FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8:

After playing with water for some more time, Pranati sat on couch while Jugnu and Reyansh were running around each other. Looking at them even she felt like playing but couldn’t because of her drink effect.

After few minutes both joined pranati and Jugnu lied on Pranati’s lap. Reyansh who sat beside Pranati started staring at her in welled up heart. Only his heart knows how much he missed admiring his only love of life. He watched the girl in her lap, who made him close to his love. If not Jugnu then he couldn’t imagine this change in him.

“Look at you Rey, How enjoying your life would be before these two girls entered your life, but now how it became? Don’t listen to your heart rey, it’ll never enjoy your life.” Suggested his brain.

“The nerve of you to blame me, it was because of you he missed this happiness from years ago. Let him lead a peaceful life at least now.” Retorted his heart,”Also he is so lucky to have a daughter like Jugnu. Who is daring and fighter.” Added his heart with pride.

“That’s the point, a daring girl doesn’t need a father and about Pranati, she never tried to contact him later if it’s not Jugnu. So they both don’t need Rey, right? So stop filling him with wrong suggestions and let him enjoy his life.” Said his brain.

That’s enough for Reyansh, the thought of not necessary for Jugnu and Pranati did something to his heart. The old all memories from meeting pranati and the most happy and pure feelings he had was flashed in front of him. She was happy even now without him is hurting now, but he don’t know without him she will never have complete happiness neither a complete life.

“Rey, don’t feel bad. This all happened because she was broken with your break up still she stood up against everyone and gave birth to your child who is so lovely. Make them feel home Rey, you’ll have them forever in your life.” Slowly suggested his heart.

“No don’t do that Rey, Remember whatever your grandma told. Follow her, don’t disappoint her. They were just cards to her till Mallika get married, later your grandma is going to make their life hell, if they stay with you.” said his brain like slapping the reality on his face. Reyansh stood up from there and went outside. He went to the bar and started drinking. He saw a girl approaching him in light pink dress.

“Rey, come na lets dance. It’s being so long.” she said in very sweet voice. He slowly followed her and started dancing slowly, then suddenly he felt down with the girl losing his balance just like someone has kicked him.

“Dare you Evil aunty to dance with my father, huh?” asked Jugnu with serious tone. The lady was Mallika, she fumed at Jugnu and got up and about to slap Jugnu, Pranati held her hand.

“You can do whatever you want in this world, but dare you touch my daughter. You will never have the same face to show this world.” warned Pranati, as the whole club members were looking at Mallika, she left the place considering to take her revenge for this soon.
‘Waah my mother, you did show her your Durga avatar to her. She really loves me. I wish I was with her from my birth.’ Jugnu thought. Looking at Reyansh and Pranati, if they’re together it would be very nice thought Jugnu.

They all went inside after dancing for few moments and both Pranati, Reyansh were losing their stability to stand.
At evening, Jugnu woke up and saw both Reyansh, Pranati sleeping in sitting position. She immediately clicked picture in Pranati’s phone. Jugnu’s feeling towards family and parents did change a lot. Now she is liking the idea of being in a family. All this is because of Pranati condition towards the Khurana’s family.

Jugnu again slept in the same position; suddenly she started feeling hungry, so she started searching for something to eat in that cabin but nothing was found. When she turned she made the vase fell unknowingly, and due to that sound both Reyansh and Pranati woke up and stared at their position. Little they felt embarrassed so immediately they stood up and looked at the sound of source which broke their deep sleep, then they saw Jugnu looking shock at broken vase. Jugnu immediately saw Reyansh and Pranati, closed her eyes and started pleading
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t do this intentionally, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll replace this with new one but please don’t beat me, please, please forgive me”

Looking at her state both Rey and Pranati were feeling sad, Pranati who recovered first went to her and hugged her and told “Dear, look it’s not much damage, that’s fine you no need to be sorry for this.”

Jugnu who felt some relief in Pranati’s hug opened her eyes and asked “is it really fine? you are not going to punish me for this, right?”. Listening this Pranati felt her heart broken just like the vase. Reyansh who saw the pain in Pranati’s eyes and fear in Jugnu’s eyes, so immediately he jumped in and said “Arey baby, who will dare to punish you? After knowing your Defensive skills.”

“Papa, I was scared that the vase seemed to be so much expensive. I just carried through the bad memory in my previous house when I did broke vase like this they made me walk on the pieces after throwing them outside in the cold night.” Jugnu slowly said in the trance, Pranati can feel her fear and shivering in her hug. Jugnu’s strength of hatred was losing towards Pranati’s care and affection, obviously it should be because nothing can win over a mother love. Jugnu’s opening her fear is proof of it, Reyansh happened to see how Pranati’s sweet nothings made Jugnu relax. Jugnu slowly went into the sleep.Rey slowly lifted her and placed her on couch, even he was feeling for what she had to go through.

“Rey, look at her how much she has suffered for my mistake. I am a bad mother. I wish I had never believed my mother until I saw Jugnu, I wish I could be awake after giving birth to this little child instead of getting unconscious. I am a waste, I hate myself for this.” saying this Pranati breakdown in front of him. He immediately took her into his embrace.

“Shh, stop it prani, it was all because of me.” for the first time he openly blamed himself for Jugnu’s condition. Pranati was so busy in cursing herself that she didn’t realise it “No rey, it was my baby girl, it should have been more careful. I am a bad mother, rey.”

“Stop cursing yourself prani, I hate tears your eyes. Now let us take away all her fear, she is still 8 years, we can give so much happiness that she’ll forget all those hatred. Promise me you are with me to do that” he asked her, it shocked her. For the first time, he mentioned them together, she promised happily and hugged him. He felt content seeing her happiness, he kissed on her forehead and said “I will not let any fear come into her life prani, this is a father’s promise to you prani. Now you relax.”

Pranati was so happy listening this, she noticed the change in him. The person whom she hugged is no more the same flirt or lover boy, he is a father of her child. Her Reyansh.

  1. Very emotional episode

  2. Its very good😊…i miss them so much🌹💜

  3. Jasminerahul

    nice to know that reyaansh still craves for pranati.but sad that he counts that they don’t need him.nice reply by pranati to mallika.poor jugnu was so scared.prayansh deciding to give love to jugnu n make her forget her fearful past was touchy

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