First love A thahaan TS (part 1)



hey guys  how are you all this is an old TS of mine and I thought to share it with u all.
don’t forget to share ur views.

sorry for any mistakes or error.

One pleasant morning
a room is shown a man sitting on a chair and was writing something.
he starts.
“Dear diary
myself B phor bihaan one of rich business man in noida.
I still remember when I came here to get a job.
I stay with my friend john
as the place was new to me so it turn my habit every morning with my telescope I use to see the beauty of nature and what’s happening in my surroundings.
few students on bus stand wait for the bus.
old age groups use to walk that time.
And one day my eyes fell on a girl who was standing on her balcony and combing her hairs.
I just get lost in her.
her hairs
her blinky eyes
the beautiful smile
the innocent face
I lost in it.
its turns out to be filmy that violin starts playing.
birds started singing
the students start dancingI smile and smile and then I heard a voice
:”bihaan! Kya hua tjhe?
kyu muskura rha hai.”
john was standing in front of me
waving his hands.
I got disturb and just want to shout on him.
but then I control my anger & replied:”kuch ni I was just watching that girl.”
john take telescope from my hand
and saw there
and then he look at him surprisingly:”pakka na bhai tu ise dhk rha tha.”
Me:”of course yar.”
John:”moti ni hai thodi and she is elder than u.”
I get irritated by him and I thought he is jealous or joking.
I replied:”kya bkwas yar.
she is so beautiful and her cute face , that beautiful smile.
rhne de tu ni smjhega.”
John again give me a death glare.
J:”bhai I think u r gone mad
u aren’t getting any job so it affects ur brain u need to consult a doctor.”
I get super angry and hit him softly.
me:”kya yar tu bi.”
J:”phle dhk to ise.”
he give that telescope to me.
I was shock why he is behaving lik this after watching her.
I start looking and get shocked that she wasn’t there but in place of her.

an old woman was standing there.
I was like where did she gone?
was I dreaming or really there was the girl?
john laugh at me and went.
I was too confused.

Next day to find out whether its was a dream or really there was a girl.
again I start watching
and yes there was a girl
the same girl
it wasn’t a dream.
its real.
she was the most beautiful girl in this world and my heart says she comes just for me.

she made me crazy and daily I use to watch her.
is that love?
I really don’t know
bt it turn to be my habit that until i saw that girl I day wasn’t start.
I can’t describe it.
it’s world most beautiful feeling.I want to meet her.
I want to know her name
but how????
I thought to take help of john
but he will never help me as he is so fattu.
only God can help me.
and very soon he give me that opportunity to meet her.
I m telling.
one day at evening I was buying something from the grocer’s shop.
my eyes fell on a girl who was passing from there.
she was the same balcony girl.
I said to shopkeeper that I m coming soon.
I follow her and she didn’t notice it.
I turn majnu for her.
I m not such type of guy who follow girls or stare them.
I was a shy type guy.
whenever girls come near me
I run away from there.
only my family
my studies
to get a job was my priority.
but she change me completely.
I keep following her.
soon she stop at a shop
i hide and was just staring at her.
I observe her for the first time
she was wearing simple salwar kameez
with no makeup and she is looking fairy.
My fairy
her hairs were disturbing her and she putting it behind her hairs.
her pink lipsI was completely lost In her
suddenly I hear her voice and taken aback
a kind of thunderstruck.

She was stammering while talking.
and what i say
I was like meri duniya bsne se phle ujad gayi.
her voice is too irritating.
I got irritated and left from there without turning back.
I was angry on myself that from her face I consider that she will have sweet & beautiful voice
bt No she was puttering while speaking.
I return to that shop where I tell the shopkeeper that I will be bck

I bought them and return back to home.


hope u guys like it and will be excited to know the rest.

I will continue if i get a positive response.
love u all

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