FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 5)

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Chapter 5:

The next day morning all the members from Khurana house goes to temple, whereas Jugnu and Pranati were still sleeping. Dadi was relieved knowing that Pranati, Reyansh and Jugnu are not coming with them when Riya insisted Armaan to wake them up but Armaan replied as “They must be tired because of yesterday’s event. So let them take rest”. They reaches temple and till then all the arrangements were made by Mallika and Riya’s family. Mallika was excited to see Reyansh but when she got to know that he was with Pranati and Jugnu she got upset and irritated as well. She leaves from there to make remaining arrangements.
It is 8 AM in the morning when Pranati wakes up,she looks at clock and remembers that they have to leave for temple early in the morning. So she quickly gets ready and downstairs looking for everyone but no one are there, then she thinks that everyone might left so she think what to do now, then it strikes that she have to take Jugnu to the place. Pranati calls Chetna and asks to bring Maira(Pranati brother’s daughter) along with her so that Jugnu can have some fun with her and can make her mind relax. Later she makes breakfast for them and takes milk for Jugnu to her room. She wakes up Jugnu and asks her to brush her teeth, then drink milk after that to get ready so that they can go to some place. Jugnu who was excited to go outside did jump of bed immediately and did all things said by Pranati. Meanwhile, Pranati did all packings required for them and arranged breakfast on table. Jugnu who came down asked Pranati “Nayi maa, why is this house is silent today?”
“Because everyone went to Temple, early in the morning when we were sleeping.” replied while arranging Jugnu’s breakfast plate.
“Why so early Nayi ma? And why did they leave us?” asked jugnu again.
“They left early because they have to reach there on time, and they didn’t take us because they might thought we need rest.” simply replied pranati when Jugnu got ready with another questioning face.
“Accha Jugnu, I know you have questions. I will explain everything, but first you need to have this breakfast.” said Pranati for which Jugnu accepted and started eating.”So… there is a culture that newly wedded couple should visit their deity on the very first day of marriage and perform the prayers for their wellbeing and prosperity of family. After offerings prayer the groom has to lit the lamp in temple and bring the same to house and place in home temple.” explained Pranati. Jugnu did listem everything calmly trying to understand whatever Pranati said, still there are questions in her mind. Pranati who looks at Jugnu face understands she is not yet clear.
“Okay now ask me… Don’t put that expression on your face. It doesn’t suit you…” Pranati tells Jugnu.
“But why do we need to do all these things? Does really god exists?” asks Jugnu.
” Yes god really exist.” tells Pranati and immediately jugnu says “No I don’t believe in god. Where is he?”
“God is not a form to be visible, it’s your deeds and good will. If you are willing to do something good then god exists in you.” said Reyansh who just came downstairs making aware of his presence there.
“What’s the matter today, hun? Jugnu and her mother are talking about god.” asks Reyansh.
“Because we didn’t go to temple with them, and my child Jugnu didn’t know why and how all these traditions happen. So I’m explaining it to her.” mockingly replies Pranati whereas Reyansh was only digging concentratedly into his breakfast.
“Damn!!! This is yummy.” praises Reyansh as he keeps a morsel of chole bhature in his mouth. “Thayi is the best, you know.” compliments Reyansh.
“Bandar papa, this food is made by nayi maa. Not thayi.” says jugnu. Pranati was already slightly blushing when Rey did compliment her food. Reyansh did look at her, he remembers how she used to bring food for him in college days and how much he loved chole bhature which was specially made by Pranati’s mother. He smiles and says “You’re good Prani but you can never match your mother. She is amazing.” tells Reyansh.
“Haan nayi maa, your mother is so good at food. I just loved her food. Even now I miss that food.” says Jugnu. Pranati smiles and says “If so it is like that, we can go for lunch there. What say?” asks Pranati exciting Jugnu. Jugnu smiles and nods her head in agreement.
Reyansh is struck with a thought that how can he go there so he tells ” Okay guys, I have some work so I can’t join you there.” which disappoints Jugnu and a part of Pranati. Dadi calls him and tell that he needs to go factory as people over there are fighting, so he goes there.
In car Jugnu asks “Nayi ma, where are we going?” for which pranati says it as a surprise. They reach the place and it’s a water park near by Pranati’s house. Jugnu was awestruck with view of entrance as it contains dolphins and sea waves. She goes with Pranati for the ticket counter, after taking ticket. Pranati asks Jugnu to pose as she wants to click pictures of Jugnu. Jugnu gives adorable pouts and different pose for frame. After a while, Chetna comes with maira (six years old). Jugnu is now super excited to see Maira, they had a great bonding while Jugnu was living in Pranati’s home. As soon as Maira arrives she immediately goes to Jugnu and says “Juggu di! I micchu you” and hugs her.
“Aww choti, I miss you too.” hugs back Jugnu. Chetna and Pranati smiles at their bonding. Pranati know Jugnu is not as bad as she shows, she is just got habituated with rudeness of this world. Pranati cursed herself to let this happen, how can a mother let her daughter go through so much?, is the question she thinks every time she has to listen about Jugnu’s past.
“Ahaan! It hurts… Why no one here misses me?” asks Chetna making everyone smile.
“Because you’re cannot be missed.” says Jugnu. Chetna makes sad pout and says ” how bad?”. Pranati smiles and says ” If you have done with your drama, shall we go in?”. Every one laughs except chetna and goes inside.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    i liked pranati’s dialogues about God to kugnu.how jugnu revealed to rey that the good was cooked by pranati was nice.in the show they are not showing pranati’s mom n family.but you reminded me of her mom in this ff. the last scene was nice.I wish reyansh too had joined pranati n jugnu

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