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a kid, a teen and an adult gets molested everyday.

but the only thing they have in common is them being girls.

why is it always girls who suffer?

what crime have they done?

in India, at least 92 women are molested.


what world do we live in?

that it is always the women who suffer?

but getting justice is the hardest bit.

why is that?

because the woman is always being threatened.

because the woman feels disgusted.

because the woman feels it’s her fault.

whereas it isn’t her fault at all.

she should use her voice.

because her voice is the only weapon she has to fight against these idiots.

because her voice will help her get justice for herself.

because her voice can get justice for all the women who have been rape victims.



rikara’s room:

gauri went in to get her daughter’s toy. little did she know someone was following her.

gauri: where is that bunny?

she keeps some teddies on a side and at last finds the bunny.

gauri: now she will be happy.

she keeps the other teddies away and just then she heard the door thump. she didn’t know who it was so she thought it was her husband.

gauri: omkaraji, found misty’s toy. now she will be happy.

she felt someone tugging at the thread of her dress.

gauri: omk…

she turns to see shivay’s new business partner akash.

gauri: what do you want? tell me!

akash: you.

gauri: chi! keep your dirty thoughts to yourself. don’t you feel ashamed? you are married for god damn sake! and you know that I am married and I have a child. you are a guest so behave like one!

akash goes closer to her. gauri gets scared,her heart starts beating fast. she was about to shout when akash covered her mouth and wrapped his hand around her waist. gauri feels uncomfortable and pushes akash to one side. akash stands up again, he tries to go even more closer. gauri hid behind om’s art table as he tried to search for her.

akash: hello!

gauri turned to see akash next to her. she shot up and saw the bottles of paint. she threw them at akash but akash didn’t stop.

akash grabbed her hand and brought her close to him.

gauri: leave me! LEAVE ME!

no one heard her screams. everyone was too busy partying.

akash threw gauri on the bed and gauri hugged the pillow tight . akash goes on top of her, leaving kisses on her neck. gauri, with all her might, manages to get akash off her and ran to the door. before she unlocked it, akash grabbed her dress threads and made her face him. he grabbed her waist and brought her close to him. gauri was struggling to get out.

gauri: leave me! the entire world should know that you are cheap and you don’t care about your wife.

akash grabs her neck and says: if you tell everyone, people will think that you are such a cheat, letting another man touch you. media will defame you only not me. why? because they think a girl is full of shame to begin with. and if you tell anyone, shivay’s business will be ruined. your husband will disown you. you will lose your sister, your daughter, your brothers…….everything.

he lets go of her and opens the door.

akash: now look normal.

with fear, gauri nodded. she grabbed her daughter’s toy and both went downstairs.

shivay: arre akash, where were you?

akash: bathroom.

shivay: oh ok. anyway meet my dadi.

akash nods and goes with shivay.

om goes towards gauri and says: what happened jaan?

gauri stayed silent.

silent with guilt.

silent with fear.

silent with shame.

she gives om the bunny and goes.

om: what happened to her?

that night:

the party was over now.

rikara’s room:

gauri saw om and misty sleeping. she smiles crying.

gauri’s POV:

I hate myself for this. I hate myself for whatever happened today. I deserve to die. I don’t deserve misty nor omkaraji. I don’t deserve this family. I deserve hell only, hell.]

gauri’s POV ends.

gauri goes out of the room and in the kitchen. she finds a knife with a sharp point. she holds her wrist out and her eyes closed. tears rolled out and she brought the knife near her wrist.

the knife fell on the floor.

gauri: I can’t do this. I can’t…

she collapses crying on the floor

a few days later:

gauri’s behaviour was getting more weirder day by day. everyone was worried for her.

she didn’t play with her daughter anymore.

she didn’t eat anything.

she didn’t talk to anyone.

she didn’t even smile.

precap: truth


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