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OmRu knocked Anika’s door. Anika straightened her back and went to open the door.

“Bhabhi… tomorrow you need to go along with us somewhere” Om said.

“Where Om?” Anika asked.

“I cannot reveal anything but just get ready and we three will go together” Om answered and walked away without turning back or answering any questions of Anika. Anika stood still at her place and kept staring till they walked out of her sight.

Anika then closed the door and went in. She started to sweat. Shivay saw that and kept his hand over her shoulder.

“Shivay… please do not allow anyone to harm my Shivi… I would die without my Shivi” Anika said hugging Shivay by his waist. He continued to caress her back until she composed and then sat beside her and continued .

“You believe me and OmRu right? Just don’t worry… they are my brothers… they can never let anyone harm our daughter” Shivay said.

“But Shivay… you know why am I saying all these” Anika said sandwiching Shivay’s hand between hers.

“Just relax… I am damn sure Tanya won’t agree for this marriage and after that we will give it back to everyone who tried to harm us” Shivay said not knowing what is the master plan of others.

Anika slept and Shivay continued to caress her back until she slept. And in turn she was caressing Shivi’s back.

“I know Anika… it’s very hard for you to risk your daughter’s life but this is necessary to reach the real culprit” Shivay said having a look at Shivi and then at Anika.

Next day arrived. Anika handed over Shivi to Pinky and Tanya and requested them to take care of her. Pinky nodded looking away. This hurted Anika more but as promised she went out with OmRu bidding bye to everyone.

OmRu took Anika to that place where Veer has advised and smiled looking at each other. As soon they reached their they got a message from Veer’s number which read “Make Anika sit on that chair and tie her hands… Veer”

Om stared at Rudra but as they knew they have to do it or else Veer won’t believe them so Rudra held Anika’s mouth tightly so that she doesn’t gets to shout and Om made her sit forcefully and tied her hands. Anika looked helplessly at their deeds and tried to plead but Rudra’s hand forced her to stay mum.

OmRu left her after tying her hands and waited for the next instruction.

“Why are you doing this OmRu? What have I done to you?” Anika asked as tears made their way down her eyes.

“Nothing bhabhi… but now you have to bear what we do to you” Om said trying hard to sound rude and rough. But Rudra’s eyes moistened up looking at the marks of his fingers surrounding his bhabhi’s mouth.

Om nodded no looking that. Then when the next message came “Good… very good… now just wait there… I am coming… Veer”

Sound of steps echoed the place until the person came in front of them.

“I am sorry bhabhi” Om muttered whereas Anika’s eyes widened in shock looking at the person standing in front of her. She looked at OmRu one by one and kept staring Veer trying to believe that OmRu has brought her to that man who once tried to molest her in front of a huge crowd and OmRu. She remained numb when Veer started to speak.

“Here I get you Anika… huuhhh… you only said once right that your family can die and kill anyone for you. Now see your so called brothers are only behind your destruction. You never thought right that you have to face the real face of these people from your family? But I have helped you a lot to identify their real face.” Veer looked at OmRu and laughed aloud. Tears were not stopping now from Anika’s eyes.

After Veer composed his laughter he continued “Anika…now you have no one by your side… now you have to become mine… forever… Yes…yeah… for ever” he again broke into laughter and smirked looking at Anika.

“Listen Anika… I don’t want to get called an afraid man who forced a woman to become his… so I won’t do anything to you today but yeah I will do as soon I kill your daughter in front of your family. You were proud of Shivay’s love right? But he is not even recognising you as his wife and is calling another woman as his wife… your mother-in-law she also wants that girl to marry your Shivay and these two brothers-in law of you whom you pampered, cared and loved as your own brother has stabbed you too. Now you are just left with no one… no one… Ha ha ha…” he started laughing again.

“Veer… I have never done anything to you… why are you doing this to me?” Anika now hardly spoke.

“Well I have done so many things that you cannot even imagine my dear Anika” Veer said and looked at Anika’s changing expression but as soon he noticed that she isn’t responding he continued “well I won’t disclose more right now… then from where you will get tears to cry after our marriage haan? So listen you may go now… Bye” Veer said waving.

Anika moved here and there to loosen the grip of the ropes but nothing loosened. Om saw that and after Veer signed him to open Anika he did it soon. Anika ran out and went back to her home while all the words spoken by Veer were ringing continuously in her head.

On the other side Pinky was caressing Tanya’s back and head and was showing her all the jewellery set that she would get to wear on her marriage. Tanya was looking at them with interest.

“So Tanya beta… you are happy with this marriage right?” Pinky asked

“Yes Aunty… I am very happy to be a permanent part of your house. A husband like Shivay is desire of every girl… and when I am getting him then why shouldn’t I be happy?” Tanya asked putting up one necklace.

