Finale – Bigg Boss 10 29th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 10 29th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Grand Finale
Salman comes in Bigg boss house and dances with dancers, he raps about commoners vs. celebrities, Rohan, Mona, Gaurav, lokesh and Niti joins him and dances with him.

Salman comes stage, all ex-participants are there except Priyanka Jagga and Swami Om, they cheer for Salman. Salman shows winner’s trophy. He welcomes everyone to finale. Salman says Bigg boss make time run really fast, but inmates feels like th are in house for years. LOPAMUDRA, BANI J, MANVEER and MANU are finalists. Salman says indians have decided their decision, tonight we will know who is going to in. Salman says nothing was easy to achieve this season, lets go through incidents happened this seasons. Clip plays, Salman welcoming commoners were shown. How celebrities were servants of commoners in stats. Swami’s fights ae shown, Priyanka’s ill words about celebrities are shown, Rohan and Manu’s fights are shown, how commoners and celebs were divided, how commoners got evicted even after putting so much efforts but commoners didnt lose spirit, then how wall between commoners and celebs were removed, how Bani and lopa became enemies and how Gaurav-Bani, Lopa-rohan, Manver-Manu became friends, how Priyanka was evicted by Salman, then how Swami was thrown out, now finalists are waiting for result, clip ends. Salman says tota 18contentants came in house, and ex-contestants are here, some are not present and we are thankful for that. Salman greets ex-contestants, he says to Lokesh that you have become star, Lokesh says i got all that because of you, Salman asks if life is changed? Lokesh says its changed a lot, i feel good, i am enjoying new journey, Salman asks Niti are you famous now? Niti says everyone recognize me, i am really happy. Salman says Rohan left house when grand finale was so close, Rohan says i felt bad but people loved me a lot, Salman says your hair is spiked due to eviction shock, all laugh, Rohan says i wanted to stay in house but they burned my pupet in middle of night and evicted me, all laugh, Salman asks who you wanted to replace? Rohan says i wanted to replace Bani or Manu. Rahul says he could have replaced Bani, her temperament is very low, she has good intentions but she is impulsive and its difficult to deal with that. Salman asks Rohan if he thinks Lopa and Manveer are ahead of him? rohan says mine and Lopa’s thinking were same and i thought Manveer was ahead of me. Salman asks Gaurav if he is talking to actor Gaurav or real Gaurav? all laugh. Gaurav says i am an actor, i realized i shouldnt say truth in Bigg boss house, Salman asks whom you didnt see as finalist? Gaurav says Lopa didnt deserve to be in finals, Rahul says i love Gaurav but i beg to differ. Karan says i was expecting Bani and Lopa till end, Salman says Manver and manu were surprise package. Salman says Manveer came like thug and leaving like angel, he has changed as a person, he has grown.

Salman says one will get trophy tonight. Salman says lets see new look of finalists.

In activity area, inmates are shown glaming up and make-up artists give them pretty looks.

Chakor from Color’s serial brings Manver to dance floor. Manveer dances with her. Manu comes there, Chakor welcomes him, Manu dances with Chakor. Soraj brings Bani there and welcomes her. Then Soraj welcomes Lopa and dances with her. Four finalists dance comes on stage all glamed up.

Salman says lets see what is happening with finalists.

