FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7:

‘What the hell? You’re happy listening pranati? What happened to you Rey?’ his mind scolded him, which brought senses into him and went towards Jugnu.

“Bandar papa, you know what happened just now, nayi maa have given a nice class to the bodyguards over entrance.” Jugnu said as she is still in that trance.

“Anyways, it’s your nayi maa habit to take class of everyone. That’s nothing new.” Mocked Reyansh looking into Pranati eyes which was filled with happiness listening to her daughter’s word about her.

“I wish I could have given the same to you, so that from next time onwards you’ll be able to control your tongue before Jugnu.” Pranti  scolded Reyansh.

“Acha Jugnu, come lets have some fun. Let your nayi maa be in her own anger mode.” Told Reyansh taking away Jugnu from there.

Pranati in angry went to the slide bar and started cursing him.

“He is irresponsible and telling Jugnu that I’ll be angry on them. Such an idiot.” while cursing Pranati has sipped a glass of vodka without her knowledge. She drank continuously till some random guy interrupted her “Hey miss, broke up with your boy friend? If so we can really go for a date, I will be glad to go to date with you beautiful, what say?” he asked while his looks were giving her wrong intuitions.

“Broke up… Not really, I have born to be mother of my boy friend’s daughter, who will really kick you out this place if she got to know you were flirting with her mom.” she retorted him back with pride to be Reyansh girlfriend and Jugnu’s mother, she was about to leave, he came close to her and said “Being a mother to you are still so tempting, I like to have you today, believe me I’ll be better than your boyfriend.” He went so close to her, that she lost her balance and felt down. He pulled her up holding her arm.

Jugnu who saw Pranati struggling to get out his clutch in drowsiness, came near him and smacked hardly on his head which made him little drowsy making him fall down. Pranati who felt her hand released looked at him fell down and Jugnu who was with angry kicking him hardly saying “How dare you touch my mom, you bastard.” Pranati had stopped Jugnu and dragged him up as he did to her.

“Didn’t I warn you to stay away or my daughter will smash your face?”  said Pranati pridely looking at Jugnu who is still in angry mode. Reyansh who came in search of them saw them hitting a guy continuously, he observed Jugnu was hitting him properly but Pranati was hitting air while swaying. He immediately went towards Jugnu and held her back while Pranati was still hitting him.

“bandar papa, leave me! I said leave me.” Jugnu yelled at Reyansh for holding her back.

“Cool Jugnu, cool down. I agree you’re angry, tell me why you’re angry?” asked Reyansh with his cool nature.

“I am angry because he was misbehaving with my mom.” said Jugnu gritting her teeth in much anger. Listening this Reyansh left her and saw Pranati who was in full drunken state swaying in drowsiness, he immediately got anger and hit that guy hardly. Now he is on floor, the environment in pub has changed. Everyone there can see Reyansh anger in his eyes. Immediately bouncers there came in and throwed that guy out of pub. Reyansh commanded the management over there to never let that guy enter any of their pubs. He then took both Pranati and Jugnu to his private space in the pub.

“Aww, Rey you’re real hero. That’s why I Love You, you always save me. Thank you Jaan.” said Pranati while hugging Reyansh tightly and kissed him on his left cheek making him statue there.

Then she turned towards her baby girl and hugged her saying “I love you my baby, you’re a super girl. Look how strong you’re, my baby.” and she kissed her on Jugnu’s forehead.

Jugnu was enjoying her mother’s this behaviour, normally she saw Pranati  to be strict and traditional, but this side is so different. Pranati is carefree, just like a teenager.She was dancing with Jugnu, Reyansh was still in his own dream land.

‘I Like You, I like you so much Rey’ only this words were re occurring in his ears. Suddenly he came out of his dreamland with splash of water, where Jugnu and Pranati were playing with water bottle.

He was lost in the moment, looking both of them happy and carefree. He wants to protect them from every evil of this world. Looking at Pranati’s carefree behaviour he felt so happy.

He went to Pranati and holding her he told “After so many years I am seeing you in the way I always love to see you.”

Jugnu was happy from inside listening that. Pranati hugged him and said “I want you to be with us rey, with me and Jugnu. She loves you more than me.”
Reyansh looked at Jugnu who was looking at them in awe. He immediately called her into the hug.

He feels so good after so long. Reyansh felt his heart feeling some deep emotions, whereas Jugnu is feeling like she is being in right place with the right to be loved, also for the first time she felt like a family.

A mother, typically emotional and strict, A father who is always supportive and lovable.

‘God, please make this moment forever’ prayed Jugnu. Looking at Jugnu and Reyansh, pranati was very happy.

They are like happy family.

  1. Jasminerahul

    jugnu becoming an action heroine to save pranati from that cheap man was superb.pranati hugging n telling reyaansh that she wants him to be with her n jugnu was sweet.loved jugnu wanting this family moment to be true forever

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