First Impression ~ A Riansh OS

Author’s note: I am back with an OS after a very long time. I am publishing this OS today as my ff ‘Destiny Has It’ is going to end today. Thanks a lot everyone for so much love and support. I have tried to make this OS as simple as possible with ni negativity. 


Sejal: Ridhu!

Riddhima: Hmm

Sejal: Ridhu!

Riddhima: Hmm

Sejal: Are you alive or dead?

Riddhima: Hmm

Sejal: This girl has gone mad (saying this she pours a jug  of water on Riddhima)

Riddhima: Seju!!

Sejal: Don’t shout.

Riddhima: Uff! You spoiled my sleep. I was so tired after sleeping whole night. You didn’t even let me take rest for sometime.

Sejal: You are the first person in this world who becomes tired after sleeping whole night.

Riddhima: Sometimes try to stay awake like me whole night. Only then you will understand. Where is my black coffee?  You know it well I am habituated to drink black coffee on bed.

Sejal: Black coffee is going to kill you one day.

Riddhima: Black coffee is my life. How can my life take my life?

Sejal: Can you tell me the name of the book from where you get these lines?

Riddhima: Hey! This is my own line. I won’t  give the credit of my exclusive lines to anyone.

Sejal: Nobody is dying to get the credit of your lines.

Riddhima: Nobody understands my feelings.

Sejal: Will anyone in the world understand that a psychiatrist so childish?

Riddhima: Why? Can’t a psychiatrist be a childish?

Sejal: A psychiatrist can be childish. But the way you are, it’s just unimaginable.

Riddhima: Doing unimaginable things is my hobby (gives a wink)

Sejal: Today you have taken a day off. Do you remember?

Riddhima:Yeah! I remember

Sejal: I hope my this party goes well.

Riddhima: It will go well as Riddhima is going to assist you.

Sejal: It’s the biggest project in my career. I am so nervous.

Riddhima: Cool down Seju. It’s going to be the best beach party.

Sejal: Ridhu, have you seen the news of a girl named Ahana?

Riddhima: I didn’t see that news. What happened?

Sejal: Seeing IMMJ2’s trp 1.2, a girl named Ahana got heart attack. She was a student of class 9. She got heart attack seeing the trp. Now to save her, the trp is to be increased.

Riddhima: I just hope the trp of immj2 increases and the girl gets saved.

Sejal: Me too

Riddhima: Seju, do you know my childhood bestie Vihu came from London yesterday?

Sejal: Oh! That’s great.

Riddhima: Seju, I am so excited to meet him after so many years.

Sejal: Both of you have maintained your friendship for 9 years without seeing each other. You don’t even have his picture. How are you even going to recognise him?

Riddhima: I will recognise him anyhow.

Suddenly notification comes in Riddhima’s phone.

Riddhima: Look he messaged me just now.

Sejal: You chat with him. I am going to arrange breakfast for you.


The conversation

V: I came to India last night. I am too eager to meet you after so many years.

R: Even I am too much excited to meet you.

V: But how are you going to recognise me?

R: The way you are going to recognise me.

V: Smart answer.

R: Listen today I will be very busy. We will meet tomorrow at Xyz restaurant.

V: Even I was about to say that we can’t meet today. Dil ki baat bol di tumne.

R: I will talk to you later. Today I have got many works to do. If I don’t go now then Seju will kill me.

V: Okay! Go to your Seju.  I don’t want you to die so soon.


In the beach party

Riddhima is seen guiding for the decoration while Sejal is seen ensuring if the food items are right or not.

Riddhima: Bhaiya, keep this flower  there.

A person from behind shouts, ‘Who the hell did this decoration? ‘

Riddhima turns back but when she turns back, she mistakenly dros the candle.  Fire gets ignited on the bar counter.

Riddhima: I did the decoration. Any problem?

Vansh: Don’t you have any idea of decoration? Why isn’t there any colourful flower? Everywhere there is white flowers.

Riddhima: White flower has grace in them. If we put other flowers with white flowers, it seems disorganized. White flowers are most closely associated with purity and innocence. They also represent  honesty, purity, and perfection.