Finalists are sitting in garden all dressed up. Bigg boss says this is important moments for you and your fans and family, lets see their messages for you. Clips plays, showing different messages from family members or finalists, Lopa’s sister says she was a fun kid. We never thought she would become miss India.
Manveer’s dad says he was never into studies always playing.
Mannu’s fiance says as his friends tell me he had an eventful childhood. He is very nice though. He pampers me like every girl wants.
Manveer’s bhabi says he has a very good heart. Bani’s sister says she always cares for other.
Mannu’s fiance says just when he heard that he ordinary people could apply, he applied straight away. When he was leaving he said, I am going we will meet soon. I said I know you won’t come before the end.
Bani’s sister says we see Bigg Boss all the time. Lopa’s sister says I feel so proud in telling everyone that I am Lopa’s sister.
Lopa’s dad says we were surprised when we got to know she is cooking there. Manveer’s dadu says he didn’t even drink water in house and now he cooks there.
Mannu’s fiance says he was so strong when his mom lost. I was not sure if he would come out of that grief. But he did strongly.
Bani’s mom says come home soon. I will make you french toast.
Mannu’s fiance says I miss him very much. I had been counting days. I know how difficult it is. Manveer’s dad says we have been seeing him on TV. Lopa’s sister says I feel proud of her. Manveer’s mom says he made us proud. Manveer’s dad says he is liked by the public and that’s enough. Bani’s mom says you have been the best.
Everyone claps. Everyone is emotional. Salman says Bani you got so emotional? Do you wanna say something? Bani says I feel like this is the last time we are sitting here. In this house with everyone. I miss everyone. Salman says Manveer you wanna say something? Manveer says when I was among my family I couldn’t be so close. Now I realize when I can live with these people for three months I can live better with my own family. I want to change all the mistakes I have done in my life. Bigg boss had brought a change in me.
Mannu says I feel blessed to be sitting here in top 4. I followed all the dreams. I always thought its a celeb show. I got this chance and showed whole world who I am. My family liked it. I always wanted to be on screen. When you believe in yourself you can do it. My mother would be so proud of me too. I am feeling so proud.
Lopa says I never thought when I came here that I would make it this far. No one thought I would. I also thought I would leave early but I showed confidence to everyone. This was a challenge. India kept my respect. I have completed three months here. I have heard so much in this house. Whatever my mom and dad say no I would like it. I ran away twice too but I would never do that again. Your family is your family. I have felt that if I have a second house that would be Bigg boss’ house.
Salman says too much emotions.
Salman says your family might me far from you but they are here close to me. See who is here Manveer. He shows Manveer his family. Salman says dad has clean shaved. Manveer says how are you? His dad says we are happy. He says how are you? Manveer says I am God. His dad says just one more day.
Salman says Bani see who is here. Her mom says we are missing you. Bani says I miss you too.
Mannu waves his family too.
Lopa sees her sister and says where is mummy? Her dad says she is home. Lopa is crying. Her says don’t cry. And don’t fight bani.
Salman says the world is pacing with time out side Bigg Boss house. There is a task to prepare you for the world outside. Its very simple you have to do it with eyes. You have to see a news so you prepare for world outside.
The news reader reads news, he starts with ban on currency notes. He says first time 2000 Rs note was released. In America polling was done. Trump outnumbered Clinton. Ms Dhoni left captaincy making Virat captain. And India won first series under him. In UP there was election. There result would be on 11th March. Amir Khan’s film Dangal is the biggest blockbuster by now. Shahrukh Khan traveled in train for his movie’s promotion.
Bigg Boss’ Swami om was beaten in a debate in a new channel. Everyone laughs. Salman says he has been beaten up every day. You people tolerated him. Anyone has 500 or 1000 notes? Lopa says I am done. Salman says whom will you explain that you were at Bigg Boss’ house.
And something happened in this house too. The winner will face a loss of 10 lacs. Bani Mannu Manveer or Lopa whoever wins will get 40 lacs instead of 50. So there is time for a twist. So much happened in this house with you.

Salman says from next weekend you will see rising star.

Salman says there will be twist coming now for finalists. Lets go in house. Salman connects call to house. Salman says to inmates that tonight will be decision, votes are counted, we will tell you soon who is going to win, its time for us to take first step towards that decision, Manveer sighs heavily. Salman says take right decision, Manu says we are still in confusion, Salman asks them to go in room.
Inmates come in room, they stand near buzzers. Salman says to inmates that whatever will happen in this room, will result in one finalist leaving house and three others will remain finalists, Salman says there is buzzer infront of all inmates, timer will play on screen, you inmates will get 2minutes and whoever press buzzer before timer ends will be out of finale race but that person will 10lacs, there will be only one winner of season, remember that even if no one press buzzer, only three inmates will go back in house and one inmate will have to leave house either get evicted or by choosing money, if you think that you wont win this title so sensible decision is to take 10lacs and runaway, all laugh, Manu says i love you sir. Salman starts timer, countdown plays for 2minutes, no inmate is pressing buzzer, Manu presses it before timer runs out, Manveer says you should have waited a bit to think. Salman says Manu has pressed buzzer so he has decided to leave game, Manu has chosen to take 10lacs and leave finale race, Manu says right. Manu hugs Manveer, Manveer is crying. Manu says dont cry, he hugs Bani and Lopa and leaves. MANU IS OUT OF FINALE RACE. Salman ends call.

