awkwardness.

On the other hand Neil was looking at them fiercefully while one mate was asking something to him showing some papers to which he gave a deaf ear.
He shook him and Neil came back to sense.

Sam and Divya went to the canteen today as their new friend, laxmi requested.

The boys were already there. The canteen was mostly occupied by the senior students. No kids in sight.

Rahul came to their table and looked at Sam with a naughty smile.
“Ignoring ha?” he mocked.
“Nooh” Sam denied lazily.

“Then I am waiting … Since morning” he flirtatiously poked.

Sam’s eyes rolled listening to him. She noticed Neil was also there with a group of boys on the counter sipping can in style with eyes completely fixed at her.

He was already very enraged. She can sense it. He was staring at them murderously like he would kill them the very next moment.
Sam stood up and Rahul came close to her spreading his arms. She blinked her eyes frequently.

Oh god this is no dream. I really cant do this atleast not here. But what is the problem? They are friends afterall but Sam’s mind refused.

But Rahul had already hugged her almost suffocating her.
Her face was facing Neil and she saw his utter displeasure. He had scrambled the can with his anger in fist.

She coughed a little due to which Rahul lossened and pulled back.
“Hey! You fine?” he asked concerned.

Neil had walked away from the area.

“Ahem.. Yeah. ” she said and left too.
————Two classes passed and it was now games. The students left for the ground.

Divya and Sam was passing through the corridoor when they saw the boxing arena. The door was slightly open and Sam peeped in nervously thinking no one is inside and to close the door.

She got numb seeing the sight. She should not have seen that.
Neil was hitting the bag harsh and rough sweating profusely. He was wincing in pain but didnt stopped punching.

“God damn!.. What happened to him?” she muttered.
Divya also tried to peep but hit her head in the process.

“Oucchh…Sam” she complained.

“Divu you go.. I will come in a while.”

“But..” divya tried to ask.
“I have some work..please”
Divya nodded agreeing but unconvinced. She went to ground.

Meanwhile, Sam rushed to Neil and held his wrist though the grip loosened due to the slippery sweat.

Neil threw a death glare to her giving ‘move away’ look while Sam stood numb thinking what she should do but mind had already stopped working.

He moved his right hand to her waist that shivered her. She was frozen and stoned completely.
He slided his hands and whispered in his ears intimately while brushing her lips with his thumb.

“Why you came here?”
“Umm…” she tried to say something but words remained in her mouth with the caress of his finger over her lips.

He slowly lifted up her shirt which was tucked in the skirt meanwhile maintaining the gaze.
She was frozen by his act. She shivered more. Her toes scrolled inside the shoes in fear.

He intimately ran his fingers at her bare waist that got her goosebumps.
He pressed a wet kiss on her closed eyes. Then gently his lips moved down her cheeks.

She tried to stop him keeping her palms on his chest but he didnt. Her gentle soft touch couldnt resist his hard rough body and its moves.
She pushed a little.. too much afraid of the consequence but it didnt helped and rather increase the tantalizing move over her waist.

She was so frozen that her mouth went dumb and not a single word helped to bit out.

“Lemme go” she finally spoke in a very low tone. Lower than a whisper.

His grip got tightened at her waist pulling her closer to him.
He pressed a gentle soft kiss on her forehead

She was on the verge to cry.
“Shhhh….” he mumbled over her hairs.
He hugged her warmly and tucked in her shirt at the back then pulling back, he tucked in the front.

He hugged her again and patted her back.
She lost her control and tears rolled down her cheeks endlessly wetting his already wetted shirt.

He raised her face and then embraced her again in his chest caressing and ruffling her hairs.
She sobbed more.
“Hey…. Sorry!” he finally whispered.

“You shouldn’t have done that” she instantly mumbled.

Why my touch hurts you Sam but why dont you say anything when that creep gets close and hugs you.
The thoughts ached his heart but he didnt wanted to abolish the moment by asking about Rahul or by taking his name. He wanted it to be good and a lovely one. Her delicate body over his.

” check your pocket sweetie” he whusoered as his chin rested on her head
She raised her face with the weeping eyes in an enquiring gesture. He gave her a blank flat stare. She moved her hand to the skirt pocket and found something hard. She took it out and saw chocolates. A smile tugged her lips though a very light one.

He raised her chin and intoned on her baby like soft face
“smile wider”

She realised and looked back at his eyes.
“Sorry” a soft whisper like caresse scaped her lips and she laid her head on his chest. They both just remained in that position till the door didnt cranked.

Crap! Rahul made an entry.
Sam broke the hug seeing him but Neil pulled her back that made a side hug. He held her by waist possessively showing as if she was his.

Rahul was observing them for a minute than took a step forward and stopped.

God! Whats gonna happen. Sam cursed herself inside for this situations. She was turning like a villian which she never wanted to.

She moved a little to go to Rahul but Neil’s grip got firm and gently pressed her waist. Under the influence, she took her step back.

Neil and Rahul throw death glares to each other and Sam was looking at Rahul. She didnt want to hurt him again. He was not just a person who loved her but they had been the best of friends for years till he moved away from her turning to a flirt. She didnt wanted that Rahul back.

He slided his gaze to Sam demanding for an explanation of the situation but she was dumbstruck the moment.
Getting no reply he turned back. But this time she helped herself and called him.
“Rahul” It was so low and gently, almost heartmelting voice of her that stopped his move but he didnt turned back.
“Rahul” she again said a little louder this time bjt just like a whisper and helped herself to move out of Neil’s hold.
She walked to Rahul and before she could say something he moved out.
Sam followed him running to maintain his pace.

Neil punched the wall hard enraged with blood boiling high and his viens near to explosion. He let out a deep groan like a wounded lion.

Precap: Neil’s Ignorance. Nesam dance. Misbehavior.

Goshhh I tried hard to write something interesting .. I wrote almost two parts but I washed that off thinking it worst so this what I have posted … my third try… Almost a blend …Bleh… Literally crying…
And yeah only if I helped myself to write a long update next time, then the precap will be adjusted.
Thanks to all the readers.. A lot of thanks for your support. It really means a lot.
Its 1:00 am now and I didnt checked well what I wrote… So plzz forgive me for the typos and errors.

Now I am turning very crazy due to some shit pranks of my friends. Before I eat up your mind like a zombie cause I dnt have one…. Lets bid a bye…

Thank you for Reading and your precious comments that you are
going to type down(giggles) ??

Keep smiling ??? and
dhinchak raho ??
love love?

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    i’m commenting 4 the first time.
    u jst nailed it dr.
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