First love feels -kaiRa (epi-2)

Next morning
Naira is still sleeping .her mom stepped in her room. While calling out her name loud
Nairaaaaa ….
wake up now.
Naira wiping her eyes. “Just 5 mins more”
Mom : ok but just 5 mins.
Naira said while turning left …hmm
After 5 mins…
Naira its already 7:30 u will get late
Nairawiped her eyes and ” oh no I’m going to be fired” waking up from her bed with half closed eyes
Looked at clock ” mom its 7 still”
Smiling “if I have said it’s 7 would you wake up this much fast” her mom said while going out bed room
Naira”she’s too smart” while going towards bathroom
After half hour naira is standing in front of mirror in a navy blue top and blue jeans she’s applying kajal.
She is seeing him in mirror reminding there eye lock.she started smiling
Mom’s voice came from downstairs “naira breakfast is ready”
Naira is out from her flash back “coming maa” she applied lipstick in hurry while coming down “what’s wrong with me why am thinking about him” in her mind
She done breakfast and left for office his thoughts r distracting her all the time in home.
After some days
It’s sunday after noon
Naira is in a mall in food corner .she took some chips packets they fell from her hand
She was about to pick them from floor…a hand picked them  and gave her
Naira: ” thankyou” and she  realized hes the same guy who saved her “hey you”.
Kartik: “hii”
Naira nervously ” what r u doing here”
Kartik : what someone can do in a shopping mall
Naira with a curve on her face “yeah what I’m asking” she was lost in him.
He’s wearing a tight grey T-shirt with the light blue jeans , charming face ,short messy hair his deep blue eyes r just worth to fall.
Kartik ” u r looking nervous” looking in her innocent eyes.
She’s wearing loose black top with pink jeans with her open wavy hairs he can’t move his eyes from her fair and innocent face.
After some minutes
Kartik “heyyy”
Naira got shock “yeah yeah”
Kartik: r u ok??
Naira: yeah am ok …
Kartik: great then … what’s your name btw
Naira: naira singhania….and your
Kartik: kartik goenka….so who’s with u riya
Naira: alone … actually my friend came with me but she had to go somewhere so am alone now
Kartik : now am your company coz am also alone
Naira: ok
Kartik: why r u so quiet …or u dont want my company
Naira: I’m like this only
Kartik: oh ok u r’s fine
Naira: yeah ..can we have a I have to say thankyou for that day.
Kartik: u don’t need to say thanks. We can have coffee but it will be from my side
Naira: no from my side
Kartik; we will decide it later ,let’s go to the cafe.
Naira: but this mall have there own cafe
Kartik: yeah but coffee isn’t good her
Naira: ok

They paid bill and came out with the shopping bags.

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