Salman welcomes Manu Punjabi on stage, all cheer for him. Manu touches Salman’s feet. Salman says Manu got 10lacs in few seconds. Salman asks Manu’s fiance if he took right decision? she says Manu shouldnt have left, he sould have been there till end. Manu says i didnt want to regret later, people have left in evictions but this way i got to get away with my decision. Salman says his fiance Piku thinks he is second on ranking, Piku says yes, Manu says i wouldnt have got this money bag now. Salman says as per votes, Manu’s final ranking is 4th, means if Manu didnt take money then he would have got evicted, its good he didnt get overconfident, Salman says to Piku that see he didnt come out empty handed, he took right decision, Manu takes seat with ex-contestants. Salman says now we have three finalists now.

Salman says we will celebrate film Kabil’s success with my brother Hirthik Roshan. Hirthik comes there and dances with Salman. Salman congratulates Hirthik, Salman says i always felt he has talent, he is best dancer and actor, Hirthik says i feel fortunate, the first person who gave me faith that i can do anything in life was Salman, thank you Salman. Salman says he is talented, Hirthik says lets begin show, Salman says make me learn some steps, Hirthik says true dancer is Salman, Salman says he is right, lets play my songs and we will follow your steps. baby ki base song plays, Hirthik shows his steps, Salman follows him, all cheer for them. Salman jokes about his dancing. Salman blindfolds Hirthik and welcomes Yami Kapoor, Salman greets her. Hirthik is dancing blindfold. Salman brings two girls from audience and asks Hirthik to recognize Yami by touching her face. Salman doesnt make Yami stand in line and make Hirthik touch faces of girls, Hirthik says no one is ami, where is my Yami? Hirthik touches Yami’s face and sings dil kiya kare song, Yami blushes. Hirthik takes off blindfold. Salman greets Yami, Yami says i am your big fan Salman, Salman says you have done great performance in movie, Salman asks her if you watch show? she says yes, Salman asks who you think is going to win? Yami says i think Manveer is going to win. Salman says Manu has become rich, they congratulate him.

Call is connected to house, finaists get excited seeing Hirthik and Yami, the cheer for them. Hirthik asks if they are nervous or excited? Hirtik wishes all the contestants best of luck. Salman says he has released a film Kaabil so he is here to judge your capabilities. Hirtik says lets start, we wanna know. Yami says who can become a minister? Manveer stands up and says I am the only one. Hirtik says who can be a good villain? They all point at Lopa. Everyone laughs. Manveer says Lopa played the vamp role well I think she will get villain role. Hirtik says Mannu is out. I am so sorry you are out, I want you to get inside. Hirtik says you made everyone laugh Manveer in this season. Lets have recap of it, Manveer and Manny recap.
They play Mannu and Manveer’s moments. When they made everyone laugh at Swami. Salman says seems like you both really enjoyed? Mannu says yes very much. SAlman says Mona you come here. She is blushing after marriage. He says Mannu and Manveer had a third partner Mona Lisa.
Mona Manveer and Mannu perform on different songs.

Salman promotes rising star’s panel and stars. They all perform on the stage. Salman says it was absolutely rocking. All the judges of rising star perform on the stage.
Salman says you can guess who would win Bigg Boss season 10 and 10 lucky winners can win LED TV.
Mouni performs on ‘teri deewani’. Karishma Tanna joins her as well. they rbing Salman on stage and dance on Prem ratan. Salman says thank Rocky suraj for the surpise. Thank you Karishma and Mouni. Mouni dances with Salman. Rocky says she makes very good eye contact. Mouni laughs when she looks in Salman’s eyes. Rocky says you won. She lost from you. Salman says we will show you rising star’s first look. She brings kids on stage. He asks kids their names. The girl says my name is agreema. She takes selfies. salman says what talent is this? She says this is talent of pretty people. She says I am a teacher as well. Salman says teach our bigg boss kids. She says how will I when you couldn’t. Salman laughs on kids antics. Salman’s brother Sohail Khan and Neha Dhupia enters stage. Sohail is wearing pink sneakers, kid makes fun of him saying girls wear it. Sohail touches hair of kid, toddler ask him to not spoil his hair-style. Sohail shares his childhood incident when he injured Salman during playing. Neha calls more kids on stage, they all jump on Salman, Sohail says show talent kids. One kid mimics actors, kids ask Salman to have fist fight with them, Salman lies on floor, kids win over Salman and hoots, all laugh. Kids are singing around Salman and telling him how they watched his movies, Salman says your parents must be happy to send you all here to get peace, all laugh. Salman hugs all kids, kids leave. Salman says i decide to have kids in life but then i see kids like them, all laugh. Salman promotes color’s show which will have those kids, Neha says me and Sohail will judge these kids. Sohail says Salman have worked hard in this season, he has become teacher and student both, lets see behind the scene of Salman hosting. Clip plays, showing Salman forgetting lines, Salman joking on sets, Salman joking with Govinda, clip ends. Salman says this just showed how incompetent i am, Salman forgets his lines, all laughs. Salman promotes Sohail’s show, Sohail and Neha leaves.