Vansh: It looks like you have decorated this party for some sort of mourning.

Riddhima: It’s not your party that I will be answerable to you. Every people present here loved this decoration and that’s enough for me. I didn’t want any stranger’s opinion. It’s your problem that you don’t like it.

Angre wanted to intervene but Vansh signalled him to wait.

Vansh: Interesting very interesting. (Saying this he goes from there)

Riddhima: Don’t know from these type of people come.

Sejal: Ridhu, is everything arranged?

Riddhima: Hmm

Sejal:Why is your mood off?

Riddhima: Nothing special

Sejal: You can’t hide the truth from me. Tell me what happened.

Riddhima: An idiot tried to mess with me.

Sejal: Who?

Riddhima(pointing towards Vansh): He is the one.

Sejal: Do you even know who he is? He is one of the biggest businessman of Europe.

Riddhima: So what? Even I am not less. If anyone criticises my work without any valid reason, I won’t keep silent.

Sejal: Your anger will land me in trouble one day.

Riddhima: Ridhu ke hote huye kha hai gam,  uske hote huye khatam hojayega har kam.

Sejal: Ridhu, what was that person’s complain?

Riddhima: He said that I don’t have any sense of decoration.

Sejal: Your decoration is awesome. It might not be according to his taste. People’s choices differ. So, please don’t mind it.

Riddhima: I should leave from here else I will lose my calm seeing this man.

Sejal: You go from here. I will manage the situation here.

Riddhima: I am going to cafe now. Without eating, I will not be able to calm down.

Sejal: You go and eat as much as you want. But please go now.

Riddhima: Okay! I am going.


In the cafe

Riddhima was eating chocolate pastry and black coffee. Like water cools down fire, black coffee cools down Riddhima’s anger. Riddhima suddenly thought that she could message her best friend Vihaan.

The message conversation

R: Vihu, are you there?

V: Ridhu,can I talk to you later?

R: You also forgot me🥺🥺🥺

V:No Ridhu. I am in a party now.

R: None has time for me now. My blood is boiling now because of a person. He totally spoilt my mood. I am feeling to go on Devil mode now.

V: Even my blood is boiling now because of a stranger but I calmed down myself as I had come for a business deal here. Did you take  black coffee?

R: Yeah! I did.

V: So, now there is no chance of transforming into devil mode now. Am I right or am I right?😉

R: If I meet that person again then I will surely turn into devil.

V: I wish the persons who spoilt our mood, bump into each other. There will be huge explosion then😉😉

R: Our destiny is so inter-connected. Similar things happened to us on the same day 😄😄😄

V: Maybe that’s why God has made us best friends.

R:You are right. Do you know I was feeling to give electric shock to that person so that he comes in his sense? He dared to challenge my capabilities😡😡

V: Cool down sweetheart. Have another cup of black. You will calm down.

R: I will have another three cup of black coffee for cooling down. But when are we going to meet each other? Iam dying to meet you.

V: Me too

R:It has been 8 years since we have seen each other.

V: It’s a long time. But still we maintained our friendship.

R: Our friendship is an example for many.

V: Ridhu, I will talk to you later.

R: Okay!

V: Alvida!

R: Kabhi alvida na kehna😉

V:See you soon!

(The conversation ends here)

Riddhima’s Pov: Tomorrow I am going to meet him after so many years. I should buy something special for him. He loves watches. Let me buy a watch of his favourite brand.


In the beach party

Vansh: Angre, my work here is done . I have some personal work to do.

Angre: Okay, boss.

Vansh’s Pov: I need to buy something special for my sweetheart. I don’t know how I forgot to bring the watch. I know how much she loves watches. Seeing her smile will give me so much pleasure that I won’t be able to get it from anywhere else.


Riddhima: Show me that watch.

Salesman: Here it is ma’am.

Riddhima’s Pov: Vihu will love it. It’s his favourite colour, black.

Riddhima:Pack this one.

Salesman: Will you do the payment by credit card?

