“First love is always first” episode 16

Episode 16

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The next day in collage

Swara was enters the collage talking in phone

Swara : haan baba …. will talk to u later bye …

Saying this she goes towards laksh and manik

Manik ; there comes your angel

Laksh smiles ….

Swara : hi laksh … hi bro …

Laksh smiles …

Swara : hmm so what’s the plan today

Laksh : today we are going to study .

Manik and swara : what !!!!

Laksh ; I mean to say this ragini is present today and if she sees me with u …. then she will start her gyaan … so

Swara and manik laughs ..

Manik ; so much scared of ragini .

Swara ; ya seriously .. and look there ragini is coming ….

Laksh (shocked) : omg …

Saying this laksh runs from there … swara and manik laughs …

Sanskar comes to them

Sanskar : hey swara ….wanna come with me to the canteen ..

Swara : oh sure (realises) I am sorry I am going with

Sanskar (cuts) : laksh is not here

Swara (smirks) ; I am going with my bro …

Manik smiles …. both leaves leaving sanskar angry

Sanskar : ahhh this swara is testing my patience …

Ragini enters the collage and goes to her gang

Kavya : hey Ragini ..

Ragini : hi Kavya , vaise where is laksh ?

Kavya : hmm maybe somewhere , why were u absent yesterday

Ragini ; oh I went on shopping marathon …

Kavya signs ..

Laksh comes to canteen … Ragini sees this and hugs laksh tightly

Laksh (fake smile) : hi Ragini

Ragini (seduce) : oh baby I missed u so much ….so so much ..

Laksh : oh really ….only for one day

Ragini hits his shoulder … laksh laughs

This was all seen by swara and manik

Swara : manik bro this laksh is spoiling the plan what if sanskar sees this….. our whole plan will be failed .

Manik ; ya ya right ..

Swara in mind : laksh is so close with Ragini ….hmm she is such a glue always sticking together … but swara why are u thinking about this

Manik was noticing swara looking at raglak

Manik in mind : oh oh …. jealousy track huh…. laksh is genius …

Swara and manik sit opposite table of raglakav

Ragini : so laksh what’s about party today in my place

Laksh (confused) : hmm

Ragini : so you are coming right

Laksh (shocked) : when did I say yes

Ragini : just now u did hmm….it’s OK let me go and plan OK

Ragini goes from there

Laksh was shocked …kavya laughs

Swara who was listening this was fuming in jealous but don’t know why

Manik was enjoying it ….

Swara (fumes) : OK … I am going have to meet sanskar

Saying this she leaves … Manik was looking at laksh

Laksh comes to Manik

Laksh : what our plan worked

Manik gives hifi

Manik : you know how jealous she was ….he he

Laksh : I know … that means I have some chance

Manik (laughs) : but now she is gonna make you jealous

Laksh : how (confused)

Manik : she is going to sanskar

Laksh widens his eyes and runs to stop her …manik laughs

Swara was about to enter the music room …. laksh pulls her and pins her to wall

Swara ; laksh what happened leave me (shocked)

Laksh : why are u going to sanskar

Swara : hm u were with ragini….so I came here …

Laksh : but u both are not talking right …

Swara ; ya but now everything is coming place ..u go and enjoy with ragini go (jealous)

Laksh smiles seeing her jealous

Laksh ; don’t u think u are jealous of me and ragini

Swara : haan (realises) no I am not ..in fact why would I be

Laksh smiles

Swara : listen laksh stop giving me the typical lover look …this drama is just for some days …after that u will go with ragini and me.. with … sanskar (low sound)

Laksh takes his hand from her …

Laksh (sad) : yes just for some days …

Swara looks at him …laksh waves bye and leaves …

Don’t know but swara feels very sad and bad ….when he leaves …

While laksh was all smiling

Laksh : I know what would be your expression ….he he (smiling)

Swara signs and goes inside the music room

She finds sanskar practicing …with guitar

Sanskar : hey swara …good to see back in this room

Swara smiles

Sanskar : so finally your lover boy gave u permission to come here (mockingly)

Swara (smiling) : yes …. what can I do ..he is so overprotective …

Sanskar gets jealous but hides …but swara enjoys it .

Sanskar : anyways today we have group union ….so u Come OK ..

Swara : ya sure ..

Sanskar : only our group members and laksh is not allowed (jealous)

Swara smiles …seeing him jealous

Later that evening ,

Everyone went …but swara was the last person

Swara goes towards her car and was about to sit …but she notices the tyre punctured

Swara (angry) : shit god damm … what the hell…. everyone went also

Saying this she signs and starts to walk …

Suddenly some bunch of boys sees her and comes towards her …swara notices this and start to walk faster ..

But the boys comes in front of her

Boy 1 : hey beautiful lady why are u running huh …

Boy 2 : u are so s*xy baby ..wanna enjoy …

Swara feels disgusted and walks …but boy 3 holds her hand shocking her

Swara tries to remove her

Boy 3 : oh oh s*xy u can’t just go away like that …

Swara slaps the boy and runs ….while these boys chases her

Laksh and ragini were in a ice cream parlour …while ragini was inside …

Laksh was outside to park the car ..after parking he comes out and prays

Laksh : oh babaji plz save me from this fevicol glue plz plz …

While he was praying swara who came running dashes him ….

Laksh : who the hell (realises) swara …swara what happened ..

Swara looks at the boys ….then laksh looks at them

Swara : laksh ….laksh they are trying to misbehave with me …

This was enough for laksh …his veins turned red …and his eyes were blood in color …

Boy 1 : oyyee hero…. move aside and hand her over

Laksh : thanks for calling me hero… anyways here take her

Saying this he makes swara stand in middle …swara was looking at laksh …

Boy 2 : hayyy he is not hero but zero…he itself gave our heroine to us ….

Swara looks at laksh angrily …

Swara (angry) : what the hell huh …simply u will give me to them

Saying this she goes and beats laksh .

Laksh : ouch….ouch …swara …stop

Laksh tries to free himself from her … laksh runs …swara takes her slipper and throws at him …but laksh bends and it hits boy 1 head

He faints and falls down … laksh laughs ..

Laksh : ha ha swara wrong direction

Swara gets angry …she looks here and there and finds a stone

She keeps it and goes towards him to beat …but laksh tickles her belly with which swara hits it on boy 2

Swara : idiot ….

Saying this she was about to slaps his right side …laksh bends ..she slaps boy 3 right cheek

Now she was about to slap the left side cheeks of laksh ..mbut he moves aside and she slaps boy 3 left side cheeks …

This happens repeatedly and the boy fell

Everyone who were seeing this fight claps .m

Ladies : a girl should be like this…she knows how to self defence

Lady : yes yes ……e

Everyone appreciates her …swara was suprised she looks at laksh

Laksh comes to her

Laksh ; if I beat them …it’s not a wonder …because in all the movies the hero saves ….but when u beat them ….its a wonder ..now I guess u know how to handle boys

It strikes to swara’s mind that laksh taught her how to handle these bunch if boys if he is not with her

Laksh smiles and goes inside the once cream parlour ….swara also smiles

But this time she slightly blushes ..first time ….

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  1. Pari123

    Again you rocked yaar it was superb so finally swara started feeling for laksh so cute it was but you are late dear update next part asap and take care

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    Superb. Lovely

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    Wat yaar ..Why r u making Ragini like this….If u make her like this no Ragini fan will read the ff..Nd u I’ll not get response….

  5. awesome episode loved it .swalak is superb

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