Salman says lets connect call to house. Call is connected, Salman asks Bani and Lopa that if you are asked to say something about each other, what would you both say? Lopa says i wish her best of luck for life. Bani says i would say lets have custard from Salman’s fridge and have fun. Salman says lets see your performance together.

Bani and Lopa comes on stage, Bani and Lopa perform on songs. They dance on Dangal. Everyone applauds. Manveer says dangal suited them. Salman says very nice. Salman says Manveer its that time. that you people would be thinking why there is this big setup in the house? What is it called? Lopa says oximeter. Salman says put it on your index finger. So now there is this news in Bigg boss history we will announce name of winner directly. The first name announced will be the winner of Bigg Boss season 1. First name will be the winner of this season. Salman says Lopa Mudra? Lopa says really? You are kidding right? Salman says she is so confident she can’t win. Lopa says no I know you won’t tell that easily. Salman laughs and says see your Oximeter readings. Now I will tell you who is that contestant who is in top 3 and won’t be in top 2. Manveer says don’t give us heart attack. Salman says the one who wouldn’t be top 2 is, Lopa. LOPAMUDRA IS OUT OF FINALE RACE. Lopa says I don’t feel bad at all. Lopa says so I have to go? She gives Manveer and Bani a hug. She says all the best. Salman says so Lopa is out of this race. We have top 2 finalists. Manveer and Bani.
Lopa is coming here.
Lopa comes on stage. Salman says so excited to lose this? Salman says you don’t like to win? Lopa says so excited to be outside. Everyone laughs, Lopa joins ex-contestants. Salman says do we have label relations? There would come two people who will find answer to this as well. Lets welcome cast of the new show, dil se dil tak. Salman promotes Dil se Dil tak show, he hugs serial’s stars Rashami Desai as Sharvari, Jasmine Bhasin as Teni, Siddharth Shukla as Parth Bhanushali, they leave.

Salman says we are close to find out who is going to win show, we have already got results, we will tell results soon. Lets connect call to house and talk to top 2. Call is connected, Salman asks if they both thought to be here in top 2? Bani says we always thought about it, Manveer says Bani made me realize our journey. Salman says you both have crossed limits of popularity, you will experience it, you were competing in house and now we will show you fans of both finalists. Clip plays, Bani’s journey is shown, one fan says Bani you swear on eggs, you have to win, one fan says she is clear from heart, Vj Andy, Farah Khan, Mandana Karimi share clips in her support, clip ends. Manveer says Bani is going to win, Bani says i am speechless, i cant describe how i am feeling. Salman says Gauhar Khan will talk to Bani. Bani sees Gauhar sitting in audience and squeals. Gauhar says i am proud of you Bani, people are loving you outside, you dont even know about it, people accept your mistakes too, you have shown all shades of perfect human being, good job, Bani is emotional listening it. Salman says Manveer has no support, no one is waiting outside for him, lets see clip. Clip plays, one fan says Manveer has touched their heart, one fan says i have kept mustache like Manveer, you have to win, Bharti Singh, Rishab Sinha, Sargun Mehta, Ada Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Kamya Punjabi and Guatam Galati shows support to Manveer via clip. Manveer gets emotional seeing clip. Salman says this is last chance to cry in this house, Salman says you cried with such less love? lets ask your mom. Manveer sees his mom and dad sitting in audience, Manveer says mummy i am star, Mom says you have made us and all happy, she cries. Salman says see your father has tears of happiness too Manveer. Salman says we have results, we will tell you soon who has been chosen as winner of season 10, this is last time i am calling, this is time for you both to say bye to this house and come on stage, hope to call this way again someday, he ends last call of this season.

Bigg Boss says this season 10 was so different. Celebrities and common people both participated. and see destiny today top 2 are also the same. One came as common man and one came as celebrity. One is very western and other totally desi. People liked you both equally. We will know in a while who is the winner but you both have won hearts. Now you two will walk outside, this house will be dark. But life awaits to welcome you with all the love. Bigg Boss wishes you good luck for the life outside. Now we want you to pull the lever and turn off the lights of this house and walk out. Bani and Manveer turn the lights off and walk outside. There are fireworks on the gate.

