FF – Pavitra Bhagya – Collapsed hearts (Chapter 15)


The next day Pranati woke up with ring of alarm, but to her surprise she didn’t see Jugnu beside her. Jugnu was no where in the room which started worrying Pranati.

“Jugnu” she called as she descended the bed. There is no response.

“Jugnu!!” this time she shouted a little hard then in response she heard the tap sound from wash room. She got relief and saw the time. It’s just 5:30 A.M. This is weird that Jugnu wake up early than every day. Jugnu wrapped herself in the bath robe and came out.

“Wow Jugnu!! Today what got into your head that you woke up so early and also bathed.” asked Pranati smiling at her cute annoyed daughter.

“Vo chachi is there know, she told me to get ready by 7 AM so that I’ll get the laddu prasad every day.” annoyingly said Jugnu throwing her hair front and back.

Pranati started laughing at how her daughter is drying her hair. Jugnu looked at Pranati and asked “What’s so funny that you’re laughing like manic?”

“Look at you, first you got up for a sweet and then your way of drying hair is so unique..” she said while laughing.

“Oh this, what to do? I have been doing this from childhood so it got habituated.” said Jugnu making Pranati stop her laughter. Pranati was disappointed on herself.

“Wait stop doing that else it will fall down. I’ll help you.” saying that she took the hair dryer from draw of mirror table and made Jugnu sit there in front of mirror to dry her hair with drier.

“God nayi maa, I feel so good with this machine. It is giving hot air. I’m loving it.” Jugnu exclaimed.

“Yes Jugnu, we can dry our hair using this hair drier, You see the adjustable switch here, it is only to make the air come as we want.” Pranati explained the functioning of hair drier to her.

“Wow nayi maa, can I use this every day?” asked Jugnu.

“Yes you can but take care you don’t use it so hot else your hair will get damaged.” told Pranati and left.

Nayi maa is not like others I think, she really loves me or else why would she do this to me. She made me join in school and also taking care of me very well‘ Jugnu heart to herself.

Ohh Jugnu ki bachi, this is all fake. If she really want you then why did she throw you into orphanage when you’re born?‘ asked her brain.

Tell me one valid reason why she did it? then I’ll accept her and her love.‘ said her mind to her heart.

Now she was in dilemma to whether she has a reason or not because every time she saw the worry and love in Pranati’s eyes were real. Her heart believes Pranati has a valid reason to leave her in orphanage but her mind didn’t accept her.

Her thoughts were disturbed by Pranati who needs help in tying her back lace. Jugnu who don’t know how to tie it was struggling hard.

“Phew, how could you wear such a complicated dresses? Can’t you just wear a jeans and shirt like me?” asked Jugnu irritatingly to which Pranati smiled and took some random thread asking Jugnu to follow her by which Jugnu successfully tied the back lace of Pranati’s dress.

“Look how simple it is! Unnecessarily you got irritated. Baby Jugnu, listen patience is the best weapon to win. Learn it but yeah when patience is only good when it’s in limit else you’ll get hurt.” said Pranati kissing Jugnu’s forehead. For the first time Jugnu felt her mothers love, she didn’t understand if it’s her change or it’s Pranati love is more today.

“Nayi maa, thank you.” She told Pranati hugging back.


Everyone attended to the temple when they heard the temple bell sound. As usual Riya gave the aarthi and took blessings from Dadi after giving aarti to everyone.

“Riya” called Pranati when everyone left.

“Yes Prabhi”

“Nothing I just wanted to thank you. You’re bringing that change in my Jugnu that I want to see. Believe me she gave the soft corner to you in her heart, Thank you for accepting my child.” Pranati said her heartful to Riya.

“Prabhi, it’s just that I am trying to correct the mistake of that day, I know everyone including me have agreed to avoid Jugnu and called her the term which we should not. I love Jugnu, Prabhi., She is just a kid but me after knowing everything behaved as a superstitious girl. I’m sorry Prabhi.” Riya let her guilt out.

