This is I am writing  because I want to give my ‘point of view’ and not imposing others to feel the same  after I started watching the show ater Cezanne Khan’s return to Tv industry long after 12 yrs..and was keen to know how he would do his new role after so long after portraying the favourite charachter ‘Anurag Basu’…


But as I started watching the show I liked Haya 2.0 and VIHEER very much..but the most amazing charachter  I found is of Angel, she is the ultimate vamp of the show, she enacts her role of ‘transgender’ so nicely after Rubina mam, she is so perfect in her look, gestures and expression in every bit. I feel only Haya, VIHEER and Angel can take the show to its root theme for sure.


I would like to mention of some points to which I think the makers should concentrate now.


1. HAYA 2.0 and VIRAAT’ S  bond to rescue and fightback for Heer from that world , as well as ‘Kinnar’ Empowerment and their establiishment in the society is must to be shown now.


2. The redemption of Mahi after she gets killed by Angel after falling in her own trap and surrender of Mahi to saumya for her deeds to all.

3.No more shaadi track please makers..jaha dekho shaadi hi chal raha hai.. 😂

4. Viraat leaving his own family as they all are part of  the big crime with Angel to snatch his love and staying either alone with Heer or with HAYA parivaar to show new age family..damaad staying in sasuraal happily married…(why not) I dont know they will try this or not🙄

5. A proper ending without messy or cheesy that fans could remember because of its unual story and not only for ‘saas bahu sindoor’ drama. As I read somewhere that its going to be off air for ‘Balika Badhu2’..not sure its true or not.


6. Out of the storyline and script , I would like to say that being fan of Cezanne sir,  it is saddening to hear hate comments on social media for replacing Vivian Disena as new Harman Singh… If Vivian Sir has left the show of himself for any reason, and nobody imposed him to do so…what the new actor has to do. If vivian has left the show to explore more charachter what Cezanne sir has to do, he has also come here to explore the given charachter, so should he leave if the charachter needs him ? Please do not fall prey to any hate account even they seems to support Vivian sir and bash Cezanne sir…as I have seen many such accounts on social platforms.

I hope you dont got bored readers🤭🤭 of the long post and understand my POV.

  1. The last point you mentioned is still on the Mess. As the Fans first come to Hate CezanneKhan for playing Harman, then forgetting what did they say about him, then eventually comeing coming up with worst comments than before, Kust Keep Hating New Harman. WHY??

  2. Fifth Line CanNot be as True as it was Hyped To Be. SHOW MUST GO ON. The Pandemic Has Badly affected the Creativity of the Show that’s why Viewers where Not Liking its Storyline.

  3. Haya and Viheer can go to overseas and stay there all their lives. A Happy Ending.

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