Salman says so Bani and Manveer are coming here for second and last time on this stage. Everyone gives them stand ovation. Salman says people will decide the best. Do you both wanna say anything? Bani says I don’t know where to start from. I feel so good to see you all. I can’t express how I feel. I am very happy, excited and nervous. Now Manveer will say. Manveer says I became totally different person. I am here with your love and support. I will take life more positively now. Salman says now I will tell who has India people chosen. Finally I will announce the winner.
Salman says and the winner of Bigg Boss Season 10 is.. He pulls hands of both on them. They laugh. Salman says so the winner is.. he pulls Bani’s hand says I have to scratch. Everyone laughs. Salman says so the winner of Bigg Boss season 10 is “MANVEER GUJJAR”. Manveer is crying. He bows down to the stage. Everyone comes on stage to hug and congratulate Maveer. Salman gives him trophy.
Salman says whoever guessed right, 10 of you will win LED TVs. Thank you for watching and liking Bigg Boss Season 10, he signs off from this season.

(Author’s note: This was one tough season to write, had to bear loud fights and disgusting words but it was worth it. I was that rare person who liked Lopa and Bani both (weird right?) and I also started liking Manveer from mid of season so I am happy that he won, thank you all for reading such long updates and showing support, you all are great)


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nivu99

    mmet u all guys at BB11

  2. Aarohi in tat video press persons asking questions to him..someone askd tat “aapka shaadi ho chuka h n 5 yrs ka beti h n al…” he said ha ye zaroori thodi hai ki har tag batana sab chalta he n al..m shocked to see this..though bani was ma first fav. but i liked manveer too as hez gud frm heart..but nw i feel like hez juz acted so well to b innocent n bb supported him to justify their aam aadmi concept n shown as salman said thug 2 angel..evn i saw report tat gaurav reactd on this as “once inside house manvr said to bani tat mai shaadi shudah hu n mere 5 saal ki beti h n al then he divertd tat m joking yaar n al..”

    nw i think hez married 4 sure..

    1. Wow… Unbelievable. I swear on myself, for the first time I had seen such a genuine person like Manveer on Bigg Boss. N just see, this is how he represents ‘common man’… Trust me, whenever I saw him cry, I felt if a man cries, none is so sensitive a person as he is. From friendship to responsibility, he fulfilled every condition required to be the winner. When he cried getting his father back that day, even I was crying. He brought his family on the show, apologised to his family…
      But it never matters whether he apologises to them or not, if he can’t bring the fact of his five year old daughter in front of the camera. He had just shed crocodile tears. N what a family…

      None mentioned the name of the woman he married, n now his bhabi wants a so-called “homely” girl for her devar. Sweetheart, grow up at least in this 2017…

      Even Priyanka was better : at least she brought her kids on the show. Might be she is a disgusting woman, but at least a mother.

  3. Ankit Raj Duhan

    Manveer’s neighbour works in Javed Habib salon in Noida where I usually go , she told me in the initial stage when bb10 started ,that Manveer is married and has a child too but I didn’t give much importance that time because i didnt start following the show till that time ..Well whatever , he is winner of bb10 and that’s more important because he earned it by defeating others !!

    ↑↑↑ n aarohi this z d comment i saw in under d post regarding this..

    1. This May I will be appearing for the NEET medical as I had always dreamt of becoming a psychiatrist since class 2. Trust me, I always thought I know people better than others can. N I never were wrong. But this Manveer is a better actor. Om swami should name him “actor of India”…

      1. I wasted all my votes on this cheapo…

      2. All d bst fo NEET…

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    If Manveer being married news is true, I will just say one thing
    Acha Hua Ke mera fav contestant rohan Mehra hain ???? Manveer Toh mera 2nd fav, but if he is really married i really lost respect because now i doubt if he is really genuine if he doesn’t even have feelings for his Wife or Daughter like win is more important than his family is? Seriously. But if he eloped from the marriage or he is divorced than the matter is something else.
    Now I feel Bani j was deserving contestant and she also got higher votes (i m so shocked bb still declared Manveer as winner as he is deserving in that case they should have declared rishabh as winner last season who was more deserving than Narula ?) but since Narula won due to higher votes in that case bani j should have won too , height of biasness now I m in doubt if I should really follow season 11, if I do I hope there will be genuine contestants like Rohan or bani or Lopa or even manu who at least don’t lie about their personal life. Now i feel manu hi acha tha Commoners main even lokesh n Nitibha they r already good.
    And if it’s a Rumour Manveer getting married i will really feel bad for him it was better if he didn’t win at least he won’t have face this much lagta hain kissi bani fan ne manveer ko Badua Diya hain