Riddhima: Yeah (saying this she gives her credit card)

Riddhima then comes out of the shop and she decides to have some chocolate milkshake. She went to the food court and bought chocolate milkshake for her.  She was then walking with the packet of watch and in her one hand was the milkshake. Suddenly a tall person bumped into her.

Riddhima and the person(together): What the hell!

Riddhima: You?!

The person is revealed to be Vansh.

Vansh: You and here?

Riddhima: Why can’t I be here? Did you buy the place?

Vansh: I can ask the same question.

Riddhima: Don’t you have some manners?

Vansh: Excuse me?

Riddhima: Give me your hand.

Vansh gives her a questioning look

Riddhima: What are you looking at?  I didn’t ask your hand for marriage. Help me get up.

Vansh then helps her to stand.

Riddhima: What the hell did you do?

Vansh: What?

Riddhima: You dropped my chocolate milkshake.

Vansh: I can see in your one hand, there is a branded watch maybe. You didn’t even check it for once if it’s broken or not. Here you are screaming for a mere chocolate milkshake.

Riddhima: So what? This chocolate milkshake is way more expensive for me than the watch.

Vansh(murmers): Pagal

Riddhima: I heard it.

Vansh: I said it so that you can listen it.

Riddhima: Whatever! (Saying this she goes away from there)

Vansh’s Pov: This girl has something in her surely. For once, she was behaving just like Ridhu. But I know she can’t be Ridhu as Ridhu would be in her home now as it’s almost lunch time and she hates to come in mall. Whatever she needs to buy, she will buy online. I hope Ridhu will love this watch. I know she is a little bit choosy but I know her choice well.

Vansh was about to leave the mall while he stopped seeing Riddhima giving chocolates to some street children.

Vansh’s Pov: This girl is not so bad like I thought. She has humanity in her no matter how much rude she is.

In night

In Riddhima’s Residence

Sejal: Thank god! Vansh Raisinghania didn’t complain to anyone about your misbehavior.

Riddhima: Wait a minute. I didn’t misbehave with him. He was the one who initiated it.

Sejal: I mean he didn’t say anything to anyone about your fight.

Riddhima: I have never seen a khadus person like him.

Sejal: Don’t say anything about the person about whom you don’t know anything.

Riddhima: I don’t even need to know anything about him. People like him are  always self-centered. Without their own profit, they see nothing.

Sejal: Do you know about the ‘Little Angel’s Orphanage’?

Riddhima: Isn’t this the same orphanage which was about to close but some mysterious person funded it and thus saved the Orphanage?

Sejal: That mysterious person is none other than Vansh Raisinghania with whom you quarreled today.

Riddhima: What?

Sejal: Not only this. He has saved several orphanages from closing. He has also funded several old age home. And you were calling this person self-centered?

Riddhima: I…I didn’t imagine that he is involved in such noble works.

Sejal: You should have thought a thousand time before speaking about someone whom you have met only once in life.

Riddhima: Sejal, I am very much hungry. Please arrange the dinner.

Sejal: Your hunger will never die.

Riddhima: My hunger is immortal (gives a wink)

Sejal: You are just impossible (saying this she goes to arrange dinner)

Riddhima’s Pov: Sejal is right. I shouldn’t have spoken about a person whom I don’t know much. Though I have not told these things to him directly but still I am feeling guilty as I made an opinion about an unknown person so soon.

While she was thinking about this, she suddenly sees a message from her best friend.

The message conversation

V: Dinner done?

R: Not yet

V: Do you know I am  feeling very guilty today?

R: I am also very guilty today. But what is your reason?

V: As I felt I was too rude to a stranger today.

R: Your condition is similar to mine. I am also guilty as I made a fake assumption about him without knowing anything about him.

V: Your case is being too similar with case😅😂

R: Even I am noticing this😂😂

V: I wish I meet that person once again. I tried to interfere in that person’s work. I am feeling low now.