Pinky’s eyes widened in shock but soon she covered up with smile and continued “yes beta…and gettings a bahu like you… is the most good things that would happens to this family”

Shivay heard that Tanya too became ready to marry him and now he was at loss thinking what should be done. He waited for Anika and OmRu to return before he takes any step. Then his eyes fell on Anika who was standing at the door step looking at Pinky giving away all her jeweleries to Tanya and heard their conversation. She did not listen anything and ran towards her room. Before she could have closed the door Shivay and Ishana slipped in.

“Di… What happened? Why are you behaving like this?” Ishana asked extending a glass of water while Shivay sat beside her brushing his hand through her hair.

“Shivay… Shivay he said he would destroy everything… he would kill my daughter… I would die without everyone of you… he said he would destroy everything… everything” Anika was repeating these words when Ishana and Shivay tried to calm her down. After some minutes she composed and cuddled in Shivay’s arms while Shivay continued to caress her back.

“Di… why would he do that? Why is he doing all this? What is the matter… please share” Ishana said sitting at the other side of Anika.

“Yes Anika… Why is Veer behind you and us… is it just because of the incident that took place four and half years ago or something is more to it
… please share Anika please share” Shivay jerked Anika and asked

“I will share everything today Shivay… everything” Anika said and straightened up her back.

PRECAP- ANIKA’S SHOCKING REVELATION… what is the actual matter between Anika and Veer? Who is Veer? And why is he even doing all this? Does he only want Anika or something else too? Just stay tuned friends to know more.

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  1. Qwerty123

    Now dont tell me shivaaye dont know more then omru..??.
    Did u hit ur brain on something steel or hard metal object???
    no…. like seriously…..
    What are u doing? I am so sorry but i want to be honest and since u were and will be my fav i have been fan of ur exotic love story’s writting skill and many other hidden quality behind them
    .. i dont get what u r doing nor what is happening it is not what i thought it would turn out infact it is getting more complicating and confusing i cant get all this complicating things in my small mind.
    It is really ajeeb .. all this thing is getting pass my mind ..
    Like ur way of writting has been changed .. the content of the story is not ur style of story ..
    Ur way of analyzing things is not same anymore …

    plz say is there any problem i would be there for u but plz dont get me wrong.. i only want u to know what i am feeling and what i want to say…u r making it more confusing for me.. sorry if i was harsh or my way of commenting is hurtful to u. Plz forgive me if u can ???

    U r *always there sis* .

    1. Qwerty123

      LOT OF EFFORT.??

    2. Nilash

      Okay Ashu I read the whole comment.
      Now all your answers
      First thing yes in this story I have tried to change my style cause I wanted this story to get interesting and complicated with each passing chapters which brings relief at the last chapter. Second I wanted to explore the other styles so I decided to go with my personal favourite mystery and suspense.
      Everything from my side is equally same as it was before it’s just that the genre of this story is entirely different. But I promise you would end up loving the last chapter because the story is designed in that way.
      And lastly you are my sister forever and ever so just don’t feel bad to share all your views because that helps me a lot lot lot to improve. Love you so much.

  2. Banita

    PIC… Now i understand many thing… Today epi was revelation of many confusions… Like it sooo much… Becz finally meri dimag mein kuch ghuss raha hain… Good going dr… Eagerly waiting 4 for past revelation in nxt chappy… Post soon…

    1. Nilash

      Thank You so so much PIC
      Waahhhh tere me dimaag hai? Mujhe pata hi nai tha 🙂 🙂
      Love you bahut sara yaar and next part posted

  3. Ashwinee

    Ash!!!! Same goes with me as QWERTY123 said something is somewhere amiss….
    I think so this update’s comments would be more like a reality check!!!!! So be prepared….

    1. Nilash

      Winee I love to read the reality check comments so actually I was waiting for some more but only you two came up with constructive criticism that helped me a lot. Thank You so much dear and believe me you would love the end.
      Love you a lot

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is good one dear… I guess shivi is the way to reach main culprit behind the fiasco… And shiomru are together to reveal the truth…
    And i am getting the plot little…
    Dear qwerty and ashwinee.. Please keep patience…. Everything is about to reveal…

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Niki darling. Well from your comment I want to say that you really know me much but don’t reveal more to others 😉 😉
      Yes correct everything would reveal super soon

  5. ItsmePrabha

    good one..rudy boy cannot see his bhabhi like that.. so that means they are doing these things under pressure..aur yeah veer ke bache…how dare he to hurt my anudi….KK eagerly waiting for the revelations…pls post the next ASAP..

    1. Nilash

      Ha ha ha… Thank You so much Prabha… ab wo to mujhe nai pata, usko jaane ke liye we have to wait. But I think you got to know the climax from wattpad 😉 😉
      Revelations started from next part and that is posted.

  6. Aafiya

    Superb.. Story is getting more interesting..
    Take care. …
    Waiting for the revelation… Post soon.. Baye..

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Aafiya
      Next part posted dear

  7. Niriha

    Awesome….very interesting dear.eagerly waiting for next part update soon

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Niriha
      Next part posted dear

  8. Nice and interesting plot , waiting for next update

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot dear
      Next one posted

  9. Alekhika20

    Awesome update

    1. Nilash

      Thanks a lot Alekhika

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