FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 1)

 RECAP: Pranati leaves the Khurana’s house as per her words but returns when she realizes she can’t do this to her daughter and gets in argument with Reyansh when he tells her to follow dadi’s word.


Jugnu winces in sleep as she turns around making Pranati and Reyansh realize of her presence. Reyansh goes to Jugnu and keenly observes the bandage tied by Pranati and says “Thank god! You have did correctly, if it was not you then I would never done it cleanly and perfectly. You know I was worried, she was crying ever since you left and I am not able to stop her sobs.”

“I know that, she was weeping very badly there were tear marks on face when I came here. She must slept crying, but from now onwards I won’t let her cry and also I won’t leave her alone.” stated Pranati being determined.

“Pranati!! You here?” asked Dadi being shocked listening her voice. Pranati didn’t said anything but just looked at Reyansh who was already staring her with terrified look on his face. Looking at Reyansh and Jugnu who woke up, Dadi fiercely marched towards Pranati and dragged her towards the main door and throwed her outside, Reyansh and Jugnu did follow them, but stayed at hallway.

“How dare you? Why you’re here again?” questioned dadi with angry.

“Dadi, my daughter needs me right now. I can’t leave her like this.. that too in this kind of situation. Please dadi let me be with her.Please this is one mother request to you. Even you’re a mother, can’t you understand my situation?” said pranati pleading dadi, but she is unaware that dadi is not such human who has any emotions towards any person in this world unless they have money related.

“NO!! You. Cannot. Stay. Here.” Dadi told in a belligerent tone. ” And yeah we had a deal right? How can you break that?” questioned dadi.

“No dadi, I didn’t do it with my will. And yeah according to the deal if the money was taken then only I have to leave Jugnu right? Please check your room before speaking anything about money, I have kept money in your room before leaving and yeah I left Jugnu believing that she hates me listening to the cliping you showed, but I got to know it’s not right… Jugnu likes me as she likes Reyansh. So you can’t have solo custody of Jugnu though you throw me out of this house.” Pranati said with determination looking at Jugnu with teary eyes.

“I think you lost your mind in this shock or else why are you forgetting that in all your senses you did signed the documents of solo custody to get rid of your daughter from the kidnappers clutches. Or else you’re doing this drama to get more money from me?” asked dadi mockingly.

“Not drama dadi, it is true. As per deal I haven’t taken your money and it is still with you, you can check if you want, so this deal is not done. So I can’t give jugnu’s custody to you.” told Pranati, dadi calls out reyansh and asks him to check his room whether there is any money bag or not? Reyansh goes to bring the money bag. Meanwhile someone calls Dadi, she attends the call.

Pranati takes the chance and goes towards Jugnu. “bachha why didn’t you tell me about your injury when I did ask you earlier?” asked pranati. Then Jugnu sees her leg and remember how she got cut in her leg when she got to know pranati left home.

“This was happened after you left, and now I got to know how much you love me… Don’t act now. If you come back now and create drama, you think you can change my perspective towards then you are wrong. Anyways, after six months you’ll anyhow leave me to NGO right?” Jugnu said in anger to Pranati which made her feel guilty.

“No Bachha, everything I did is for your good. But now I realised without a mother no child can have good life, look I came back and will never leave you.” Pranati promised Jugnu.

“Can I believe you?” asked Jugnu with teary eyes. Pranati nodded as yes and hugged her, even Jugnu hugged her back. In Jugnu’s heart somewhere she accepted Pranati as her mother and developed the attachment.

Dadi comes back and shouts ” How dare you to fool me and come back in home?” and drags pranati outside of home, when a lawyer comes with the papers.

“How did you think dadi that I’ll leave my Jugnu, I did this only for some good. Even you’ll know that soon.” Said Pranati. Reyansh comes back with bag and shows the money to dadi. Dadi is shocked and out of words now. Pranati asks the lawyer “so ma’am please let everyone know why you’re here.”
“Yeah ma’am, So Mr. Reyansh these are few conditions from court for your joint custody. Or else you have to leave Jugnu’s custody.” Said Lawyer shocking everyone.

“Arey, how is this possible when pranati herself signed the documents?” asked dadi.

“Ma’am, for those documents are not valid. As pranati ma’am did put V.C. in every document after her signature which means she is been forced to sign those documents, so those are invalid.” explains the lawyer and then turns to Reyansh.

” So sir, the rules are:

i. You have to move into new house for jugnu safety as per our request.

or else you need to make sure that follow below rules;

a) Make sure no one use the word “Najaiz(illegal born)” infront of you from your family.

b) You need to contribute in her school activities.

c) Mostly your family should never hurt Jugnu in any way, and lastly only Jugnu has the power to let Pranati or Reyansh get away from her. Even if they both willing give the custody that will be not valid.

So tell me sir, what is your choice?” asked  the lawyer after telling all the rules.

Reyansh was awestruck listening everything and looks at dadi. Dadi agrees to all other rules to let them stay in the home. The lawyer clearly explains if anything is violated then there will be severe action taken by court and leaves. With no option Dadi leaves from there making an impossibly angry face, Reyansh is standing still admiring the women who is in front of Jugnu. His fondness is clearly visible in his eyes. Pranati hugs Jugnu and says “No one has right to drag your mama and your papa away from you, unless you have. At least for this six months, this is my promise.” Jugnu is touched with Pranati’s act, the way pranati going through so much to be with her and make her feel the bond values.

“So as per order, no one will call me that big word right?” asks Jugnu innocently.

“Yes baby no one will call you that, and I’ll make sure of it. Because you’re not that, you’re my love.” says Pranati still hugging Jugnu, even jugnu gets emotional and hugs her back. From corner of her eyes Jugnu sees Reyansh and calls him, “Bandhar papa, why are you standing there? Come and join us.” Reyansh hugs Jugnu.

PRECAP: Reyansh to shout on Pranati for oversmarting dadi on Jugnu custody.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Dadi pranati conversation was superb.glad that pranati defeated Dadi.never expected jugnu to talk like this.but loved pranati jugnu hug.court rules are interesting.reyaansh too hugging jugnu was nice

    1. PinkChocolate

      Thanks for the ff. Couldn’t find any Pavitra Bhagya ff anywhere on the internet and very beautiful!

    2. Vyshnavi

      thank you!!! Yeah the court rules were amazing.Now no one can separate jugnu from her parents.

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