    1. Okay, so the comment section hasn’t closed yet. I’m shocked to know that Manveer is married. I saw the video in which he’s in the wedding attire and also his pic with the bride. So there’s no doubt that he’s married. I never thought that Manveer is that innocent as he portrays himself, but he seemed like a nice and decent guy to me, but not anymore. Can’t believe that he was openly flirting with Nitibha in the show. True, Manu was 1000 times better than Manveer, I’m glad that I liked him more than Manveer. Infact, every damn contestant was better than But that’s not enough. I just saw some more news about Manveer on India forums, though it’s from an unconfirmed source,
      1.Manveer has 17 pending court case and due to that his father was angry with him
      2.Manveer is a delhi graduate, and mostly lived in cities but he portrayed himself as a village boy to get sympathy.(He wa clean shaved before coming to bigg boss)
      3. Manveer didn’t told about his marriage and kids to get votes from female fans and also to have a love angle in the show.
      4. manveer changed his caste to Gurjar to get support from Gurjar community in votes.
      5. Manveer is very rude and has temper issues and doesn’t respects women in real life , but he was completely different in the show.

      If all this is true then, hats off to him for acting so naturally. He should get an Oscar for this. It seems like Colors gave Manveer a script and portrayed him as a hero. I’m done with this show now. Yeah, I will also think thrice before watching the next season.

      Plz reply Fatarajo, I’ll love to have some more discussion on this so called Gaon ka chora, lol.

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        ???? Haha so called gaon Ke chora the reason why I thought the marriage wala news is false is because he himself said na he ran away from his wedding and maybe that video is b4 he ran away. But if he is really married and have a kid and all the Rumours are true really yaar i lost all respect for him one can’t stoop so Low like hiding about their loved ones and not speaking about them for three months . And ya even i read the case wala thing. No wonder why he liked Baba so much ???.But idk about 2 and 4.
        And if these turns out to be a Rumour i will really fee bad for Manveer
        And love ur dp Luna

  5. Aarohi forget tat man..seriously despite winning title he lost al respect.. if this marg news s fake then y hez not justifying himself after tat video went viral..why hez hiding from media now..? if al these are false nws he would hav told media tat itz al fake nws & wd hav justified himself..but he did nothing..ths shows hez wrong..
    One more his relative reactd on marg controversy like ” if he has revealed his marg, would so many girls vote 4 him” lol wat a thinking..wat a family..

    Now bb trying to justify this winner by adding a video f manveer telling to bani hez married n having daughter n al in voot unseen videos..manveer fans defending him as hez lready revealed hez married n al jealous ppl making issues..seriously haha..wat a logic..

    Watever m glad tat i never voted single vote to this man..desptite bani getting highest votes as shez having huge fan following in india & outside everyone knows tat but still bb made manveer as winner still i acceptd this bcz i felt manvr lso deserving as he has done tasks well compared to bani..but i wanted bani to win ths title itz k shez real winner m happy tat despite losing she won millions hearts as she got huge fan base outside india bcz of shez njoying wid her family in london..bani♥ bcz f bb i bcame her jabra fan♥

    1. Haha .. Really me 2 ….coz of bb …jabra fan hehehe…

      1. haha St seriously dr..m falling 4 her more n more missing her so mch..watching her Vms n unseen videos n njoying…hehe

    2. Yeah… Agreed with u, I need to come out of this Bigg Boss fever 🙂

    3. Did u hear that Salman was pretty unfazed after knowing manveer’s wedding news,,,,it seemed as if he already knew about it……may be its true…
      May b d makers know that,,,,but tey were portraying him as a gentleman so as to justify t concept of so- called commoners…..uff….bb10 was indeed t most controversial ssn…..

      Bani z t real winner….winnng a trophy doesn’ t mean all…..
      Bani rokzZzz

  6. Next yr no bb..good bye waste f time..

  7. What Manveer did was wrong.

    Having said that, I have an opinion on him right now. Bigg Boss was a game show to survive in the house with strangers, it was NOT a show on personal life. And Manveer did this job wonderfully. I am extremely sorry to say so much rubbish about him without knowing whether he has a peaceful marriage or not, whether he was at fault or not, and any personal comment on him without even knowing him properly.

    We had seen him for 3 months n he literally changed. One CANNOT act good in front of the camera for 3 months. He changed for better in these 3 months, people loved it n voted for him. I AM SORRY as I have no right to make a personal comment.

