“First love is always first” episode 17

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Here is the episode ,

Swara goes home by walk , she was In deep thoughts about laksh and her

Swara ; am I spoiling his life too !! Due to my foolishness and my satisfaction I can’t sacrifice his life . Can I !! (Think to herself)

Later she goes home and changes into her pj’s .

She sits and starts doing her song practice .

Just then manik enters ,

Manik ; hey sissy !!! (Greets her)

Swara stops singing and looks at him

Swara : oh you came , why aren’t you with laksh (confused)

Manik ; maybe we changed , as we have party today which you are also invited (smiling)

Swara thinks

Manik : you can come with us if you want !! (Eager)

Swara ; nope , I have plans and practices tonight . I need to catch up on my assignments too . (Denies)

Manik face fells down , but then

Manik ; even sanskar and your other gang members are coming too . (Hopefull)

Swara ; I will inform them , I am not coming . (Serious tone)

Manik : are you sure ?? (Confused)

Swara smiles at him

Swara : 100% , now go and get ready . You need to go (pushes him to the stairs)

Manik smiles and goes up . While texting to laksh about this .

Later that night ,

Sanskar : arre yaar Swara Come na , it’s going to be fun anyways (talking through phone)

Swara : hmm I have work sanskar , maybe another day !! (Denies constantly)

Sanskar : OK then have fun at home with the boring home work (fake smile)

Swara : thanks and bye (hungs up)

Everyone went to the party , while Swara sat and started doing her work .

Just then the calling bell rings , Swara rolls her eyes .

She opens the door and was shocked seeing laksh in causal tracks and shirt with pizza box and two vodka bottle in his hands . Not to mention the cd’s on the other one .

He was grining at her

Laksh : are you going to stay shocked or help me out ?? (Grins)

Swara jerks and helps him out surprised

Once they were inside ,

Swara (narrow eyes) : aren’t you supposed to be in the party ??

Laksh shrugs his shoulders

Laksh : well yes , but then you are alone though (avoiding eye contact)

Adrenaline gland was heating up in Swara !! She couldn’t help but smile at him .

Swara : not even manik or sanskar stayed back !! But why did you ?? (Looks at him)

Laksh looks at her back .

Laksh : hmm , thought so . Now leave that . I am starving (childish manner)

Swara smiles at him and nods .

They both soon settle in the sofa and opens the pizza box .

Swara : omg , you brought befikre and OK jaanu (surprised)

Laksh : that’s what was there in my home so (winks)

Swara : I already saw OK jaanu , let’s see befikre (winks back)

Laksh smiles at her , Swara goes and switches on the TV , while laksh brings glasses and arranges the table , as well as sofa .

Swara comes and sits next to him .

The movie starts , every time laksh was looking at Swara only . Who was blushing seeing the Intimate scenes .

Laksh was drinking a lot , he finished his own vodka and was in a drunken state .

Swara looks at him and then shifts to the screen back .

Laksh comes closer to swara , swara was stunned but she doesn’t react . Nor looks at him )

Laksh holds her waist and pulls her on his lap !! (Swara was shocked now)

Swara (whispers) : laksh

Laksh crashes his lips on hers . Swara widens her eyes , but then allows laksh to take over her

Both kiss each other roughly fighting with each other tongue .

Due to out of breath , swara breaks it up and looks at laksh .

Laksh smiles at her and lays her on the sofa and lays beside her .

Laksh : you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met swara , I really really want (stops) I am sleepy

Swara was getting utter shock hearing these all but at last smiles

Swara : OK sleep Mr laksh maheshwari (pats his cheeks)

Laksh hugs her tightly and sleeps .

The next morning ,

Manik comes and was grining madly .

Swara was sleeping on laksh chest , and his hands were wrapped around her waist .

Manik : omggggg (shouts)

Swalak wakes up in jerk and sits .

Swalak : what the hell manik (shouts)

Manik : oh oh , sleeping together huh (teases)

Swalak blushes and we’re embarrassed .

Swara : even I sleep with you also (stammers)

Laksh jaws drops , manik laughs silently . Swara goes upstairs

Manik : didn’t she just indirectly mention you as a brother to her (laughs)

Laksh ; what the hell (angrily)

Manik ; she said she sleeps with me also because I am her brother , she slept with you yesterday that means you are also her brother right (laughs)

Laksh looks at him angrily and kicks his ass , manik groans in pain and falls .

Laksh does monkey dance around him .

At collage ,

Swara and kavitha were talking about yesterday night party

Kavitha : you know what swara , sanskar is such a hotty . Girls were almost drooling over him (smiling)

Swara nods

Kavitha : you know the girls were more beautiful like me , and more slim like me (teases swara)

Swara looks at herself

Swara : are you saying I am fat ?? (Wide eyes)

Kavitha : no its not like that , but to be true yes . You have added extra weight (fake sadness)

Swara becomes sad , but then composes .

Swara ; hmm !! OK then catch you later bye (stands up)

Kavitha : I didn’t mean to hurt you (smirks)

Swara nods and leaves .

Kavitha : hmm stupid girl , believes everything I say (signs)

At music room ,

Swara enters the room , sanskar stops his guitar .

Sanskar : hey swara (smiling)

Swara smiles at him

Sanskar : what happened , why didn’t you come last night . It was good though (confused)

Swara : yeah !! About that , I already had works so (little uncomfortable)

Sanskar : OK but don’t you think your popularity is at stake . (Smirks)

Swara looks at him

Sanskar ; I mean to say that , you have been constantly missing many parties which will reduce your popularity scale (smirks)

Swara thinks .

Sanskar : I think you should spend less time with laksh and rather concentrate in this (smirks)

Swara : hmm , well I will see it . Now let’s get going on practice (low voice)

Sanskar smirks .

At garden ,

Manik was laughing like an mad man

Laksh : if you don’t shut up , you will seriously land in hospital (angry tone)

Manik stops and looks at him

Manik ; come on , I was just teasing . Waise you both seem to be more lively couple than fake (teases)

Laksh blushes .

Laksh : swara is indeed my angel manik , I can’t leave her (blushes)

Manik : I am so happy , that I got such a good dhamad for my princess (hits his shoulder)

Laksh smiles

Laksh ; waiting for the day , when swara will be officially mine !!! (Smiling)

Manik ; very soon (winks)


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