Do you find YHM’s track on Pihu’s custody dragging?

Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is back on Pihu’s custody drama. Shagun is spoiling Pihu, and defending her moves by having Ashok on her side. Even Mani has been supportive of Shagun before, which made her win Pihu’s custody. Raman and Ishita were just sobbing in Pihu’s memories. Other tracks got in between and story took a backseat. Adi and Aaliya’s love story and Mihika getting blackmailed by Kunal Sethi were seen till now. Raman and Ishita’s remarriage brought some good moments for their fans. The viewers have seen good drama by entry of Aaliya’s Dadi. All the fun and entertainment was seen till some time.

YHM is back to the old story of child custody. Pihu’s custody will become the main drama again. Shagun has Ashok and Kunal on her side, and succeeds to make Ishita defamed by putting the blackmailing blame on her. Pihu got to know Ishita is her real mother. Shagun is making Pihu regret this fact, by putting bad influence on her. Shagun wants to break Pihu away from Raman and Ishita forever. The custody case track will re-begin from a new perspective this time, as Pihu knows about her real mother. The show turns boring at times, when Raman and Ishita have more misunderstandings between them. Do you find YHM’s track on Pihu’s custody dragging? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

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  1. Vanshika

    Big draggggggggg… Shagun is mad ?

    1. u r absolutely right , shagun is mad!

  2. Silly fights unnecessarily creating drama I hate to the core,,, it’s been months didn’t watched this serial

    1. Sarayumane

      for me it’s been an year that i have watched his serial, i didn’t watch it since surrogacy drama

  3. Hw can raman again leave ishu…he promised her on there mrge tht he’ll never leave again same drama….shagun’s part is really sooo boring..

  4. Dragging?? It’s crawling! Could not find a more appropriate word. There is no story left. Just beating around the bush and after some months go back to the same rubbish, Pihu’s custody, Shagun back to her old ways, Ashok who is supposed to be a businessman who is so short of work that the only thing he devotes his time to is plotting against & trying newer methods to pull down Raman-Ishita. Is this creative writing?

    1. Ya yaar It is really crazy and crawling

  5. Yes pihu custody is getting drag for too long. It is killing the excitement .

  6. Of course this is getting too much drama that a regular viewer may find it very difficult to believe…they went to such an extent that says a seven year old girl tried to suicide by taking sleeping pills…omg!!!!!

  7. Too dragging

  8. This serial is just bakwasss……

    1. Amalina

      yes didi, i agree, this just bakwaas and a waste of time! is yeh hai mohabbatein meant for just child custodies or love

  9. When will the bad guys be punished. Is it okay for Raman to abuse Ishu?
    What kind of message are the views are getting that it is okay for the women to be
    abused by the men

    1. Exactly is there any ways we can contact the directors to stop the leap


  11. i hate dis show…. it z horrible, bakwas, waste of time n dragging shagun z mad n d show has only child custody… none else

  12. This shows really becoming a hate story ekta biggest loser of all times. When will good prevail over evil and the evil be punished..that’s what we want to see not bad win over good all the time … shagun has dragged each and every one of her kids through court so many times. What kind of a mother does this she’s the bad omen in the story….it’s best to rather end yhm then let this rubbish goes on and on and on

  13. Worst show ever! I don’t know how someone can come up with shit like this! Wtf are they trying to prove? Watching television is a form of entertainment. Our lives are stressful enough already. People watch TV for relaxation. Not for some crap in the name of creativity and nayi soch. Yesterday was the last episode for me. Don’t these actors think before agreeing to such a stupid script?

  14. we never expected ekta to write these kind of play giving an seven years old girl pills and make it look suicide and why is she not changing raman bhalla character. why always leap comes in this show? problems comes but solve after the leap then whats the point to watch..

    1. this not the way to take TRP in a high level by showing nonsense

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