    Don’t know about Manveer, but Manveer’s family must grow up. First, their comment on Nitibha n second, “IF MANVEER TOLD ABOUT HIS MARRIAGE, WOULD GIRLS VOTE FOR HIM?” thought – Is totally “Cheap”…

    Still, Manveer should have told about it as he has now lost all respect.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yeah that may also be true maybe the rumors r true and he changed for good. But still if all these r true he could have mentioned about his Daughter once(i did read he did mention to Nitibha , which maybe a Rumour too)
      Ya we saw his contribution in the show that’s why people voted for him but if one knew about his personal life maybe they won’t have vote much. and would girls vote for him if he is married, that sounds so funny, even married guys have a lot of fans that is completely illogical, Manu and Rohan both have gf and r in serious relationship but that didn’t stop their female fan following. So i don’t think that’s the case. And I knew Manveer’s family think about Nitibha in this way like her dressing sense and all that since they r village people. But they r allowing Manveer-Nitibha friendship that’s a big thing as some people don’t change.
      Well now bb10 is over and i also heard that bb11 is coming and commoners will be there in bb11 too. Hope there won’t be any commoners like Jagga or baba and if Manveer marriage news is true hope no one does what Manveer did.
      I m still not sure if the Manveer getting married news is true or not though

      1. Actually, being married does affects the fan following of a celeb, it’s actually true. Salman’s fan following will decrease if he gets married. Being in a relationship is a different thing. Also I saw some pics of Manveer before he came too Bigg Boss and he was looking very urban in it and not at all how he was shown at the start of the season, when he was introduced. He was completely clean shaved, hell, him and bigg boss created so much hoopla about Manveer shaving his beard for Manu, but it was not at all a big deal for him.

  8. Prettypreeti

    Ohhh manveer marriage news have made every1 crazy…i cant understand should i still like him or not???is really he married???if he had told also,then also he was so generous that we would have voted him…i m really confused..
    Now thinking ki bb 10 ke baare me na soch kr bb 11 ki tyari kron…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Pri ya this Manveer Ke marriage news ne Toh Sab ka dimag kharab Karke rakha , it’s like sach ka Samna still don’t get it if this news is true or false, Is bb/Manveer playing true and false with us ?
      And yeah I heard that there will be commoners next season too

    2. Agar filmy ho ke kahoon to… Kya 3 din ki yeh kahani 3 mahino ki rishtey ko yuhi mita degi?

      Don’t know what’s going on. Jaan ke bhi ab kya faida… Publicity ke lie kuch bhi likh deta hai media. Can’t comment until we hear anything from Manveer. I agree with Fatarajo that may be the video is of the time before his wedding. One can’t pretend for so long in the show.

    3. If life was a fairytale, I am sure Manveer went to his wife to apologise n that’s why his phone is switched off!!! :p
      Hope, it is just a rumour. Afterall, rumours only do spread like wild fire.

    4. Prettypreeti

      Jo ok aagle saal phirse commoners ka vaar….yaar jo bhi ho mai vishwash nhi kr pa rhi manveer ki shadi pr..
      Awwwwww big wala arohi such a sweet comment specoally liked ur 3 mahineh aur fairytale wali baat…i hope joh tumne kaha woh sach ho…
      I pray aarohi ki baat sach ho jaye

  9. Fatrajo pretty aarohi juz check manveer’s official insta page he posted a video tat ha meri shaadi 2014 me hui but cheeze sahi nhi hua n vo chali gayi n al…

    One more bb added in tat hez telling to bani tat hez married n having a daughter & his wife m mom only knows tat he came bb house then bani asking watz ur daughter name manveer he replied bolu bolu n both gone near camera n said “Hi vidhisha..”
    video ends…

    now manveer only can tell us which one z true..todayz his video or wat he said to bani..seriously..2 different statements by manveer..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Areh uska Beti ka naam Vidisha hain ya Aashi hain, vidisha is what Manveer said and Aashi is what others said so maybe Manveer’s marriage news is false because they aren’t even properly saying the so called Daughter’s name and vidisha name besides voot wasn’t even mentioned some say his Daughter is 3, some say his Daughter is 1 and half. So maybe higher chances that this marriage wala news is rumour. Areh yaar this question is even more difficult then kattappa ne bahubali Koh Kew Mara

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey all if u all want to comment feel free to comment but if u fear that comment box may disappear then don’t worry continue commenting here as if i m not wrong comment box will stay for 2-3 weeks , and once it disappers u all can Comment in preeti’s one shot she already mentioned the link and then maybe we can think whereas we can discuss about bb and all that news

  11. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey all here is the link: Manveer himself confessed he was married
    But since he is divorced I don’t think it was completely his mistake , as I said if he is a runaway groom or divorced the matter is something else so i don’t think Manveer is 100% at fault. And he also confessed about his Daughter and he said he told Bani about it. Some people also exaggerated his marriage news.