“I can understand that you’re possessive about your relation with Armaan, and its all natural to a bride at that time. So don’t mind I haven’t taken it to heart. But the only thing I felt bad is why does Jugnu need to be blamed for my mistake, it’s me who did it and look how she is being punished. I wish to take away all the pain from her, but still I’m the one who gives her the pain.” Pranati said while her cheeks were wet with her tears.

“Prabhi please control yourself, You can give Jugnu a great life. Don’t worry.” Riya tried to console Pranati.

Pranati gave a small lost smile which is declaring that was not true. Riya had left from there when Armaan called her for some help.

Pranati was feeling not feeling good as her leg started paining again she shouted Jugnu to come down after breakfast was prepared. Jugnu came down along with Reyansh and silently had her breakfast. Meanwhile Pranati was trying to ignore Reyansh who was looking at her intently as if he was thinking something very weird only if she could know that he is admiring her in his favourite color black.

Jugnu while having breakfast asked “What’s there for lunch nayi maa?”

“My favourite Gobi paratha!”  Exclaimed Pranati.

“Wow nice, I’m gonna try this today then.” said Jugnu normally.

“Try this today means, you have not ate lunch daily?” asked Pranati.

Jugnu you’re finished, what’s the necessary to say this all? Now face it‘ Jugnu slapped herself while thinking. Reyansh was curious about this now meanwhile Pranati is waiting for answer.

“Heee, actually I give my food to the street dogs daily.” said Jugnu with a sheepish smile making Reyansh laugh like manic and Pranati fume in anger.

“And why do you do that?” asked Pranati controlling her anger which was not went noticed by both father and daughter.

“So that I can have panipuri.” said Jugnu.

“God Jugnu, you went on your mother. In college days even you’re mother used to have panipuri at lunch time.” Reyansh told while laughing and Pranati was more angry on Reyansh.

“And who spoiled me like that? Wasn’t it you? Who daily took me to the stall? It was your habit too Reyansh, so stop blaming me.” Pranati snapped at Reyansh.

“Ohh really who told me that their fantasy of this?” asked Reyansh

“And who was that told me, that’s very good to have such kind of fantasies, and who was that promised to fulfill every dream of mine?” Pranati asked folding her hands.

“I have promised to fulfill your fantasies but it was your own wishlist.” Said Reyansh.

“Yeah it was my wishlist but I never had such wish until I heard your wish to feed your love of life panipuri daily at lunch in college.” bursted out Pranati without realizing what she said.

“Acha now, that’s it. It is my fault to have such wish, I accept I had that wish but I never forced on you anything, it was you who did it by yourself.” said Reyansh.

“Yes, you never forced me anything to do. It was me who believed in your love so I behaved as you wished for.” said Pranati with tears in  her eyes. This is the time Reyansh realized how deep their silly banter went so far.

He immediately went towards Pranati to wipe her tears but she pushed him back and wiped her tears. She calmed herself and looked around only to find Jugnu standing there confusingly.

“Arey nayi maa, you were so good till now. What happened all of the sudden? you again started being a cry baby.” asked Jugnu.

“Nothing, but yeah promise me you’ll never skip lunch for that silly panipuri. Even after lunch, may be at evening you can have it, Okay?” asked Pranati after bending till Jugnu’s height.

“You agreed for having panipuri after lunch, I mean at evening?” asked Jugnu amusingly to which Pranati agreed.

“Thank you so much.” told Jugnu and hugged Pranati.

Looking at them Reyansh smiled.

“Acha if you’re mother and daughter drama is completed then can we leave for school?” asked Reyansh earning a glare from both of them.

Both Jugnu and Reyansh left to school. Pranati was going to her room but stopped looking at dadi who was standing at her room entrance.

“Do you have any work with me dadi?” asked rudely Pranati.

“Great, if you’re so straight forward even I’ll be. Yeah, I have important decision to take for you, Jugnu and Reyansh.” told Dadi.

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