R: I don’t know about my emotions now. Sometimes I feel so happy and sometimes I feel too low. I think I am suffering from bipolar disorder 😂😂😂😂

V: Hey Bhagwan! A psychiatrist is not herself sure if she is suffering from bipolar disorder or not. Kya karu main? Tujhe maar daluu😂😂😂

R: Hahaha! Neither I will die nor I will let you die before our meeting.

V: I have another theory.


V: Maybe you possessed by ghost. When the ghost leaves your body, you become happy. And when it enters your body, you feel low. Wait a minute. You are feeling low now. So, does this mean I am talking to a ghost now?🤭🤭🤭🤭

R: Vihu!!!! I  swear once I meet you I punch your face first before hugging you.

V: Sorry!!! Tell me one thing when uncle and aunt are coming to Mumbai.

R: They don’t usually come to Mumbai instead of them I go to Delhi to visit them.

V: They don’t come to Mumbai as you make horrible food😜

R: Vihu, looks like you have come to Mumbai to die by my hand instead of business deal.

V: No😅😅😅😅 I have come to meet you and for the business deal.

R: Now go to sleep like a good boy and don’t be late tomorrow.

V: As far as I know, the word ‘late’ is not in my dictionary.

R:We will see it tomorrow.

V:Good night!

R:Good night!

(The message conversation ends)

Riddhima finishes her dinner and then goes to sleep.

Riddhima:At last I am going to see you Vihu . I can’t believe it has been 9 years. For once I felt that you are the Vansh Raisinghania with whom I had fight today. But hearing the works of Mr.Vansh Raisinghania, I could easily figure it out that you both are two different individuals. You never hide anything from me. So I would have known if you funded those orphanages and old age homes. Uff! I will be late tomorrow if I don’t sleep now.


In the restaurant

Riddhima reached the restaurant earlier and was waiting for Vihaan.

Riddhima (to herself): This man is impossible. He was giving such big  dialogues and now he is not seen somewhere.

Suddenly someone from behind hugs her and calls her Ridhu She  smiles a little bit and turns back and gets shocked.

Riddhima: You?

Vansh: You?

Riddhima: How dare you to hug me and call me Ridhu!

Vansh: I thought it was my childhood friend. By the way, why did you smile when I hugged you?

Riddhima: As I thought it was my friend.

Vansh: You are just repeating my words.

Riddhima: I am just telling the fact. By the way,  where is your friend?  I am not seeing anyone.

Vansh: She is late. I will just text her. After she comes, you will realise who is lying and who is not.

Riddhima: Let me also text my friend.

The message conversation

Vansh: Where are you? 

Riddhima: I am in the restaurant. You are the one who is late.

Vansh: I am in the restaurant already but you are nowhere to be seen.

Riddhima: While I was waiting for you, I bumped into the same man again. I wanted to apologise him but before that  we again had a mini fight.

Vansh: Even I bumped into the same. Wait a minute. Which colour dress are you are wearing?

Riddhima: Navy blue. Are you wearing a tuxedo?

Vansh: It means

(The message conversation ends)

Riddhima(shocked) :Vihu?

Vansh: Ridhu?

Riddhima: I think we should sit now.

Vansh: I can’t believe that you are my Ridhu.

Riddhima: I was talking about you all the while and you didn’t realize its you.

Vansh: Even I want to say the same thing. You could have identified me as you knew the full name of both the persons but I didn’t know the name full name of the person with whom I had a quarrel. Moreover there are hundreds of Riddhima. So, how can I know that both the Riddhimas are same.

Riddhima: I once had doubt that you are my Vihaan. But when Sejal told that Vansh Raisinghania has saved many orphanages and old age homes from closing. I figured out that you couldn’t be my Vihaan as you hide nothing from me. But now I am finding that I was mistaken.

Vansh: I didn’t tell anyone about this as I feel one should do such works for the betterment of society not for just mere fame.

Riddhima: This is the thing which makes you unique.

Vansh: What was your first opinion about this Vansh Raisinghania?

Riddhima: Self- centered

Vansh: And what did you understand now?

Riddhima: First impressions are not always cool.

Vansh: I hope we will remember this forever.

“Never make assumption about someone whom have met once or twice in life.”

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