    1. Itz totally manveerz bb he said to bani tat m married having 3 yr grl n he dint mentioned tat hez divorced now..he even said only his wife n mother knows tat hez coming on voot bb added only this edited video & trying to justify their winner..juz now me watched unedited video on insta..this was d video f raaz wala task day in tat day later on manveer said it was all lie to bani…if u wanna see this whole unedited video tell ur insta id..i ll mention u in tat post…

      In ma eyes manveer lost respct..but itz ma POV..m juz done wid this manveer..

  12. Manveer’s true face is revealed,
    Manveer confessed that he got married in 2014 and his wife left him. Then how he has a 5 year old daughter if he got married in 2014??? So it was also a lie that he ran away from his wedding. and why his dad said that he runs away from home whenever an alliance comes for him. His mom and brothers also said that they are looking for a girl for Manveer. Manveer is saying something else and his family is saying something else. and where the hell his wife and daughter is??? All these things only indicate that something is fishy. I lost all the respect for him. Colors and Bigg Boss definitely knew about all this, shame on them!!!! worst Bigg Boss winner ever!!!!!

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Chalo at least end of the day Gujjar finally confessed the truth, if not it would have beeen just got worse . No wonder why he didn’t want to win ??? as he knew questions will arise about his marriage ???, but Bb is also at fault, if Manveer really said hi to his Daughter in the camera they should have showed it in the episodes that was not at all nice of bb makers , and I don’t know what was wrong if they told manveer’s truth that he was a divorcee and had a Daughter he would have gained more fans in that process that at least he told the truth. Now i also think bani should have been the winner and also since most voted for her to. This season, I won’t blame the contestants as most were amazing, besides some of them instead I will blame the makers only .hope BB doesnt do something more silly in the next season

      1. Blue phoenix

        So manveer made us come back to this forum again…Shocked and disappointed…he was on Screen for 105 days, Nothing about him was revealed….Hard to believe that somebody could fool whole nation till last (even more, if video wasn’t leaked)….On the other hand, Bani keeps inspiring me….Love you Bani 🙂

  13. If the whole drama going on is a jigsaw puzzle, I want to put a few pieces together n tell u a story. U will judge me n tell what is right n what went wrong.

    OPTION-A :

    Manveer had to marry a girl of his family’s choice. He ran away from his marriage. He married another girl. He has a daughter from this marriage. His family did not accept his wife. His relation broke with his wife. Apologised to family. Came to BB10. Apologised to father. Life sorted.

    OPTION-B :

    Manveer was forced to marry a girl of his family’s choice. Didn’t run away during wedding. After got married, RAN away from this relationship. Father was upset. Came to BB10. Apologised for that mistake.

    OPTION-3 :

    Manveer came to BB10. His family n he didn’t reveal the wedding because of his female fan following. He was a cheap man who used his friends on the show.

    OPTION-4 :

    Manveer loved his wife. His wife was well educated n so his family didn’t accept. To sort out his relationship with his FAMILY, he came to BB10. Might be the marriage didn’t work, but still loves his daughter.

    1. Whatever happened, who are we to care? We saw him only on Bigg Boss, so I think it’s better not to judge his personal life. Sorry again if I did any wrong, yet can’t deny Manveer WAS my favourite. Anyways, choose any one option.

      1. Hello aarohi gd morning i will choose option b i mean 2 bcz i think it was the matter of vicious pressure on him by his family to marry and after got married he came in bb and at the bb stage standing with salman sir he appologised to his father bcz he was v angry with him

    2. Prettypreeti

      Aaro i also think option b..i think he might havent run..might he had run in some other proposal but have done marriage after that..mujhe lgta hai this is reality…he ran away also but married also.. Shayad…

  14. Prettypreeti

    Everyone now i think hme band kr dena chahiye manveer ka topic..jitna usse suljhane ki koshish kr rhe hai aur phasi ja rhe hai….the real reality only he and his heart knows…..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hmm right Pri and also Manveer himself confessed the truth.

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