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Hey people, this story is still ongoing, it’s got 21 parts so far.

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Just as she was about to jump, she felt someone pulling her hand. “Are you crazy, how can you think of ending your life just like that, how can you be so selfish if not for yourself think about your baby. ” the man who held her hand said.


“Leave me please allow me to do this. ” She pleaded without even looking at who held her, but once she saw the person who had pulled her, she was startled. “Akash, you? ”


“Why are you doing this Pragya? ”


“Akash if you have ever considered me as your friend, please allow me to jump. ” She pleaded.


“No I won’t allow you to do this, if not you then at least think about your baby, you are pregnant and you want to end both you and your child’s life you are being so selfish? ”


For some reason, Pragya felt so angry, who was he to tell her what to do? He knew nothing about her life and here he was calling her selfish when she was only trying to save her kids from the troubles of this world. “If I was not pregnant I would never have taken this drastic step. ” She said and she wasn’t blaming her children for her situation she loved them so much to even blame them for anything. “But what I am supposed to do if I am helpless? I can’t live to see my children suffering, I would rather die with them than see them in pain, I regret the day I was pregnant. ” At this point she was having an emotional break down. “No Akash please allow to do this please. ” she pleaded for him to let her kill herself.


Breathing in deeply, Akash slowly closed and opened his eyes only to see Peagya staring at him with pleading eyes. “No Pragya, you are not thinking straight right now, come with me I will take you home. ”


When Pragya heard that she just smiled at him, which kind of scared him, who wouldn’t be, after all she was crying a few minutes ago. “Which home Akash? Mmm tell me which home?” She shouted making Akash flinch. “The home where I was called a curse accused of killing my own husband for the sake of money, accused of being characterless and of carrying another man’s children and eventually threw out of the house I am not even allowed to attend my late husband’s funeral service, tell me Akash which home? My poor innocent children were called illegitimate by their own grandmother, tell me what have I done to deserve this. ” Pragya literally broke down in front of Akash, Akash who was listening to all this silently had tears in his eyes, he never thought that he would ever see Pragya like this – broken, wounded and in pain, if their was a person who deserved all the happiness in the world to him was Pragya. After a lot of thought, Akash decided to bring Pragya with him.


“Come with me. ” Akash said pulling her towards his car.


“Where? I really don’t want to be a burden to you. ”


“And when did I say you will be a burden? Now come. ” Pragya was too tired to argue so she just went with Akash.

The drive to his flat was slow an uncomfortable because Pragya never stopped crying  Akash never wanted to stop her because he knew how important it was for her to let all her pain out besides he never wanted her to try to commit suicide once again.


“We are here. ” He said while touching her shoulder.


“What place is this? ”


“This is my flat, come you can live here for sometime until you are able to stand on your own two feet. ”


“Are you saying the truth? ” Pragya asked him, she cried so much the tears in her eyes dried up.


“And why would I lie to you? ” Pragya immediately gave him a tight hug showing how great full she was to him and unfortunately this did not go unnoticed by Tanu and her best friend Neetu.


“Isn’t that Akash? ” Tanu asked Neetu.


“I think so, he looks exactly like him. ” Neetu replied as she sucked on her lollipop.


“Rachna needs to know about this. ”


Once Pragya and Akash started walking towards the flat, Tanu and Neetu noticed that Pragya was pregnant.


“Oh my god, she is pregnant. Rachna needs to know about this. ”


Neetu rolled her eyes at Tanu’s behavior. “Is it really your business? ” She asked, she loved Tanu, but this was one thing that she hated about her, making other people’s business her own, Tanu had a habit of involving herself in something that didn’t concern her, so what if Akash was cheating on his wife, what was the need to go tell his her? If at all he was cheating on her then he wouldn’t hide it forever, she will find out sooner or later.


“You won’t believe how Akash has insulted me, now it’s pay back. ” Tanu left to the Mehra Mansion while Neetu left to her house.


Akash had helped Pragya settle in, he assured her that he will help her whenever possible, even though he never wanted to leave her alone that night Pragya had assured him that she will be okay, he made sure that she had something to eat and after he saw that she was sound asleep, he left to his house, looking the doors from the outside as he had already given her spare keys to the house.


Mehra Mansion.

A woman is seen pacing back and forth looking at the door, it seems that she is waiting for someone as she is continuously looking at her watch.


“Rachna, relax I am sure Akash will be here in no time. ” Bulbul told Rachna, she was tired of seeing her pacing back and forth and in all honesty it made her feel dizzy.


“It is already 10:45pm and he is not yet back, how am I supposed to relax? ” Akash has never been this irresponsible, if he was going to be late, he would always give her a call.


“You are right Rachna, you should be very worried, but not about your husband about you and your little baby. ” Rachna and Bulbul heard an annoying voice from the door and they knew who it belonged to.


“Why are you here at this hour and what nonsense are you talking about? ” Bulbul asked, Tanu was so annoying and everyone knew it.


“Once you hear what I have to say you might just end up committing suicide. ”


“Shut up Tanu, I trust Akash and I know he can never do anything wrong so please keep your silly opinions to yourself. ”  Rachna said slightly having an idea on where this topic was going.


“What’s happening here? Aliyah asked as she came from her room. “Tanu why are you here? ” What the hell was she doing here at this ungodly hour.


“I came to tell something to Rachna but I am being insulted. ” Tanu replied whining like a little girl.


“Aliyah please tell your friend to leave, before lose my cool. ” At that moment they saw Akash coming in looking worried.


Rachna immediately rushed to her husband giving him a hug, he had her so worried. “What’s the problem Akash? Why do you look so worried? And where were you? ”


“It’s nothing Rachna, its just that I met an old friend and lost track of time. ”


“A friend or maybe a mistress? ” Tanu asked with a smirk.


“What? Are you insane or something? ” Akash has always suspected that Tanu had a loose screw, but he just needed a confirmation.


“I saw you with a woman near your flat. ”


“Mind your language Tanu remember you are just acting as Abhi’s girlfriend and you are not his girlfriend so stay in your limits. ” Bulbul warned her.


“I am just trying to help you and you are being ungrateful. ”


The matter was going out of hand, Bulbul was slowly losing her temper and Aliyah knew exactly what would happen. “Tanu come with me. ” Aliyah pulled Tanu to her room.


Once they were nowhere close to them both Rachna and Bulbul had asked Akash about why he came late in a calm manner and when they heard the reason they were both in tears even though Bulbul did not know Pragya personally she never thought that someone would pass through so much in a short period of time, Rachna who was indebted to Pragya felt so much pain that she wanted to meet Pragya right away, but after a lot of explaining she agreed to meet her the next day.


It was morning once again and all Pragya could think of is how she was rejected by her own family she thanked God for Akash as he had promised to help her, while she was still in deep thought she heard a knock on the door immediately she opened the door she saw both Rachna and Akash standing at the door, once they had come in she told them about all that had happened to her, they promised to support her through everything, Pragya had even suggested that he should find a job at a decent hospital, but Akash stopped her saying she should only take care of herself and her babies and that once she gave birth they would think of a way forward.


Months had passed and Pragya had finally gave birth, she gave birth to two lovely boys and named them Samrat and Siddhart.


Chapter 2 comes to an end

I know it’s sad, but I promise it will get better

Thank you all for taking the time to read this story, I really hope that you will love it.

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