FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Prologue)

Hi all,

This is my first fan fiction. Hope you’ll like my writings. Enjoy reading.


This story starts from jugnu saved by pranati and reyansh.

After they come home and as per deal done with dadi pranati leave the khurana house and goes to a new house where she rented before. She opens the window of the new house and see jugnu who is lying on her bed while crying.

The new house which she bought is near to khurana house and from her room she can see jugnu everytime.

Looking at her daughter jugnu, pranati becomes more emotional blaming herself, “It’s my mistake jugnu, it was my mistake. If I wouldn’t have met Rey and I would have realized his true intentions then itself, today you wouldn’t see this day. Whatever you are facing is because of me. I’m sorry mera baccha, I’m sorry…” Saying this pranati collapses on ground.

‘What kind of mother I am? How can I leave my child for money when she needs me the most. Look how terrified she is. I cannot leave her like that. She needs me, she is frightened. Don’t worry jugnu I’ll be there for you no matter what, a mother can fight this law also for her daughter. I’m coming.’ she says determined to herself.

Pranati silently sneaks into jugnu room and sees her slept, the marks on her face was made due to crying. Slowly pranati wipes them out and then notices the blood oozing out from her feet.

“Oh God! This much of blood is oozing out and no one first aided it.” Saying this pranati brings out first aid kit and slowly clean the wound and dresses it. Meanwhile Reyansh comes into the room with first aid box in his hand and shocks seeing pranati there.

“Pranati, you are here? What you’re doing here, I mean you left the house right?” Asks Reyansh.

“Yes of course, I might leave the house and jugnu’s sole custody for you, but I have never left my love for her. She is my daughter and she needs me now. No one or no law can break my bond with MY JUGNU.” Pranati vents her anger on Reyansh.

“Fine pranati, if it’s like that even I won’t stop but get ready to kicked out of this house by dadi. And don’t expect me to stop doing that.” Warned Reyansh.

“In your dreams Mr. Khurana, I’m Pranati Mishra now i am a mother not a girl whom you can play with emotions.” She fiercely said.

Reyansh was startled with her confidence and thought ‘What is she going to now?’

“Don’t think much Rey, just let the time decide what I am capable of. But yeah do me a favor, just don’t do something which makes me hate you more in your dadi’s cheap tricks. This is the only thing I can least expect from you.” said Pranati.

Reyansh did see different pranati now, she is bold and fiercely determined mother. She is no more that innocent girl whom he liked by heart once. Her struggle for Jugnu increased his fondness towards Pranati more. But for pranati her hatredness is increasing towards Reyansh as she is thinking he is also part of this whole plot to separate her from Jugnu.

Precap: Dadi is fierce seeing pranati in her house and throws her out.

  1. Jasminerahul

    i am reading a prayansh ff for the first time.please never discontinue it.pranati left the house as per the deal.it was very sad.but watching jugnu from her house n coming to be with jugnu as she needs her was so touchy.I felt sad when reyaansh said that he won’t support her.hope he will have some spine to go against Dadi n support pranati

    1. Vyshnavi

      Thank you for reading… Hope you are enjoying it. Yeah I will continue it. This is the first time I’m writing a fanfiction, this story has a beauty in itself which made me write fanfiction. I’ll surely continue it. Reyansh will change for sure but you’ll see how he’ll change in future chapters.

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